Two More Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Plants Explode

June 16, 2013

Well two more ammonium nitrate fertilizer plants exploded in Louisiana this week. Just more evidence of, “We don’t need those pesky environmental & OSHA regulations, because there are too many “Business Unfriendly” regulations causing problems.”

The results are that “Working Middle Class” people die….just the cost of doing business….Right? When is the South going to wake up and realize they are just being exploited?

To pass on some information for those who may not know, “Ammonium Nitrate” is what Tim McVeigh used when he blew up the Federal “FBI” Building in Oklahoma.


Tea Party Activists Are Not Republicans!!

May 13, 2013

Writing from the perspective of being a life long Republican, I thought I would pass on some facts on the Tea Party and the disaster they have provided to the party.

1. As the Tea Party activists are vehemently anti-Democratic, do not be mistaken, they are not Republicans either.

Even though the Tea Party activists will vote the Republicans ticket, they are also surprisingly negative about the party they are voting for! When asked if they considered themselves more Republican or more a Tea Party member, more than three-quarters chose Tea Party. Given this outlook it is not surprising that the activists also rate the party they vote for very poorly.

2. Tea Party activists aren’t nearly as concerned about winning.
They are significantly more concerned with ideological purity than with political pragmatism. In other words, the Tea Party cares more about what nominees believe than whether they can win and compromising on politics means compromising on principle. I like to refer to this as “The Political Faith.”

The findings help explain what’s happened in so many GOP primary races. Both nationally and at the state level, moderate GOP officeholders found themselves with primary challengers. The Tea Party has helped propel several upstart candidacies, like Christine O’Donnell’s infamous effort to win Delaware’s Senate seat or more recently, Richard Mourdock’s successful challenge to sitting Senator Dick Lugar. In both of those cases, and several others, the Tea Party candidate has proved too extreme for the general election and lost. That is why there are many within the Party are today concerned with this unelectable new direction.

3. Any attempt to bridge the gap between establishment Republicans and the Tea Party are doomed to fail.

The problem facing the Republican Party today is to keep the Tea Party in the fold while shifting things more to the center. After the dismal GOP performance in the 2012 elections, establishment figures began pushing back against the Tea Party.

Famous consultant Karl Rove announced a new political action committee designed to challenge extreme GOP candidates with more marketable ones. The national party even put out a report after the 2012 losses that pushed for more pragmatic candidates that could have a broader appeal but the gap between the two groups is huge.

Simply put, the GOP has been way too reliant on the Tea Party base but the Tea Party doesn’t care about the GOP or its fate. The Tea Party only cares about moving the political conversation increasingly towards the extreme, reactionary right of the Political Spectrum.

Republican Right Wing Lies Cost James O’Keefe A Federal Conviction

April 8, 2013

Many will remember James O’Keefe who became famous for secretly taping workers from the community activist group ACORN offering him and a partner financial advice while they posed as a pimp and prostitute.

O’Keefe‘s video resulted in Congress removing some funding for ACORN, which for several years has been the scourge of conservative activists who say the group participated in voter fraud.

But as fate would have it, in National City, near San Diego, James O’Keefe’s luck ran out. An ACORN employee named Juan Carlos Vera offered James O’Keefe and his female companion, Hannah Giles, some chance of aid while they were in his ACORN office, but instantly contacted police authorities soon after the couple had left the ACORN offices to report the couple.

I want to reiterate this last point, when James O’Keefe broadcasted on Fox News his film showing him dressed up like “1970’s Huggy Bear the Pimp along with a female companion, Hannah Giles in stereotypical prostitute clothes,” IT WAS A FABRICATED EDITED FLIM.

This pseudo investigative film was not even closely accurate but what was held up as evidence of “Voter Fraud” from the Democratic Party by the Republican Party’s propaganda machine. The edited tapes were widely covered, without fact-checking, in most Right-Wing Medias such as the likes of Fox “News.” Why?!? Because it was what they wanted their reality to be. This is the major pitfall for those who gather their news information from these sources and think they are well informed.

After ithe footage of Vera’s conversation with the posing pair was included with the scenes in the other offices in a heavily edited video, Vera was fired. Juan Carlos Vera subsequently sued James O’Keefe seeking damages for the consequences of O’Keefe’s violation to him and his family. James O’Keefe, after trying various defenses (like claiming he is a journalist, and had First Amendment immunity), was finally sentenced to pay a $100,000 settlement. In the signed document, he stated that he “regrets any pain suffered by Mr. Vera or his family.” Hannah Giles agreed to pay Vera $50,000 settlement for her part in the ACORN deception earler.

Now this being said, I really don’t find it surprising that the Conservative Media or the Conservative Blowhard Radio appear reluctant to report the true, accurate or even a correcting the story at all. Basically it is not what they want reality to be as it tarnishes both James O’Keefe and what they still want to propagate as a legitimate take-down of a group that needed taken down for promoting voting fraud.

Even in the last 2012 National Election, Tea Party / Ultra-Conservative Republican were still pointing and referring to the ACORN fabricated incident as evidence of “Voter Fraud” by the Democratic Party. Ultra-Conservative Viewpoints and Evidence based on a lie.

Now in truth, the 2010 investigation by the California Attorney General determined there was “no criminality” by ACORN workers as seen in any of the raw video tapes.

James O’Keefe and his “prostitute character” partner, Hannah Giles, agreed to turn over the unedited tapes in exchange for a reduction in prison time for their Federal Conviction. “The evidence illustrates that things are not always as partisan zealots portray them through highly selective editing of reality,” said California’s then AG Jerry Brown in a statement accompanying the release of his office’s investigation report.

To restate the truth, ACORN was unjustly felled by criminal acts of James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles.

Now to pass on the rest of the James O’Keefe story, O’Keefe was sentenced to three years of probation, 100 hours of community service and a $1,500 fine after he pleaded guilty on Wednesday to misdemeanor charges stemming from his involvement in a break-in at Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) office. James O’Keefe’s Extreme Conservative Criminal Acts are still in overdrive.

February 7, 2013 Mississippi legislators have finally ratified the 13th Amendment!!

February 27, 2013

February 7, 2013 Mississippi legislators have finally ratified the 13th Amendment!!
Mississippi has officially abolished slavery by finally ratifying the 13th Amendment.

When I first became aware of this fact, I had to close my eyes, shake my head to clear any cobwebs that may have been clouding my mind, and re-read the article to make sure I had understood the subject. Well, in fact I had.

This might sound a little late, but Mississippi legislators have finally ratified the 13th Amendment to the constitution. Yes the one that banned slavery in 1865! Finally on February 7, 2013, it was approved, and Mississippi became to the last state to finally ratify the 13th amendment.

PLEASE allow me to reiterate….Until this past February 7th, 2013, Slavery Was Still Legal In Mississippi!!!

Now for most States, the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which outlawed slavery, was adopted by Congress in 1864; a year after Abraham Lincoln delivered the Emancipation Proclamation. States ratified the amendment in 1865.

The next thought that came to me was, “What a perfect example to counter those whom want to make the argument that, “”States’ Rights” should over rule and have precedence over “Federal Laws.””

For this misguided segment of the U.S. population, if left to their own desires and political viewpoints that are so obviously lacking and backwards to today’s standards, no corrections in our legal mindset as a whole would never progress.

Today these people call themselves “Tea Party Patriots.”

West Virginia…The Most Corporate Friendly State In The Union…And Close To The Most Economic Depressed!

January 27, 2013

Some would dispute this statement; “West Virginia is the most, longest held, corporate friendly state in the Union.” If you don’t believe me, I just give you the example of the control that “King Coal” has in that State. They have busted the once powerful “Coal Miners Union” which many before shed blood and their lives to win the most basic human value rights from King Coal!! Today they pollute without consequences, and snatch any wealth from surrounding property owners by destroying the areas without a conscience by strip mining right up to the family neighbor’s property line.

The sad part of this is the everyday working middle class citizens in that State has no legal say or course to stop them. The Corporate King Coal oligarchy has a total strangle hold grip on West Virginia to the sacrifice of every other citizen in that State. The consequence and result is West Virginia is one of the most economic depressed States in the Union. YEA, Trickle Down Theory My Ass!!

You will hear Tea Baggers today, (who are really nothing more than the duped working middle classes) repeating the mindless rhetoric of the “Trickle Down Economics” platform. “If you let the wealthy get richer and have more control of YOUR everyday life, then they will pass a little more money down to us and we will get rich too. No one owes me a livin! I can get it on my own.” WHAT?!?!? They just contradicted themselves with that line of thought.

What they should really be saying is, “Yea I worked my way up from nothing to “Extreme Poverty” all by myself.” After loosing their job that was sent to China, and then their homes along with their medical insurance because they have no JOB!!….The bumper sticker on their only possession left, a 1980’s van, should say, “If you see this van a rockin, 🙂 …. It’s because we are living in it!!” 😦

“What are these NON-THINKING FUCK TARDS not seeing!?!?!?!” When did the GOP convert DUMB to mean Real American? Sarah Palin was a Bimbo, W. Bush was a Bimbo, Dan Quayle was a Bimbo….Those Tea Bagger middle class workers who chanted at their rallies… Well you just wanted to say, “Calm Down Sling Blade!!” The shit they are spewing is not REAL!!!

I say “Corporate Conservatives” love America like Michael Vick loves dogs. Corporate Accountants can quote the cost and price of everything…. But know the “Value of Nothing!”

Today now many corporate bought and sold States across the country, and especially poverty ridden Southern States, have voted in their own economics enslavement laws of “Right To Work” states. Things that were so common place accepted benefits of “Over Time” after 8 hours a day, double time after 12 hours, or time and a half after 40 hours per week. Medical Benefits for every worker and his family, no working Saturdays without overtime and double time for Sundays, plus vacation time that increased the more years you worked for the company. This was the reward for being loyal and dependable on the job.

Even what was standard just two to three decades ago, is now a luxury to the working middle classes today. This is not progress. The sad part is this degrading of the Middle Class Life Style and Stratification was brought on by their own self inflicted demise.

So to close, when you hear the next Corporate Funded Campaign sling the High Calorie / Low Nutrition slogan, Country First!!…. Every working middle class voter needs to ask, “WHAT COUNTRY ARE YOU SPEAKING OF?” More than likely they are not speaking of the United States of America.

Sarah Palin Out At Fox News

January 27, 2013

After three years, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Fox News have cut ties.  The bull shit reason given by Sarah Palin’s group is she was leaving Fox News to pursue a bigger audience.

Yes it appears to me that Sarah Palin has sucked on this ultra conservative 15 minutes of fame tit for the full run of this religious conservative monkey shit act.

Sarah Palin looking for a bigger audience?!?!?  Oh Please!!!  It is time for a reality check for Sarah Palin but then again she was never accomplished at that was she?

Remember Allen West? Yea In Due time No One Else Will Ether!!

November 21, 2012

Allen West was the Black Tea Party Congressman Wing Nut from Florida and a favorite among the most stupid conservative reaches of the Republican Party.

He was the person who made the string of headline grabbing statements, from calling the majority of congressional Democrats “Communists” to saying President Barack Obama, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and others should “get the hell out of the United States.”

Allen West today finally faced reality and conceded his re-election fight admitting what everyone else has known for two weeks giving the race to Democratic newcomer Patrick Murphy.

Well let’s all take a quick trip down “Memory Lane;” with the stupidity that is “Allen West.”

1. “President Obama does not want you to have the self-esteem of getting up, earning, and having that title of “American.” He’d rather you be his slave.”

2. “These Planned Parenthood women, the Code Pink women, and all of these women have been neutering American men and bringing us to the point of this incredible weakness…We are not going to have our men become subservient.”

3. “People with Obama 2012 bumper stickers are “a threat to the gene pool.”

4. In an e-mail to DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in which he wrote, “You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, you are the most vile, unprofessional, and despicable” member of the House.”

5. Allen West stated that about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party are members of the Communist Party.

6. Allen West also stated that it was inappropriate to consider withdrawing from Afghanistan while Americans were still losing their lives there.

Oh so much stupidity and so little time.

Rush Limbaugh Caused The Spiraling Death Throws of Bankruptcy To Dial Global Radio

November 18, 2012

The radio company, Dial Global, has said that Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra Fluke wound up hurting its bottom line.

Dial Global, stated on Thursday that it will remove itself from the NASDAQ stock exchange.  This is a sure sign of their financial trouble caused by the multimillion dollar losses in its latest quarter.

Dial listed its financial straits was “advertisers’ response to controversial statements by Rush Limbaugh in March 2012.”

Rush Limbaugh called Fluke a “slut” for her birth control advocacy, prompted a boycott of those who advertised on Dial Global radio station and thus an advertiser exodus pulling their revenue dollars from that company.

Many other companies have cited Limbaugh as the reason for their weaker earnings. Cumulus Radio said that Rush Limbaugh’s anti-Fluke rants had cost them millions of dollars.

The lesson to be learned here is that Rush Limbaugh is bad for your business and should be treated like the socially ostracized leper he really is.  Don’t pay him to do ads for your business; don’t purchase his programming to play on your Radio Stations.  The only long term outcome is his outrageously offensive association will be projected and associated with your products or services and definitely the degrading reputation of those stations that carry his programming.  The only outcome is you will go out of business in the worst way with his reputation assimilated to your business judgment.

I would have to speculate that Rush Limbaugh has some other deep seated issues.

Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Rove….Not So Different

November 9, 2012


Some philosophers have presented the viewpoint claiming that ethical beliefs function solely for the dominant classes to enforce on the less dominant classes.  The assumption is that popular ethical beliefs are those which, if followed by the majority of people, are in the interests of the “Bourgeoisie” dominant class.  I would give you the example of the society in the book, “Brave New World,” where the Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and the even more witless Epsilons class stratifications of that society were there to solely serve the upper stratification of the Alpha classes.

Another “point of view” example is from the writings of the German philosopher, “Friedrich Nietzsche,” who believed that morality is just a fictional application used by the herd mentality of inferior human beings to hold back the few superior men … Of course it’s worth noting that he also died of syphilis.


The Socioeconomic Status in the United States can be broken down roughly into six social classes:

1. Upper class

2. New money

3. Middle class

4. Working class

5. Working poor

6. Poverty level

With this past 2012 election we have just seen the narcissistic hubris, of what I have just spoken about above applied to Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and Mitt Romney, just to mention a few.

Today Karl Rove now has to answer to a lot of big money donors to Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign based on the assurance from Karl that with enough money he could deliver a Conservative Republican win.

Many citizens across the country noted the true and exposing Freudian reactional aspects of Karl Rove when even Fox News announced that Ohio had gone for President Obama.  The shock and disbelief was beyond what Karl could accept as he was sure Ohio was going to report that they had gone for Mitt Romney.  After all, 100’s of Millions of dollars had been spent in this state alone to assure a Mitt Romney win.  Some for legal purposes….maybe some for questionable illegal purposes.

As it had been well reported and documented of the attempt in states such as Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and many other states across the country, of purging the voting rolls of those who would not be voting for the Conservative platform, tampered and rigged e-voting machines, plus complemented with the intimidation letters sent to many voters in the attempt to keep them from the voting polls.

Just as the normal pitfall of any criminal mind there is the subconscious desire to repeat what had worked before…..i.e. police detectives refer to it as “modus operandi.”

Just as the Republicans purged the voting rolls in Florida in 2000, which allowed W. Bush to take that state and thus the Presidential Election.  Then in 2004 the Diebold e-voting machines were tampered with to flip those who voted for Kerry to flip and show up as a vote for W. Bush once again giving him that Presidential win.  But just like any other dumb criminal, this is what Karl Rove attempted once again , funded by many to the likes of the Koch Brothers, and of course Mitt Romney’s son purchasing the e-voting machines that serviced the Cincinnati, OH area.  I liken this as a bank robber coming back to rob the exact same bank because it worked so well last time.

My complements to all the voting poll judges across the country to be aware and on the lookout for repeating the exactly same thing the Republican Party has done in the past to steal an election, and made sure it did not happen again this year.  Their goal was fair and accurate ballots were going to be cast!!


Just as “Friedrich Nietzsche,” thought he was above the Social Morals of society in his time, Karl Rove, Koch Brothers, and of course Mitt Romney, thought they are above the Social Morals of our time and the insistence to promote the upper 1% (the old and new money upper classes) and let those of us below this social economic stratifications to support their “Elite and Privileged Lifestyles.”

Well to their surprise and demise…..the majority citizens of this country did not fall for the scam!

I would also add that just like Nietzsche….. I think Karl Rove should also die of syphilis!!  He deserves nothing less.  Then on the other hand….Karl has to answer to a lot of wealthy and powerful men of how he failed with all of their “Billions of Dollars” they had invested with him for this election.  That result maybe worse than syphilis!!  🙂

Big Bird Responds to Mitt Romney’s Failed Political Platform

November 9, 2012

There you have it.  Big Bird’s counter point on EVERYTHING Mitt Romney and the Ultra Conservative Tea Baggers Political Platform has stood for.