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Big Oil’s Last Gasp

June 26, 2011

There is a book called, “Republican Gomorrah.”  It is a frightening book because it is clear to all of us on the “Clear and Critically Questioning Thinking” that the various Republican operatives who surround James Dobson and his ilk have no consciences and will stop at nothing to enact the “MANDATE” of those who have paid for the governing influence.

They invoke the name of “GOD” for purposes that in actually would shame “Christianity’s Teachings” absolutely.  Hurting, Destroying, Maiming, and Damning all others who either don’t accept their beliefs or don’t acknowledge their power and righteousness.  You can hear statements such as, “He’s not a real Republican,” or “Rino,” referring to members of my Party who would voice a logical counter argument.  I am here to say that this is very frightening.

The example I want to talk about today is Big Oil influences in our local and national government and I predict a large influence in our upcoming 2012 elections.

The facts are that oil threatens the environment, destabilizes nations, and is in dwindling supply.  Oil will not run our world forever, but as we make the transition to a greener economy, we need to be prepared to hear the whining moans and the misleading disinformation messages that will come from the oil industries hired hands.

Our dependence on oil over the years came about less by the political power of the oil industry than the fact that oil itself is a terrific
source of power.  What I am alluding to is that it packs more energy into less space than any other source of energy.

In the Middle East where the easy oil remains most plentiful, producers only need to invest one barrel of oil energy to produce 30 barrels of crude.  A very high ratio of investment to return making it very good source of energy in it’s time of dominance.

Now we are hearing new accolades from the U.S. Oil Industry such as Chevron in Bakersfield California where they are pumping
hot steam underground to melt the tar like heavy oil into a liquid that then can be drawn out and refined.  What is not
being made too aware of or taken into the accounting aspect of using this method are the environmental costs that remain high.  Another marketing news release is one announcing the three trillion barrels of oil in the shale rock located beneath Colorado, Utah and Wyoming alone and this shale rock is also found in a large area covering Canada’s British Columbia.

Oil shale is created when kerogen, the organic precursor to oil and natural, accumulates in rock formations without be subjected to enough heat to be completely cooked into oil.  Engineers have long known how to finish the process by heating the kerogen until it vaporizes, distilling the resulting gas into synthetic crude.  It is this product that is refined into gasoline or other fuels.  I can take it
that even those of us not in the oil industry can figure out that this process is a very expensive way to produce gasoline.

Now to conclude I have to ask what seams to me is a simple, blatant, blaring, and fact that we are even talking about these types of oil extraction methods, denotes the preverbal, “Scrapping The Bottom Of The Barrel,” so to speak for oil.  As I see it from my
perspective, this is truly, “The Last Gasp For Big Oil.”


Clarence Clamons died today at the age of 69

June 19, 2011

It was early in 1975 and I was doing a tour of duty in Chile. I went to the ship’s store and asked to look through the box of new cassette tapes. I came across the tape “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band.

I had just read an article in Time Magazine speaking of this odd band whose lead singer, who did not have a good voice, but like Bob Dylan wrote good songs that spoke to everyday life.  The article also spoke of the Sax player whose driving riffs that went to the base of one’s souls. So not even knowing anything more than this, I bought the tape, went to my rack, and put it into my moderate size “Boom Box”, and laid there to see what this band was about. Needless to say I was blown away and it is still one of my favorite recordings even to date.

Well today I heard that Clarence Clemons died today of a stroke at the age of 69. The new made me feel not only sad but brought on the realization of my own mortality. So in honor of Clarence Clemons and this great moment in music I am posting this song from that album.