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Modern Human Invasion Caused Neanderthals’ Extinction

July 31, 2011

Scientists have long debated what caused the Neanderthals to die off. A new study has suggested that a flood of prehistoric humans pouring into Europe inundated our ancient rivals and overwhelmed them with sheer force of numbers.

Neanderthals departed Africa about 400,000 to 800,000 years ago, and subsequently evolved in lands that now comprise France, Spain, Germany and Russia. They are believed to have died out (or absorbed into the modern human population) about 30,000 years ago.

(I interject that this is vastly contrary to the “Fanatical Evangelicals’ Religious Beliefs” that the earth is only 10,000 years old.)

A new study published in the journal Science found that humans outnumbered Neanderthals by about 10 to one in a region of Southwest France, and its authors believe that a massive influx of humans migrating from Europe overwhelmed Neanderthals in the competition for resources.

“Numerical supremacy alone may have been a critical factor” in humans surviving, the study’s authors wrote.

After studying archaeological evidence from both Neanderthal and Homo sapiens sites in southwest France, which contains the largest concentration of Neanderthal and early modern human sites in Europe, researchers concluded that humans far outnumbered their Neanderthal counterparts. There was also evidence that humans had superior hunting techniques and better social ties with other communities of humans.

The study was conducted by two researchers from the Department of Archaeology at Cambridge, Professor Sir Paul Mellars, Professor Emeritus of Prehistory and Human Evolution, and Jennifer French, a second-year PhD student.

“It was clearly this range of new technological and behavioral innovations which allowed the modern human populations to invade and survive in much larger population numbers than those of the preceding Neanderthals across the whole of the European continent,” Mellars said.

(I will comment that it was intelligence that excelled in technology and innovations that made Homo sapiens dominant over Neanderthals.  One could put it that Homo sapiens made Neanderthals their bitches by being smarter!!!)

“Faced with this kind of competition, the Neanderthals seem to have retreated initially into more marginal and less attractive regions of the continent and eventually, within a space of at most a few thousand years, for their populations to have declined to extinction levels perhaps accelerated further by sudden climatic deterioration across the continent around 40,000 years ago.”

But Dr. Joao Zilhao, a research professor at the Universityof Barcelonahas said, “The study was too simplistic. The overwhelming genetic and paleontological evidence shows what happened was assimilation, not replacement.”  His statement seems to be supported by a recent study finding that most humans are genetic descendants of Neanderthals, which suggests that humans and Neanderthals mated with one another.

Neanderthals were thought to have created symbolic objects such as jewelry and to have formulated language, making them the closest known thing to humans.

Like it is noted, considerable debate remains as to whether they were subsets of the same species or if they were separate and distinct. I take the bottom like lesson here is that intelligence was the dominant Darwin variable and we should all take to heart that the less educated, and willful ignorant segment of today’s population will in some point and time die off in the DNA gene pool just as the Neanderthals have.

I too see the superstitions of religion waning away with the decline of our current day “Neanderthalish” segment of the population or once again morphing into something else as we scientifically disprove creationism and current nihilistic biblical beliefs that can today trace their origins from previous extinct religions founded by futile explanations through ignorance of causes and affects.  Examples such as “What is thunder, lighting, earth quakes, floods, etc,” all of these explanations had religious answers that are now taken as silly ignorance once science facts had revealed those mysteries.

As Joseph Campbell noted in the book, “Power of Myth,” that most modern day religions have their origins in ancient myths. Many people of religious faith today take for granted that their belief in a crucified and risen savior is faith in a historical person, usually of divine origin, usually of virgin birth or Immaculate Conception.  However evidence can be presented that can point  to the contrary.  Over thousands of years stories of crucified and risen saviors dying for the sins of humanity have origins in myth.

Such stories had value to the ancient people that created them, but those people knew the stories to be just stories or moral fables to learn from, perhaps embellishments of people that actually lived, but in virtually all cases such stories of god / saviors are empirically fictional.  Few people today believe Prometheus, Mithra, or Inanna were real people even though myths and legends tell of their death, descent to the underworld, and resurrection for the sins of humanity.

Just as these religious belief drifted into obscurity, so will the religious melt away as the human race gains and evolves into a more intellectual species eventually pushing the lesser evolved into extinction.


Ultra-Right Wing Religious Conservatism Displays Itself As A Mental Illness

July 24, 2011

Well here we are once again talking about yet another Ultra-Conservative Right Wing Nut Job enacting his own form of justice to those who he thought did not fall in line with his viewpoints.

Anders Behring Breivik’s devastating car bomb attack on the prime minister’s offices and the slaying of young activists from the ruling Labor party trapped on an island.  The attacks, in which at least 93 people were killed, were all based on Religious Hate and Fear Baiting.  Breivik, who admitted to the shooting spree and bomb blast and that his actions aimed to “change Norwegian society” which he saw as being undermined by multi-culturalism.

I see a lot of parallelism between this and the Tea Party’s “Anti-Latino Immigrants” coming to this country.  So as we can see an increase in Ultra-Conservative violence not only in this country but now in others.

I will take this opportunity to turn the phrase from Michael Savage’s book titled, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.”  I don’t agree and I give the examples of Tea Party violence at town meetings after the 2008 elections, and after the votes approving the Health Care Bill.

I also give you the examples of the Six People including an US Federal Court Judge and19 injured including US Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) at an informal meet and greet with her constituents at a Northwest Tucson Safeway store on Saturday by a 22-year-old man from Tucson claiming the mantle of “Conservative.”

Eight men and one woman who belonged to the group called, “Hutaree” were arrested in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. The “Christian Warrior,” group plotted to kill a police officer sometime in April and hide homemade bombs along the funeral processional route in hopes of taking out scores of other police officers.

Being one of the most unusual developments in recent years has been the surprising spread of the so-called “Citizen’s Militia Movement” throughout the country.  The Citizen’s Militia Movement has been a mainstay of the far-right, radical fringe for some time now, but until recently it was largely confined to anti-tax groups like the “Posse Comitatus” in South Dakota and white supremacist groups like the “Aryan Nations” in Idaho.  “Citizen’s Militia Units” now operate in all 50 states.  Skeptical observers admit that the movement now has at least 10,000 followers nationwide, but a growing number of very informed researchers claim the real figure is closer to 10 million.  The difference, presumably, between hard-core activists on the one hand, and “admirers,” on the other, and given the right political context, could transition rapidly from the fringe to the core.

The kind of pull these militias have in certain parts of the country are attested to recently in the numbers that attended a series of Ultra Religious Right / Tea Party meetings. Sam Stanton, a staff writer for the Sacramento Bee, reports that “The militia movement is a phenomenon that has swept the country so quickly that even its own members are amazed. Some have referred this as “The fastest growing social movement in the United States.” Officials who monitor this movement are warning that militias are now in every State.

I now refer back to the Blow Hard Radio Personality, Michael Savage’s, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” I think there is enough documented evidence given above to say just the inverse is true. “Ultra-Right Wing Religious Conservatism displays itself as the Mental Illness and the Violence that it spawns.”

Can you pass the Neo-Con Republican Test?

July 20, 2011

As we come up to this election year, I know there will be a lot of misinformation propagated by the extreme right wing that has taken over my Republican Party.

I thought that it would be important to identify this group early before things get into a good start so I put together this litmus test.


1. Wisconsin’s Governor was right to dismantle the public servant unions because:

A.  Unions are what ruined this country in the first place.

B.  Everybody wants to be the messiah.

C.  Teachers are fun to hate because I preformed so poorly in school myself.

D.  All of the above.

2. The average annual salary of a teacher in Wisconsinis $50, 530 while the average salary of a plumber is $60, 110.  Which is more important?

A. The guidance of children.

B.  The guidance of shit through a piece of pipe.

3. If a real public school was featured in a theme park, what would the rides be?

A.  The Hallway of Invisible Metal Detection and Twister of Teenage Pregnancy.

B.  The “Chamber of Apathy” and the “Avoidance of Challenges” with “Premature Disillusionment.”

C.  There would be no rides because the Tea Party aspects of the Republican Party would have sold them off to pay for a shortfall in the budget and would refuse to raise the taxes to keep it open and operating.

Bonus Question:

Realizing that education is even more important than ever in this completive global market, why do Teabaggers and the Ultra-Conservative Right Wing Republicans suddenly want school teachers to loose their collective negotiating voice and become poorer?

A.  Because they are more important than ever.

B.  Screw the teachers man.

C.  I don’t want this good thing with Wal-Mart and China to end.

D.  I am not educated enough to answer this question.


1. If you answered with any of these you are a Low Information Voter but even more so if you answered D.  Answer A – C = 25 points.  Answer D = 35 points.  If you chose not to answer at all award yourself 0 points.

2. If you answered with “A,” award yourself with 0 points.  If you chose “B,” award yourself 35 points.

3. Again, if you answered with “A” or “B,” you are a Low Information Voter so award yourself with 35 points.  If you chose “C” award yourself with -5 because you have a good understanding of what the Tea Party and Ultra-Conservative Right Wing Republicans are really about.  If you did not chose any answer award yourself 0 points.

Bonus Point Question:

If you answered “A” award yourself with 0 points because this question and answer are an oxymoron.  If you answered B – C award yourself 35 points.  It you answered “D” award yourself 50 points.  If you chose not to answer as you saw no answer was correct to any normal and sane person, award yourself with -5 points.

Results of your total.

If you scored between -15 and 0, you cannot be a LIV Tea Party Ultra-Conservative Right Wing Republican and Rush Limbaugh will tell you how stupid and wrong you are…..this would be a complement by any sane and normal people’s standards.

If you scored between 1 – 70, you have a chance of being educated and turned around on your mislead and incorrect thinking.

If you scored between 71 – 155 you are a true and legal LIV and that lobotomy has had no ill affects on your state of mind.  YOU ARE THE PREFECT CANDIDATE FOR BECOMING A TEABAGGER OR ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN.  I have set this test up so that the more ill informed your are, the higher score you would receive.
This in return will make you feel better about yourself as I am sure you do not get high marks as a general rule on any test given you because your Utopian Principles do not exist in the real world.

This being said of course your rights to breed and pass on your DNA has been revoked by “The Controllers.”


Lookup “Epsilons” from the book “Brave New World.”

July 11, 2011

Is Natural Gas the Segway Away From The U.S.Oil Dependence?

The natural gas industry’s drilling into the Marcellus Shale formation in Pennsylvania and neighboring states along the Appalachian Mountains are at the forefront of many conversations in the state and the country today. With drilling supporter Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett calling for the commonwealth to become the “Texas of the Marcellus Shale boom” and a GOP legislature, the industry has political support in Harrisburg secured.

The natural gas boom is already underway in the 400 million year old Marcellus shale reserves beneath Pennsylvania.  That boom is apparent on a hilltop about an hour from Wilkes-Barre, Pa., where the farmland and forest give way to a brand new industrial site known as the Lathrop compressor station. It’s a collection of pipes and compressors that help move natural gas from local wells to market.  The Manager for Williams Companies Inc., Michael Dickinson, has stated, “There are about 75 wells behind this  particular station, and plans to double that over the next couple of years.”  The company operates two compressor stations in Pennsylvania, with plans to add three more. It’s also building a new 30-mile stretch of pipeline to transport natural gas on to  Philadelphia and New York City.  Dickinson has given the comparison of, “Those pipelines are kind of like the railroads are to the coal industry, or the high line wires are to the electricity industry.”  “We have to have those pipelines, that infrastructure, to get this gas to the place that it can be used.”  As far as the technology, I would favor natural gas electric generation over coal generation or nuclear power generation.  Energy experts say the accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in Japan will likely put the brakes on plans for additional nuclear power plants, at least in the short run.

Natural gas is relatively clean and cheap to burn while environmental regulations in the U.S. make new coal plants unlikely.
Even though I am an advocate for renewable power sources like solar and wind but they are just not ready to satisfy the current
demand for electricity.  So I predict the accelerated development of natural gas in Pennsylvania, as the future source of energy in theU.S. At this point we need to take into consideration the questions that continue to be raised about the impact on the  environment, especially water.  Today there are uncomfortable questions coming to light by those investigative reporting on fracking the Marcellus Shale.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is embarking on a new review of the impacts from the industry on local water supplies and spill concerns.

Here in lies the problem.  The Marcellus shale runs from Kentucky to upstate New York, and contains one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world, although the gas has been difficult to extract until recently.  In order to get natural gas out of the Marcellus shale, drillers have to use a process known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking. That produces lots of wastewater, which critics
fear will contaminate drinking water supplies.

Those concerns got a lot of attention in Gasland, director Josh Fox’s Oscar-nominated documentary.  The natural gas industry and
state regulators denounced the film as misleading and one-sided. But those who study the industry say you can’t dismiss its claims entirely as there have been some environmental incidents.  Noted mass kills of aquatic wildlife have been attributive to the waste by products being forced to the surface and the cracking of the rock have allows this waste to be pushed to the surface.  The Gas Industry says they can plug these holes when they occur but we are talking about holes looking more like Swiss Cheese instead of a single hole.  So again I ask at what true cost is this technology really going to cost if it is done correctly for the health of the people and environment.  What we need to do is make sure we do have the proper regulations in place, make sure the companies are using the best available technologies.

For now, regulators in New Yorkhave put a moratorium on new gas wells while they study the environmental impact. In  Pennsylvania, Corbett created a commission to explore whether new regulations are necessary. The group will report back to him this summer. But Pennsylvania regulators may have to work fast, because no one expects the natural gas industry to wait.

In conclusion I ask, “What is the true cost to responsibly extract this gas energy source and in this current economic atmosphere how much will we accept the negative health and environmental aspects to overlook this technology for the sake of jobs?”

The wealth of natural resources of the Appalachian Mountains has been a curse more so than a blessing for the people living in this area.  Clear cut logging in the late 1800’s causing erosion of the land with the vast wealth going to the “Robber Barons” of the time generating a few low paying jobs for the locals or the economic enslavement by the coal industry, “King Coal,” in the early 1900’s all the way into the 1950’s of those non-union miners.

Today the current strip mining is damaging the drinking water aquifer along with the property values of those owning homes in these areas returning only a few economic benefits for the local economy.

Now once again the health concerns of those living in the area where fracking the earth’s crust will only devalue the homes they live in and long term health of their families and once again the vast wealth will go to someone else.

History has taught us that outside interests have always reaped the vast wealth of the Appalachian Mountains and it will be those living there with their families and homes will suffer the long term consequences.