Ultra-Right Wing Religious Conservatism Displays Itself As A Mental Illness

Well here we are once again talking about yet another Ultra-Conservative Right Wing Nut Job enacting his own form of justice to those who he thought did not fall in line with his viewpoints.

Anders Behring Breivik’s devastating car bomb attack on the prime minister’s offices and the slaying of young activists from the ruling Labor party trapped on an island.  The attacks, in which at least 93 people were killed, were all based on Religious Hate and Fear Baiting.  Breivik, who admitted to the shooting spree and bomb blast and that his actions aimed to “change Norwegian society” which he saw as being undermined by multi-culturalism.

I see a lot of parallelism between this and the Tea Party’s “Anti-Latino Immigrants” coming to this country.  So as we can see an increase in Ultra-Conservative violence not only in this country but now in others.

I will take this opportunity to turn the phrase from Michael Savage’s book titled, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.”  I don’t agree and I give the examples of Tea Party violence at town meetings after the 2008 elections, and after the votes approving the Health Care Bill.

I also give you the examples of the Six People including an US Federal Court Judge and19 injured including US Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) at an informal meet and greet with her constituents at a Northwest Tucson Safeway store on Saturday by a 22-year-old man from Tucson claiming the mantle of “Conservative.”

Eight men and one woman who belonged to the group called, “Hutaree” were arrested in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. The “Christian Warrior,” group plotted to kill a police officer sometime in April and hide homemade bombs along the funeral processional route in hopes of taking out scores of other police officers.

Being one of the most unusual developments in recent years has been the surprising spread of the so-called “Citizen’s Militia Movement” throughout the country.  The Citizen’s Militia Movement has been a mainstay of the far-right, radical fringe for some time now, but until recently it was largely confined to anti-tax groups like the “Posse Comitatus” in South Dakota and white supremacist groups like the “Aryan Nations” in Idaho.  “Citizen’s Militia Units” now operate in all 50 states.  Skeptical observers admit that the movement now has at least 10,000 followers nationwide, but a growing number of very informed researchers claim the real figure is closer to 10 million.  The difference, presumably, between hard-core activists on the one hand, and “admirers,” on the other, and given the right political context, could transition rapidly from the fringe to the core.

The kind of pull these militias have in certain parts of the country are attested to recently in the numbers that attended a series of Ultra Religious Right / Tea Party meetings. Sam Stanton, a staff writer for the Sacramento Bee, reports that “The militia movement is a phenomenon that has swept the country so quickly that even its own members are amazed. Some have referred this as “The fastest growing social movement in the United States.” Officials who monitor this movement are warning that militias are now in every State.

I now refer back to the Blow Hard Radio Personality, Michael Savage’s, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” I think there is enough documented evidence given above to say just the inverse is true. “Ultra-Right Wing Religious Conservatism displays itself as the Mental Illness and the Violence that it spawns.”


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9 Responses to “Ultra-Right Wing Religious Conservatism Displays Itself As A Mental Illness”

  1. lacithedog Says:

    I’m curious, does the deinstitutionlaisation of the mentally ill in the US correspond with the rise of the radical right? Is the fact that they might end up in mental hospitals yet another reason they dislike “socialised health care”?

    I’m sure they know that gun control which requires a mental health check would probably disqualify most of them from owning guns!

  2. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Laci,
    Yes I think you may have something there with this thought.

    I can hear some in my Republican Party in essence almost saying, “Well if a luntic mental case can’t get a gun, then is America really free?”

  3. lacithedog Says:

    I hate to tell you this, but they already are saying that!


  4. Barry Waterfield Says:

    The Christian right wing of America and of other countries has always displayed a fanaticism very similar to the Muslim fanaticism in Iraq. It’s interesting to speculate just how near these two countries (America and Iraq) are to a head on collision. I believe that all fanatical behaviour has a degree of mental illness attached to it. The sad thing is that, at least in respect of Christianity and Islam, the men whom these faiths were built around would weep to see how their world view has been distorted by evil men. Give the devil a chance and he’s there like a shot.

  5. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Barry,
    Thank you for stopping by. I agree that extremism in anything is still not at good thing and nothing good will come from it.

    I think you have a good observation comparing extreme Christians and extreme Muslims. I was listening to NPR radio on the way home tonight and a Muslim cleric was speaking of how controlled pregnancy was a sin against Allah. This cleric that I am speaking of was teaching that Allah would not allow you to have more children than one could provide for…..So I guess there are no starving children in the Muslim world?!?!

    Of course my mind went to the Pope telling Catholics that birth control is a sin and the REALLY extreme Baptists in the U.S. preaching that sex for enjoyment is a sin and should strive to produce more children.

    Your statement of, “Founders of these faiths would weep to see how their world view has been distorted by evil men,” as far as I am concerned are spot on.

    Thank you again and stop by often. The person who goes by Laci, named after his dog, is from Britain/Scotland too.

    We are quite international here on this blog.

  6. Kasia Yechimowicz Says:

    If Conservatism were a political view then they would have a vision; they do not. Most importantly is that the traits of Conservatives are positively, and strongly, correlated with known mental illnesses. More and more studies are confirming this. It’s not a hunch, it’s not someone’s opinion, it’s a fact, and with facts you either adjust your world view or your brain isn’t working properly (you’re delusional by denying the nature of the world). It is also estimated that between 4 and 20% of the population is sociopaths (this is not a yes you are or no you are not condition, it’s more of a gradation) and it’s not easy to quantify; sociopaths do not want everyone to know that they do not feel things the way others do, that they lack compassion, that they do not have a conscience, that they do not feel empathy or remorse or any kinship with their fellow wo/man. And this is not surprising: Conservatives have nearly a four decade tradition of disassembling all the institutions that created great nations, including ours. They have destroyed any national vision, any direction of progress or the great achievements made by our civilization. All conservatism does is attempt to deregulate, disassemble, and dispose of the elements of society. They have created nothing, and will never create anything, just like sociopaths. And perhaps the most telling example of conservatives as sociopaths is finances: most sociopaths, by the time they reach middle age, live a life of chaos: and what is our financial life like around the world right now?

  7. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Yasia,
    Glad to have you aboard and appriciate your comments. It is always good to hear from those whom are new to me.

    Thank you again for your comments and please don’t be a strainger.

  8. AntiSociopaths Says:

    Yes, kasia is right! I have come to the same conclusion. They (right wingers) are narcissistic at best, sociopathic at worst. ( I’ve read once that extreme narcissism is sociopathy anyway…)

  9. James Lico Says:

    In fact sociopaths and psychopaths are a big problem in this country. This documentary with psychologist Dr. Robert Hare and Dr. Paul Babiak, with Peter Coyote narrating. This problem is very widespread. Please listen to the documentary and share it.

    Description: “WHAT’S WRONG WITH OUR WORLD? THIS IS A FILM FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW.” Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power, but in many cases, they became our role models. Challenge your beliefs! We have delved into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed something crucial about us.

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