Michele Bachmann Wins Iowa

Well this morning we found out that Michele Bachmann bested an incomplete collection of her presidential rivals in a non-binding, early test of political organization in the state that will hold the first presidential voting early next year.

The lasting impact of the victory for Michele Bachmann is unclear. Could this be how far extremely right the base members of the Republican Party have gone?  Are we once again to see the ignorant lunacy of Sarah Palin as vice president candidate paired up with the ignorant lunacy of Michele Bachmann?  What a circus act that would be.  Is this who the Republican Party wants to run the country?

My reply to these current events as a sane, clear and critical thinking, Republican is:

Iowa, one would have hoped that you were smarter than that!

Michele Bachmann’s straw poll victory has officially sent the Republican Party lurching into a tail spin-off to the EXTREME RIGHT, well away from the natural center of American and far, far outside the mainstream of this nation and our people.  Michele Bachmann is a CRAZY FRINGE CHARACTER that relishes her ignorance of our common history, our common laws, and Constitution.  Here she is getting a stunning endorsement from the very heart of the GOP primary crowd.  Could she really get the nomination?  Why not….I saw first hand how the Republican Party in the State of Delaware gave the primary for their Senate nomination to the likes of, “Christine (I Am Not A Witch) O’Donnell.”

The Republican Party has officially descended into UNPREDICTABLE MADNESS.


3 Responses to “Michele Bachmann Wins Iowa”

  1. microdot Says:

    engineer, remember that in 2007, the Iowas “straw poll| predicted that Huckabee would be ” the annointed one”. This was a manufactured media event.
    I am of the op[inion that the current state of affairs with the present participants in the Republican presidential candidate line up has virtually insured another 8 years of a Democratic presidency whether you like it or not.
    It was interesting to see Palin show up on her on again off agin bus tour…she is turning into the Paris Hilton…no probably a more apt comparison is Amy Winehouse of American politics…she ain’t goin to rehab baby, no…no…no………………

  2. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Microdot,
    You bring up a good point and one that I hope repeats itself. Just as Huckabee faded away, so should this wingnut Michele. As far as Palin, I have to go with Winehouse too. Addicted on her 15 minutes and trying to milk it for as long as she can.

  3. mudrake Says:

    That classic book titled, “What’s the Matter with Kansas” badly needs a sequel, “Is Iowa Totally “Insane?”

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