Another Science Ignorant, Ultra Religious Right Wing Nut Job From Texas For President

Well isn’t this just what we need.   Another Religious Wing Nut whose corporate sponsors having him out there pushing the same old line of “Man made global warming is not real.”

Perry Wednesday was asked about a passage in his book “Fed Up!” in which he wrote that “doctored data” was behind the science on global warming and accused former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his call to action on climate change, of being a “false prophet of a secular carbon cult.”  (Anyone of a true science background knows Perry’s statement is bull crap and not backed up by any facts.)

Rick Perry, a Republican Presidential Candidate, on Thursday said the theory of evolution has “some gaps in it.”  (Well I can say the only gaps he could be referring to are the gaps between his ears.)

Perry went on to say, “In Texas we teach both Creationism and Evolution in our public schools — because I figure you’re smart enough to figure out which one is right.”  (Ah, the one that can be exposed as nothing more than fairy tale stories borrowed from
many religions that came before his or the one based on science facts?)

Now Perry is known for his deeply Christian views, and has been described to being, “more explicitly religious than many people who have run for president or have been president.”  (Yea that’s what I’m talking about, an Über Religious Fairy Tale Believing Christian to lead this country!)

What started all of this latest goofy rant you ask?  Well a little boy initially asked Perry how old he thought the earth was.

“You know what, I don’t have any idea – I know it’s pretty old, so it goes back a long, long ways,” the presidential candidate responded. “I’m not sure anybody actually knows completely and absolutely how old the earth is.”

As a response to Rick Perry’s comments, a fellow GOP presidential contender, “Jon Huntsman” responded to Perry’s comments on Thursday: “To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”

All I can say is that when it comes time for me to vote in the Republican Primaries here in Maryland, I’m going to vote for the Crazy one!  I think it’s a safer bet.


10 Responses to “Another Science Ignorant, Ultra Religious Right Wing Nut Job From Texas For President”

  1. mudrake Says:

    Perry! Ugh!! What else can an intelligent and sane person say about the man??

    The Tea Party loves him, of course, because he appears, in his bravado, to be the only person who would “kick Obama’s butt.” Their quote, not mine.

    They are so frustrated by that black man in the White House that they called on a Texan with a 6-shooter to ‘get rid of’ Obama. They are wetting their diapers with glee over Perry.

    Hopefully, most of America sees right through this jackass.

  2. jackjodell53 Says:

    Bring Perry on. Then watch the total slaughter of the ultra-conservative Republican Party.

  3. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Bravo Jack!! That will be a very happy day for this sane and sensible moderate Republican when the lunatic fringe of the extreme right is purged from my Party.

  4. alan Says:

    Huntsman could beat Obama – I hope Perry gets the nomination because he is the embodiment of every centerists loathing

  5. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Alan,
    If the Republican Party has any chance it will be with Huntsman. The problem is the 80% Ultra Right controling the Republican Party would never give this man a chance.

  6. mudrake Says:

    Engineer- those two voting blocs that you referenced, the Te Party/hard-right and the Fundamentalist Christians don’t want facts. Facts get in the way. They are both driven by ‘beliefs’ and no amount of reasoning or analysis will alter their belief system.

    Thus Perry has these two sets of voters in the bag. Further, with his bashing of climate change, corporate dollars will be rolling in like the waves from Irene.

    What’s remaining? He has to convince a group to the right-of-center that he can ‘lead’ the nation better than Obama. Can he do that? There’s the question that remains to be answered.

  7. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Muddy,
    I can’t see how Perry can convence any sane voter that he is the better choice that Obama…..but stranger things have happened.

  8. microdot Says:

    When Perry first published his book…you know of course, as any idiot politician, he didn’t actually “write” it…but after he had it read to him and the hard words were explained, he signed it.
    When the book came out, Perry actually said, “I wouldn’t have written this book if I ever intended to run for president.”
    Does this make him a hypocrite, or are we splitting hairs here?

  9. Jeff Says:

    In case any of you get r-e-a-l-l-y bored, here is the link that disproves the “scientific proof” that global warming is not caused by man:

    And here’s the link that proves creationism in not LEGALLY taught in Texas schools:

    How old is the Earth. More mumble-jumble that it’s more than 6,000 years:

    WARNING: Do not operate heavy machinery while reading any of these links.

  10. David Says:

    I don’t believe Perry believes anything he says all he wants is to sit in the big chair and if the crazy right will get him there he will say whatever they want him to. Remember this man used to be a democrat as a matter of fact he stumped for all Gore in 2000 and then he saw that he had a better chance at the governorship and the white house from the other side of the isle so he took it. He is without a doubt the biggest political opportunist to come out of Texas since LBJ and if we make the mistake of electing him than shame on us.

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