Ultra Religious Right Republicans Are Destroying The United States Medical Technological Lead

As the Ultra Religious has pushed through policies based on their religious believes destroying the United States’ technological lead in many industries, we are now seeing a good example our medical technological lead’s deterioration.

The famous and very valuable quarterback for the Colts, Peyton Manning, flew in a private jet to Europe seeking stem cell treatments that currently are not approved for use in the United States for a quicker and better healing on his neck injuries.  Yes a technology which was first developed and value recognized here in the United States but was stifled and regressed by George W. Bush placating the Ultra Religious Right of the Republican Party which for some reason views this as being some kind of superstition sin.

This can been seen that someone like Peyton Manning no longer has the faith that the United States has the medical lead to treat his problem.  This can be taken as an example disproving the Teabaggers statement, “We have the best medical system that “Obama Care” will just destroy.  No it is your religious superstition with the “NO STEM CELL RESEARCH!!” battle cry that is destroying the medical technological lead here in the United States dim wits.

Instead the Teabaggers are very much in favor of Michele Bachmann’s, the Republican candidate for president, family clinics run by her husband Marcus Bachmann making attempts to “cure” gay people of their sexuality.  Oh yes Michele, this has a much higher priority.

We are seeing “Religious Superstition” trumping “Medical Science” yet once again as we have seen many times through history.


3 Responses to “Ultra Religious Right Republicans Are Destroying The United States Medical Technological Lead”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Funny you should post this today. My cleaning woman is what I would consider a right wing extremist. She said she’s not a fundamentalist, but a “christian”. While talking to her today, the issue of abortion came up. Of course she is against it, EXCEPT when I started to talk about stem cell research. She was all for it……then it dawned on me she had no idea what stem cell research is.

    What frustrates the hell out of me are people who are against things they only know from what they hear from their mega-church pulpit. Did you catch that article about the bad medical advice the “doctor” experts have been giving out on fox?

  2. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Jeff,
    Good to have you stop by. I find many who claim “Conservative Christian” viewpoints don’t really have a clue about many subjects…..but of course this does not stop them from having uneducated opinions and they do not have any reserves of letting these opinions be known. With this is just more to pity on their short comings.

    I have to say you have me at a disadvantage on the bad medical advice the doctor experts have been handing out at Fox. What have they been handing out? It does not surprise me on anything Fox hands out.

  3. jackjodell53 Says:

    Hello, Engineer of Knowledge.
    But who needs costly medical science when you can have faith healing or use leeches for free? THESE PEOPLE ARE MORONS!

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