The Oxymoron Of Conservative Republican Political Policies

In the 1990’s our political leaders saw fit to make sure there was funding for anti-smoking campaigns trying to get Americans to quit smoking and save the tax dollar costs of cancer treatments and cures due to the tobacco industry’s products.  These products are making adults and children sick even when they are not using the tobacco industries’ products themselves.  I am of course referring to one example such as “Second Hand Smoke,” which is costing U.S. citizens billion of dollars in these preventable medical cost side effects.

But today due to the Ultra Conservative Republicans in Congress and Senate are trying to cancel this program because it is
“Anti-Business.”  The U.S. health leaders are having to banded together to save the nation’s most effective youth anti-smoking effort, the American Legacy Foundation’s “truth” campaign, which faces a total loss of funding.

On the other hand we are now subsidizing the Tobacco Industries to the tune of $1,138,558,705 since 2000 during the Conservative Republican President, Senate and Congress until 2010.  To put this in simpler terms, $1.1 Billion plus per year in government subsidizing.  Before 2000 there was no subsidizing of the Tobacco Industry.  (Where were the Teabaggers during this “Corporate Welfare” handout started in the Conservative Republican George W. Bush’s administration?)

Subsidizing tobacco helps the tobacco industry continue to create nicotine junkies out of millions of Americans, many of whom will die from lung cancer and other smoking induced illnesses not only on the users but on those around them, leaving the medical insurance and tax payers with the medical treatment bills.  Meanwhile they are reaping record profits of about $500 Billion per year from not only here in the United States but in many countries around the world.

So for the more simple minded Teabaggers / Patriot claiming political spectrum, I will conclude and condense the message to this sound bite:  The Tobacco Industry is recording annual profits of $500 Billion per year but is being subsided by our government since the G.W. Bush years to the $1.1 plus Billion dollars.

I would also add that this does not take into account the medical costs to the medical insurance premiums and tax cost to the American Working Class Citizens.  This enormous health toll is the significant economic burden of tobacco use is more than $96 Billion per year in medical costs and when you add another $97 Billion per year from lost productivity; you have a total of $193 Billion Dollars cost to American Citizens…..and I reiterate, “Why are we subsidizing this industry with tax dollars to the tune of $1.1 Billion per year.  This alone would provide medical coverage to every American Citizen.

In closing I will state, “It is not a problem of “Obama Care” but a problem of “Subsidizing Corporate Welfare” system because it is business friendly.


4 Responses to “The Oxymoron Of Conservative Republican Political Policies”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I don’t know if this is just a coincidence, but it seems that the states where tobacco is big also have federal representation consisting of long serving incumbents. In other words, their senators & congressmen all seem to have high seniority in Washington including an inordinate amount of political clout. Something along the lines of an “old boys club” mentality.

  2. jackjodell53 Says:

    Very well stated, Engineer of Knowledge! These Teapublicans have become so insane, I wonder if next they’ll be calling for an end to food inspections and the abolishment of the FDA?

  3. lacithedog Says:

    This is madness–how could any US political party be hijacked the way that the republicans have been? First off, the religious right should have had people running and screaming based upon the secular nature of the US.

    I truly worry about the US and how it could have strayed from the ideals that were enshrined in the constitution.

  4. Jeff Says:

    How could we have strayed? Seems most of the commenters here are “not” young and have a better than average education. We also seem to have a better than average understanding of how the U.S. Government works.

    Let us wonder back in time……remember when the Republicans were supposed to be the college educated group (white collar) and the Democrats were called “blue collar”? But even back then, the nut cases were just a fringe that most Democrats ignored. But after Nixon, most long time Republicans jumped ship and the party would accept anyone….here comes the nut crowd. Now you have the offspring of the “children of the 60’s” coming into voting age. The schools have stopped teaching and just basically babysit. Then these children have children.

    Back to 2011…..we have the lowest information voters in history. You would never believe the number of voters who don’t know the difference between a primary and a general election. And let us not forget the information highway. Only instead of spreading information, it’s used mainly to spread misinformation. I have a contest going to see if the blog UNCOMMON SQUALOR is capable of beating out THE TOLEDO BLADE for spreading misinformation. Keeping score has been a problem though because The Blade just phrases it so you think you’re reading something you aren’t while ole Josepp just outright lies (although I do have proof The Blade actually fibbed last week). Here a start of the dumbing of America list:

    Taking a particular religion out of schools has been it’s downfall. “God” won’t hang around if you don’t use his/her name daily.

    Since when does the belief or disbelief in evolution make a difference?

    When did global warming become a “disputed” science?

    A mother featured in WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS states that 90% of the home school fundamentalist children lose that if they attend a public university? Really? You mean they learn some actual true and proven facts that make them change into…….LIBERALS?

    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the history revisionists (i.e. Common Sense blog). When did history become fiction?

    And finally, I can’t seem to comprehend this First Amendment stuff, you know, that freedom of speech, religion, etc. stuff. Seems old Mud and I have been barred from stating any opinion or fact that some blog owners might disagree with. I know it’s been a while since I was in school, but even back then we learned all sides of an issue so we could be sure of the facts. Now if you don’t agree, you’re a communist or a Marxist or some other political name they don’t even know the definition of. What’s up with that?

    Feel free to continue adding……

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