Sarah Palin Is Not Going To Run For President?!?! Say It Aint So!!

After running around the country economically bilking citizens with her book and fueling the fantasies of the Tea Party and Ultra Conservative Loonies, Sarah Palin announced to her mentally weak and challenged fans that she will not be running for the office of President of the United States… she would have been a serious thought for the office in the first place.

Sarah Palin then went on to say that said she thought she could be more effective in helping others get elected.  (I could not think of a sure death nail to any political candidate’s chances that getting the approval of Sarah Palin.)

I say the real truth is that there are so many more millions to be made by selling books spilling out conservative pabulum speak to the “Ultra Conservative and Stupid.”


4 Responses to “Sarah Palin Is Not Going To Run For President?!?! Say It Aint So!!”

  1. jackjodell53 Says:

    Good riddance to that vain, ignorant, self-centered bitch forever!!!!!!

  2. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Jack,
    I think you have said it perfectly!! 🙂

  3. Jeff Says:

    I wonder if she saw “the writing on the wall” with the current protests on Wall Street.

  4. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Jeff,
    Thanks for stopping by. I think she saw the writing long before when a pole of Ultra Conservative Republicans stated that THEY even thought she was too stupid for the position.

    On the Wall Street protests, I am with those people in spirit all the way. I am encouraged to see working middle class people of all ages coming out and saying, “It is time for this shit to stop!!”

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