Harold Camping’s Doomsday Prediction Fails To Happen Yet Once Again

Harold Camping suffered a mild stroke three weeks after his prediction that the world would end but failed to materialize in May.  But this still did not stop him spreading the word through his Family Radio International website that another prediction was set for Friday, October 21, 2011.

Many of Harold Camping’s followers were crestfallen and hoodwinked in May when the rapture did not occur, particularly those who had quit their jobs or donated some of their retirement savings or college funds for the more than 5,000 billboards and 20 RVs plastered with the Judgment Day message.

The California ministry that warned once again that the end of the world would come this past Friday awoke once again to discover that the Earth was undergoing its usual gyrations with no signs of a cataclysmic event.  Just like Harold Camping’s prediction of just a couple of months ago proved to be idiotic crap but that it did not stop his followers touting his predictions once again.

You would think they would wake up to the religious crap this man has been marketing daily on his Oakland based “Family Radio International” program.  But as usual with these religious lemmings he once again stirred a global frenzy when the prediction of the rapture would take 200 million Christians to heaven on May 21.

(On a side note you can be sure that these same ignorant but over zealous religious LIV lemmings will be voting for the sanctioned “Conservative Christian Values Republicans” in this next election.  People this stupid should loose their right to

Today, Saturday, October 22, 2011, the ministry and its 90-year-old leader, Harold Camping, are avoiding the media this time around and perhaps a repeat of the international mockery that followed the previous prediction.


2 Responses to “Harold Camping’s Doomsday Prediction Fails To Happen Yet Once Again”

  1. mudrake Says:

    Surely no one is still believing in this charlatan, are they? Pathetic!

  2. Madhumangala Says:

    Mr Camping, you cannot undesrtsand something which is perfect with your inperfect senses!

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