Latest Independent Study Confirms Global Warning’s Existence!!

An independent investigation of global warming solidified that global warming remains supported by scientific evidence, leaving skeptics speechless. This study represents that most comprehensive independent review of historical temperature records to date.  Of course you can expect the LIV to repeat the misinformation that has be spewed out by their Blow Hard Talking Heads telling them that it is nothing more than a special interest non-issue.  But as many in the TRUE science fields know that this is not the case.  I only wonder how Gush Limblob will twist these new founded facts.

First of all, the study is independent. No government sponsored it, there are no directors, and so there is absolutely no direct
political pressure whatsoever. It is also open source the entire dataset is public and everybody can access it and interpret it any way they want.

Furthermore, and this is where it gets interesting, it is sponsored only by donations, and the single largest donation was given by
Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation; in case you are unaware, this foundation openly supports climate skepticism, and there is evidence that it even funds studies just to support climate skepticism the Koch Company is involved heavily in the oil and chemical industry. So if the Koch brothers gave the money here, and the study still backs global warming, you just know something’s happening.

To finish it off, this study addresses the concerns that skeptics raised about previous studies. This includes the potential effect of
urban heat islands, the quality of temperature monitoring stations, and selection bias risk.

So even this open source study, funded by climate skeptics finds that global warming is a major issue, you would expect people to just back off and admit they were wrong, RIGHT?!?  I mean, if I root for something, and my own people show me I’m wrong, I admit I’m wrong and that’s that.  Nope, this is not the case.  You can still expect people to deny climate change in an almost pathological fashion…… you can still expect people to ignore the evidence……. and we still have a lot to wait for real, global
measures against global warming to take place.

This is the wonderful world we live in; hopefully, by the time people are convinced, it won’t be too late.


5 Responses to “Latest Independent Study Confirms Global Warning’s Existence!!”

  1. mudrake Says:

    Of course science proves it. Sadly, those Luddites on the far-right are still in denial. Just today on one of those blogs, the writer stated that we mere humans cannot possibly affect the earth climate because we are so small compared to the earth.

    Belief, not facts rule.

  2. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    I’m kind of a science and math nerd (I scored perfect 36’s on the ACT). I believe that global warming is 100% fact. For those nonbelievers, at what percent of certainty would they modify their behavior?

    If you had 10 metal bars spread out in front of you and when you grabbed just one, you’d win a billion dollars. However, between zero and ten of the bars are electrified (certain death). How many of the bars would have to be deadly before you decided that touching any of them was not worth any amount of money?
    5 -Would it be just half the bars – 50% probability of death
    8 – Would it have to be 8 of the ten bars – 80% probability
    1 – only one of the bars was deadly – 10% probability

    If you think none of the bars (0% probability) are electrified, then you seriously need some more education. Now throw your children in the mix; how much are you willing to risk their future?

  3. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Guys,
    Thanks for stopping by. Northwest, I too am a science nerd to the point that it was my major in college. 🙂 I also foresee that in the long run, man will evolve into extinction from our own hubris greed from some leading the stupid lemmings to their doom. Problem is we all will suffer.

    Here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Dorchester County has been told by the state that they should not award anymore permits west of Cambridge because it is basically at sea level now. It is projected that the Chesapeake Bay will rise by 30’ within the next 50 years. But the stupidly (and more to the GREED factor of selling water front property) of not wanting to admit the documented facts and are still awarding building permits which will be “Under Water,” (in the literal sense of the word,) before many of the loans are paid off. Of course the flood insurance will be with the Federal Government because those who are living on the water have the influence purchasing power. (i.e. 1% ers.) It will be the middle class tax payers picking up the tab once again.

    We even have documented evidence from the area on the Western Shore called “Calvert Cliffs” where there are fossilized sea shells from the “Cretaceous Period” (or also known as the chalk period), embedded 60’ high on the sand cliffs. Yes at one time in our earth’s history the water table was this high so the 30’ water tides in the next 50 years is not out of the realm of understanding. But I guess if you don’t acknowledge the facts it is not real and will not happen.

    Bottom line, the Middle Class has no voice in government anymore and the outcome will be our loss in the stratification of society.

    Hello Muddy,
    Man I have been very busy with my new job where I am designing and documenting the fiber optic “4G” infrastructure upgrades between Washington D.C. to Baltimore area. I have to go to Annapolis three times a week and work from home on the other two. I really love this position as I truly feel I am making a progress for the betterment of mankind…..thanks of course to one of President Obama’s stimulus grant packages!!!

    Bottom line here is that I may not have posted much via comments lately on your or the other blog sites I follow, I do take time to read them everyday. As always, “Keep Up The Good Work My Friend.”

  4. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    “……..thanks of course to one of President Obama’s stimulus grant packages!!!”

    Just for the record, Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan (Rustbelt) have been buzzing with callbacks and new hires thanks to the stimulus plans.

  5. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hey Northwest,
    Good to hear!!

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