Here is a posting that the Teabaggers need to read to educate themselves.  Here is the proof that the Ultra Right Wing LIV Lemmings have been lied to for decades.

For the rest of us who are more enlightened, review and attach the Stupid Right Conservative Blog Sites to Bitch Slap them with these facts…..Enjoy!!

A prominent physicist and skeptic of global warming spent two years trying to find out if mainstream climate scientists were wrong. In the end, he determined they were right: Temperatures really are rising rapidly.

The study of the world’s surface temperatures by Richard Muller was partially bankrolled by a foundation connected to global warming deniers. He pursued long-held skeptic theories in analyzing the data. He was spurred to action because of  Climategate,” a British scandal involving hacked emails of scientists.
Yet he found that the land is 1.6 degrees warmer than in the 1950s. Those numbers from Muller, who works at the University
of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, match those by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration and NASA.
He said he went even further back, studying readings from Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. His ultimate finding of a warming world, to be presented at a conference Monday, is no different from what mainstream climate scientists have been saying for decades.


One-quarter of the $600,000 to do the research came from the Charles Koch Foundation, whose founder is a major funder of skeptic groups and the tea party.  The Koch brothers, Charles and David, run a large privately held company involved in oil and other industries, producing sizable greenhouse gas emissions.
Muller’s research team carefully examined two chief criticisms by skeptics. One is that weather stations are unreliable; the other is that cities, which create heat islands, were skewing the temperature analysis.
“The skeptics raised valid points and everybody should have been a skeptic two years ago,” Muller said in a telephone interview. “And now we have confidence that the temperature rise that had previously been reported had been done without bias.”
Muller said that he came into the study “with a proper skepticism,” something scientists “should always have. I was somewhat bothered by the fact that there was not enough skepticism” before.
There is no reason now to be a skeptic about steadily increasing temperatures, Muller wrote recently in The Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages, a place friendly to skeptics. Muller did not address in his research the cause of global warming. The overwhelming majority of climate scientists say it’s man-made from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil. Nor did his study look at ocean warming, future warming and how much of a threat to mankind climate change might be.
Still, Muller said it makes sense to reduce the carbon dioxide created by fossil fuels.
“Greenhouse gases could have a disastrous impact on the world,” he said. Still, he contends that threat is not as proven as the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says it is.

On Monday, Muller was taking his results — four separate papers that are not yet published or peer-reviewed, but will be, he says — to a conference in Santa Fe, N.M., expected to include many prominent skeptics as well as mainstream scientists.

“Of course he’ll be welcome,” said Petr Chylek of Los Alamos National Lab, a noted skeptic and the conference organizer. “The purpose of our conference is to bring people with different views on climate together, so they can talk and clarify things.”

Shawn Lawrence Otto, author of the book “Fool Me Twice” that criticizes science skeptics, said Muller should expect to be harshly treated by global warming deniers. “Now he’s considered a traitor. For the skeptic community, this isn’t about data or fact. It’s about team sports. He’s been traded to the Indians. He’s playing for the wrong team now.”

And that started on Sunday, when a British newspaper said one of Muller’s co-authors, Georgia Tech climate scientist Judith Curry, accused Muller of another Climategate-like scandal and trying to “hide the decline” of recent global temperatures.

The Associated Press contacted Curry on Sunday afternoon and she said in an email that Muller and colleagues “are not hiding any data or otherwise engaging in any scientifically questionable practice.”

The Muller “results unambiguously show an increase in surface temperature since 1960,” Curry wrote Sunday. She said she disagreed with Muller’s public relations efforts and some public comments from Muller about there no longer being a need for skepticism.

Muller’s study found that skeptics’ concerns about poor weather station quality didn’t skew the results of his analysis because temperature increases rose similarly in reliable and unreliable weather stations. He also found that while there is an urban heat island effect making cities warmer, rural areas, which are more abundant, are warming, too.

Among many climate scientists, the reaction was somewhat of a yawn.

“After lots of work he found exactly what was already known and accepted in the climate community,” said Jerry North, a Texas A&M University atmospheric sciences professor who headed a National Academy of Sciences climate science review in 2006. “I am hoping their study will have a positive impact. But some folks will never change.”

Chris Field, a Carnegie Institution scientist who is chief author of an upcoming intergovernmental climate change report, said Muller’s study “may help the world’s citizens focus less on whether climate change is real and more on smart options for  addressing it.”

Some of the most noted scientific skeptics are no longer saying the world isn’t warming. Instead, they question how much of it is man-made, view it as less a threat and argue it’s too expensive to do something about, Otto said.

Skeptical MIT scientist Richard Lindzen said it is a fact and nothing new that global average temperatures have been rising since 1950, as Muller shows.  “It’s hard to see how any serious scientist (skeptical, denier or believer — frequently depending on the exact question) will view it otherwise,” he wrote in an email.



  1. lacithedog Says:

    I wish all the rest of the revisionist nonsense would backfire as well!

  2. jackjodell53 Says:

    Hello, Engineer of Knowledge! Let us hope that they will eventually learn to stop trying to buy political power.

  3. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Jack,
    Just as their father did with the John Kennedy Presidency by calling him a communist, and should be removed, etc, so are his sons keeping up the distasteful tradition…..as I am sure their sons will do in the future.

    They only have a voice because of the immense wealth they have to afford so. If it were not for the generational money….their voice would be nothing more than a “Fart in the Wind.”

    Many don’t know that John Wilkes Booth’s father, “Junius Brutus Booth,” wrote threatening letters calling for the assignation of Andrew Jackson…..only to have his son fore fill the act with Abraham Lincoln.

    This being said, I think I have my next topic for posting, so “Thank You” my friend. By the way, thank you for the kind words on your site…..You are truly one of the good ones.

  4. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    Kind of a mixed bag to be proven right about something bad. There was another case involving the Koch brothers lying about some pollution. After they discovered the whistle blower and fired her, they set out to destroy her reputation in the science community.

    This whole business is starting to play out like the movie SILKWOOD. What is worrisome is that she died and they got away with it. And the movie was actually based on true facts.

  5. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Ohhhh good thought Northwest. I never put the Silkwood and the Koch brothers together but now you mentioned it, I can see how that would have went down. Thanks for the input.

  6. mudrake Says:

    I watched that BACKFIRE the other day! Simply wonderful. I wonder how this all is playing in the alternate universe of the right-wing?

    Or are they permanently stuck in denial?

  7. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Muddy,
    The alternate universe people will totally disregard this fact because it does not nicely fit into what THEY want reality to be.

  8. uptheflag Says:

    What percentage of the electorate would you estimate this to be,
    Engineer? This group that you say “does not nicely fit into what THEY
    want reality to be.”

  9. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Uptheflag,
    I would safely say that within the Republican Party I am exposed to here on the Eastern Shore it is the greater majority. If I had to put an estimate on this, I would have to go as high as 60% to 75%.

    Now if you go with the voting electorate at large here on the Shore, it is still above the 55%+ demographics.

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