Republican Cluster Calamity On Steroids

In a display of the utmost stupidity, the Republican Party made the decision that “Middle Class Citizens” (let them eat cake) do not deserve any tax breaks from this Party.  This will be an loss of expendable income, much what is needed to make house payments, food on the table, heat in the homes, and the likes, to the amount of about $1,000 plus this next year.

This just shows how extremely “ELITE” and “Who They Truly Are Representing” the Republican Party has become to make sure their 1% funding contributors pay no taxes but “Bah Humbug & Go To Hell” towards the Middle Class.  Well this holiday season the Republican Party is hearing it from all sides on their latest “Screw The Middle Class Calamity,” including the influential “Wall Street Journal” editorial board who are no friends to Democrats by any means.

The “GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell who famously said just a year ago that his main task in the 112th Congress was to make sure that President Obama would not be re-elected.

Well given how he and House Speaker John (what in the hell is he crying about now) Boehner have handled the payroll tax debate, I have to wonder if they might have ended up re-electing the president before the 2012 campaign even begins.

I will close by taking a line from Charles Dickenson’s, “Christmas Carol,” by saying, “God bless the Middle Class of theUnited Statesand may the Republican Leadership in Congress and Senate Rot In Hell…The Bastards.”


7 Responses to “Republican Cluster Calamity On Steroids”

  1. J.O.B. Says:

    EOK- Am I ending up in your spam? Mud told me, some of my comments go into his spam. He thinks it’s because I have 2 e-mail addresses. I think he might be right.

  2. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    No I don’t have any spam filter on so you are coming through fine. But I can say that Muddy has had this problem before with friends posting.

  3. J.O.B. Says:

    EOK- No problem. Mud was right, the problem is on my end, because I have 2 different e-mail addresses. So here’s my two comments.

    The 1st was On this post.
    It’s about time these politicians started working on behalf of the people who elected them. ‘Bout time Boehner.

    The 2nd was on The Donald Trump post
    Here is the link to my blog. I hope you enjoy it, but I will warn you. I don’t get very deep, I mostly blog for fun, with some seriousness. I will also warn you that I have blog/buddies that you probably won’t see eye to eye with. So feel free not to comment.
    Dottie and I had a dialogue going on healthcare, and these guys blasted into him. I always felt bad, because the dialogue started, at my behest. Plus Dottie only came to my blog because I asked him too. I still feel bad about that…..

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. jackjodell53 Says:

    Merry Christmas, Engineer of Knowledge!
    My Christmas wish for you, my friend, is that, after getting creamed in next year’s elections, your party will once again return to moderation…and sanity. These people have got to wake up to the fact that constantly pandering to the wealthy and ignoring everyone else is NOT what 99% of voters want.

  5. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    Thank you.

    And to my Good Friend Jack,
    Yes I agree and Thank you for stopping by and a Very Merry Christmas to all.

  6. mudrake Says:

    Engineer- Thank you for having the courage to criticize your own party, the party that you have cherished all throughout your life. That is a difficult task and it takes a man of courage to do so. Not only that but a man of character who will not surrender to a gaggle of pirates who have taken your party hostage.

    These must be difficult times for men like you- men of conviction yet moderation. It is like raising children- taking the middle road in discipline is much more difficult than going to either extreme end.

    Yet it is the middle where most people live their lives and where the greatest benefit for all Americans lie.

    Keep up the good fight, my friend. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Thank you and here is to a Great New Year my friend.

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