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Florida Primary and Mitt Romney Scenario Story

January 29, 2012

Well with the upcoming Republican Primary in Florida, the current projection is that Mitt Romney will win this vote.  Now not that Florida has that much to choose from in the Republican Primary, it should be well noted who the Republican Party is putting forth.  As I have told many that the candidate will be Mitt because that is who Karl Rove has anointed to be the Republican Candidate and the Republican Machine is now bringing out all of the “Old Liners” like Bob Dole, and Tom DeLay.

Bob Dole attack ads were aired in Florida describing Newt Gingrich as “a one-man band who rarely took advice” and reminded voters of Newt Gingrich’s ethics troubles while in Congress.

Tom DeLay, the disgraced and convicted felon, who was the former House majority leader who handed out millions of dollars of “Jack Abramoff’s Lobbyist Bribes” right on the House Floor before they would vote on “Special Interest Bills,” said “Newt Gingrich was Erratic, Undisciplined.”  (Yea as if Tom DeLay has the moral high ground over Newt).

Based on input from Republican donors and strategists who have expressed concern that Newt Gingrich could undercut the Party’s chances not only in the Presidential race but also in the House, Senate and Governors’ races.  These well influence Republican donors are saying that if Newt Gingrich won Florida, they anticipate further efforts to pressure leading Republicans, including former governors like Jeb Bush of Florida and Haley Barbour of Mississippi, as well as officials who passed up Presidential runs this year, like Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana, to help build a firewall around Mr. Romney.

One should note what is unfolding among Republicans is the compelling test of just how much politics has been changed by the forces that gave rise to the Tea Party Movement.  We are seeing a “Battle of Political Wills and Dominance” between the “Tea Party Come Lately” and the “Old Guards” of Karl Rove.  Kenneth Duberstein, who was Chief of Staff to President Ronald Reagan said, “Ever since the Republicans lost the Presidency in 2008, the Party has been much more dominated by the grass roots than by the grass tops.”

The next line of attack against Newt Gingrich are the “Republican Propaganda Publications” which are writing in their current articles with examples such as:

“Whenever he (Newt Gingrich) waddles on stage anger envelopes him like a black aura.  Newt Gingrich has the singular ability to replace optimism with the ugly shadow of cold cruel hatred and pessimism.  He is the personification of the Dark Lord, Sauron.”

“One Newt to rule them all, One Newt to find them,

One Newt to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,

In the Land of Hatred where the Shadows lie.”

Then the article goes on to close, “Only the simple minded could cheer for such an odious character.”  (Interesting because for my dedicated followers and readers, how long have I been saying this exact same thing and the Conservatives are just now noting this?…. Maybe I am having an affect within my Republican Party?….Yea I don’t think so either.)

But let’s get back to Mitty, the favored son of the “Old Guard Republicans” in this next election.  If elected (fixed or stolen) President in November, Mitt Romney would have twice as much wealth than the last eight Presidents combined.  At last account about $250 million dollars.  From Richard Nixon to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney has more wealth today than the mentioned Presidents combined, but he is going to speak for and represent the Middle Class who are suffering the results of the legislation that has been passed and signed over the last 30 years.  Of course there will still be those “simple minded” referenced above who have been made to “cheer for THEIR odious character choice” and believe that Mitt will be an imporvement over the current President because they are good “Conservative Republicans.”

We have recently learned that Mitt Romney pays only 13.9 percent of the wealth he has gained by investment, rather than by working, and that he has large amounts of money invested outside the United States, notably in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and in Swiss banks.

So while he stumps and tries to promote “American JOBS and ECONOMIC RECOVERY” to the masses, he is apparently not willing to keep his INVESTMENTS in America!


Man With Gun In Car Stopped At George W. Bush’s Home In Dallas

January 25, 2012

News Article 01-24-2012:

The Secret Service detained, questioned and released a man who had a firearm in his vehicle as he pulled up outside the north Dallas home of former President George W. Bush.  Secret Service spokesman, Ed Donovan, says the unidentified man showed up “uninvited” about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, saying he wanted to see Bush. While agents and Dallas police questioned him, the man revealed that he had a gun in his nearby vehicle.  Donovan says the man had a permit for the gun and his answers checked out, so he was released and left.  A Bush spokesman says the Bushes weren’t home at the time.  The street leading to the house is blocked by a gate.  Donovan declined to comment on how the man made it past the gate.


It is no secret that I was no fan of W. Bush but as I have always stated, I would speak out against anyone wanting to use violence against someone they had different political views unlike many I have heard from some others relating to President Obama.  I cannot say that the person who drove up to the Bush’s Dallas home with a gun had ill will against the former President, but I am uncomfortable with the fact he did get so close with the gun.

As I too have several firearms but I would never drive up to the President’s home uninvited with one and ask to see the President.  There is a responsible ownership involved here.

Tea Party Member Rand Paul Says, “Don’t They Realize That I Am Above The Law?”

January 23, 2012

For all the bravado that the Republicans and especially the Tea Party Members have with reference to being strong on terrorism, it seems that the checks and enforcement of the policy should not apply to them.

At a Nashville,Tennessee airport this past Monday, Republican Senator Rand Paul, was stopped for setting off an alarm and REFUSED the pat down.  This of course prompted his father, U.S. Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, to accuse security officials of being part of an “Out Of Control” police state.  (I guess these laws only apply to the little people of the United States)

After Rand Paul refused the pat down, he was escorted out of the airport security area in Nashville, Tennessee, by local authorities, the TSA said. Paul missed his flight to Washington, but was later rebooked and re-screened without incident.  (I’m guessing he removed what ever he was carrying that set off the screening detector.)

Rand Paul has recommended that authorities eliminate pat downs as part of everyday security, saying TSA should more heavily emphasize non-invasive methods for assessing risk.

The senator has even complained that close screening of members of Congress and other frequent fliers known to airlines and security officials is a poor use of security resources.  (Like I said, should only apply to those little people smucks.)

When will the people of the United States realize that he and some others are “SPECIAL PEOPLE” that are above the laws of the country and everyone needs to get in line and on board with this fact?

Don’t worry Rand, I got your back, because you and I both know that our country’s laws don’t need to be applied to you.

A Face In The Crowd

January 18, 2012

In 1957 Andy Griffin starred in a movie called “A Face in the Crowd.”  The story line charts the rise of a raucous hayseed named, “Lonesome Rhodes” who went from itinerant Ozark guitar picker to local media rabble rouser, only to become a TV superstar and a political power.  The innocent female lead, “Sarah Lawrence,” is the girl who discovers the simpleton of a man in a back country jail and is the first to fall under his spell.

Lonesome Rhodes is just a Manipulative and Power Hungry Country Boy.  A drifter who becomes a dangerous, power hungry, and an out of control political power.  It does not end well for all who signed on to his con.

The lesson of this movie back in 1957 was a warning of allowing and falling for, “Simple Minds Gaining Political Power.”  Once again, today in 2012, it is obvious that many have yet to learn this lesson.

Corporations Are People Too?

January 15, 2012

One of the litmus tests of science to determine if something has life is, “Can It Replicate Itself?”

So applying this same scientific aspect to the latest U.S. Supreme Court ruling that “Corporations Are People Too,” I will accept this premiums as soon as one of the Justices who voted in the “AFFIRMATIVE” in this case, can prove to me that even after screwing 99% of the U.S. population with the frequency for the past 30 years, show me where any two has pro-created themselves.  If the Justices cannot give one example, then their legal viewpoint in this matter was grossly inaccurate.

That Damn Liberal Dwight David Eisenhower

January 10, 2012

When people ask me how do I see myself as a Republican, because I do not assimilate to the “EXTREME ASPECTS” of the “Johnny Come Lately” that has infested MY Republican Party;  I point to the legacy examples of Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller, etc. and say this is what the proud Republican Party once was and stood for.  The ignorance of the “Extreme Aspects” within the Party today’s simple minded reply usually is, “Well they were really just Liberals and not true Republicans!!”  (What a group of Hatefull Dumb Asses.)

This was the Republican Party before the “Drug Induced Hate Visions of Rush Limbaugh” that became so prevalent, the “Non-Critical Thinking” easily lead population, the “Mindless Religious Fanatics,” and even the ignorance of the “Racially Motivated Tea Party” having the nerve to refer to themselves as “Patriots,” funded by the last remnants of the Racist John Birch Society.  (I would also like to pass on that in the 1960’s members of the John Birch Society referred to themselves as “Minute Men.” You can see, the Tea Party Members are not even original with that identification aspect.)

Today the Republican Party is finding itself funded, and thus for representing the sole entity, by the Corporate Interests that would have the Middle Class divested and devastated back to the economically enslavement of the “Company Town Coal Mines” mentality that was so prevalent in the Coal Regions of this country in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s before the Unions forced the representation of the Worker’s Rights.

Today the Koch Brothers have funded so many political aspects that Governors of States like Wisconsin and Ohio are mandating that Unions be disbanded leaving no voice within those States.  (The Koch Brother’s Father started the John Burch Society so there by the “Me Too” aspects of the Tea Party we see today)

Below I give you one of the better Republican Party’s Presidents, Dwight David Eisenhower’s own words and warnings to the more sane members of the Republican Party:


To repeat my own words, Extremism is short lived and will have no longevity. The question is, “How much damage can be done to the United State’s Middle Class Population in the mean time?”


The Anniversary Of The Results From Ultra Conservative Rhetoric Validating Violence Against Those Whom They Disagree

January 8, 2012

Take a good look and study this photo, embed it in your mind, burn it in your memory.

Here we are one year later.  The anniversary of the assignation attempt of U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords where the venomous aspect of the Far Right / Tea Party Rhetoric of placing the photos of political pundits they don’t agree with, overset within crosshairs.  These same Ultra Conservative Fanatics / Tea Party Members blatantly touting that they personally beat those who they do not agree with politically and have the financial means to pay the fines for doing so, and are able to do it again with pride.  Those who promote the shooting of Congressmen, Senators, and yes, even the President of the United States.  I repeat, many of these sick minds take Great Pride in these statements!!

Then on the other side they will lament, point out the outrage, even pining when a child is harmed, and will call for retribution accounting penalties to those responsible that lead to the events that caused the harm to a child.  Quite an enigma at best aren’t they?  (It’s a rhetorical question.)  It is OK to kill those who you do not politically agree (Even if they are Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Sons, Daughters, Aunts, Uncles, etc) but call for retribution of the death of children.  In one hypocritical voice touting “Christian Values” of the 10 commandments but for some reason, “Thou Shall Not Kill” does not apply politically with those whom they do not agree.

Now today when I read other blogs where posters spout off that they would physical beat (have physically beaten in the streets of the United States) those whom they do not agree with, reminds me of my time in the South American countries like Chile or Argentina where there are mass graves behind the police stations where they too beat, and even shot to death, those who did not agree or spoke out against their repressive viewpoints, “Because they were the one’s with the guns.”

For those who think they have it all together with this type of Ultra Conservative Rhetoric have no idea how close they really are to the “Abusive Power” of the Argentine and Chilean Military Juntas of the 1970’s.

With this posting I am calling out those whom I am speaking of that you “ARE THE CONTRIBUTING ASPECTS” that lead to the shooting at the Town Hall Meeting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  That caused the validation in one person’s mind that he was doing what was “Good And Just.” That caused the death of an innocent nine year old girl’s life.  Congratulations go to those who verbally reinforced his actions.

The Face Of the Ultra Conservative / Tea Party Rhetoric

Political Observation:

January 2, 2012

It has come to my attention how the word, “Liberal,” and the words that follow are being used on some blog sites in the way and manner that a Good Ol’ Southern Redneck would roll the “N” word over his lips or in the same manner the Nazis utter through their curled lips the word, “Jew.”

Now to be fair I have seen the word, “Conservative,” used in the same “Generalized Statement,” but not with the same venomous aspect attached to it.

A “Generalized Statement” use of this word because as to what does it really mean; other than to dehumanize a group of people who within the person’s mind using it, means to them.

To give another example of the young men sent to Viet Nam would use the words “Chink,” “Gook,” “Zipper Heads,” etc. to dehumanize those they would have to shoot and kill to survive and be able to come home to his own family and friends. It was a means of mentally dealing with, a self defense to handle what they had done or had to do.

Which brings me to wonder, what names did the Serbs call Bosnians, to instill the dehumanizing aspect that lead to the justification for the “Gang Raping” of a nine year old girl to prove they were tough, right, and had it all together? I am sure I heard these words when I was a young Navy man in Yugoslavia before it imploded but I don’t remember it now. Maybe someone could help me out with this.

What word is so powerful those Gang Raping young girls, their sisters, mothers, grandmothers, also rounding up all males then mass executing them just outside the town they lived in?  Is this what our political process has degraded to?  I am sure the source and genesis of this “Liberal” derogatory application started with Rush Limbaugh.  A self-loathing drug addict that is really so unhappy with himself but projects that loathing onto someone else…the target being the Generalized Statement, “Liberal.”

Many have picked up this bad habit and are using it without any thought of what could be the consequences….like the ethnic cleansing of Yugoslavia.  What a sad state these people bring to open and logical discussion where progress is the product.  They really have it together don’t they?