Political Observation:

It has come to my attention how the word, “Liberal,” and the words that follow are being used on some blog sites in the way and manner that a Good Ol’ Southern Redneck would roll the “N” word over his lips or in the same manner the Nazis utter through their curled lips the word, “Jew.”

Now to be fair I have seen the word, “Conservative,” used in the same “Generalized Statement,” but not with the same venomous aspect attached to it.

A “Generalized Statement” use of this word because as to what does it really mean; other than to dehumanize a group of people who within the person’s mind using it, means to them.

To give another example of the young men sent to Viet Nam would use the words “Chink,” “Gook,” “Zipper Heads,” etc. to dehumanize those they would have to shoot and kill to survive and be able to come home to his own family and friends. It was a means of mentally dealing with, a self defense to handle what they had done or had to do.

Which brings me to wonder, what names did the Serbs call Bosnians, to instill the dehumanizing aspect that lead to the justification for the “Gang Raping” of a nine year old girl to prove they were tough, right, and had it all together? I am sure I heard these words when I was a young Navy man in Yugoslavia before it imploded but I don’t remember it now. Maybe someone could help me out with this.

What word is so powerful those Gang Raping young girls, their sisters, mothers, grandmothers, also rounding up all males then mass executing them just outside the town they lived in?  Is this what our political process has degraded to?  I am sure the source and genesis of this “Liberal” derogatory application started with Rush Limbaugh.  A self-loathing drug addict that is really so unhappy with himself but projects that loathing onto someone else…the target being the Generalized Statement, “Liberal.”

Many have picked up this bad habit and are using it without any thought of what could be the consequences….like the ethnic cleansing of Yugoslavia.  What a sad state these people bring to open and logical discussion where progress is the product.  They really have it together don’t they?


8 Responses to “Political Observation:”

  1. J.O.B. Says:

    EOK- As you are a Republican, but don’t agree with some of the more extremist views of Tea-Party types. Do you feel the same way about the Democrat party? Do you feel that their are some Liberals who are more “Extreme”?

  2. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    I am glad you asked this question and as you are new to my writings, I have said often that “Extremism” in ether direction of the spectrum, is wrong and has no longevity. The natural world likes “Moderation.”

    I like to give the physic example of the swinging of the pendulum. The farther you push it to any extreme direction, the farther it will swing back in the other, i.e. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

    Left to its own, it will find the “Centroid” or “Ambient” position and will lay there at rest until acted upon once again. This is where you will find my political views. This is where one will find the answers to all of our current problems today. 🙂

    I am just waiting my turn if eveyone else would just leave the pendulum alone for a while. 🙂

    Take care and I do enjoy our exchanges. You are someone I can and like to talk to……and without even beating you up like some encourage……:-)

  3. mudrake Says:

    I note that JOB uses the Limbaugh-ian term, ‘Democrat Party’ rather than the commonly used term, Democratic Party. Oh well, what can you say?

    Yes, Engineer, the word ‘liberal’ comes loaded all by itself or with compound additions. You are correct that is akin to the “N” word used by the good ole’ southern boys. Right-wingers use it s an expletive to denigrate a person, no questions asked.

    I’ve often wondered why the right-wing is always so angry. It must be quite miserable to wake up each day and find something to bitch about.

    Oh well, what can you say?

  4. J.O.B. Says:

    Mud- You listen to Limbaugh? Now that’s funny. But there’s no note needed, it was just a typo that I didn’t even notice ’til you said something. Then again, I don’t listen to Limbaugh, so I really couldn’t understand where you’re trying to spin this to anyway. Doesn’t seem very DEMOCRAT of you. LOLOLOLOLOLOLO.

  5. lacithedog Says:

    Of course, the people who call themselves “conservatives” aren’t really very admirable on their own. Conservativism has become synonymous with insane propositions such as getting rid of firearms laws to make it easier for the insane and criminal to own such weapons. Add in the abolition of government. Not to mention the infusion of religion into politics resulting in governmental meddling in religion.

    While tories can seem lucid at times,their lapses into the absurd are not as frightening as that of US “conservatives”.

    The basic upshot is that I wouldn’t want to be associated in any way with US “conservatives”.

  6. J.O.B. Says:

    Dog- I’ve noticed that you are anti-gun/anti-violence. I’ve checked out your blog, once, or twice. If I may, would more stringent gun laws, let’s say assault weapons being deemed illegal, keep AK-47 full autos out of the hands of 15 year old gang-bangers in Chicago?

  7. mudrake Says:

    JOB- I doubt if Laci will take your bait.

    Laci- your comparison of the British tories to the U.S. conservatives is absolutely correct. The difference, of course, as you know, is that over here our conservatives think and act as if it is the 1800’s and that our nation is still a wilderness prairie waiting to be tamed. The Brits are much more realistic and understand that the 21st century demands a tight societal structure.

    Engineer- now that you’ve dipped your toes into the swill of right-wing blogs, you clearly see the difference in both maturity as well as manhood between the right and left bloggers.

  8. J.O.B. Says:

    Wasn’t fishing. Pretty easy question, that you did not answered on Laci’s behalf. Wouldn’t expect anything less.

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