A Face In The Crowd

In 1957 Andy Griffin starred in a movie called “A Face in the Crowd.”  The story line charts the rise of a raucous hayseed named, “Lonesome Rhodes” who went from itinerant Ozark guitar picker to local media rabble rouser, only to become a TV superstar and a political power.  The innocent female lead, “Sarah Lawrence,” is the girl who discovers the simpleton of a man in a back country jail and is the first to fall under his spell.

Lonesome Rhodes is just a Manipulative and Power Hungry Country Boy.  A drifter who becomes a dangerous, power hungry, and an out of control political power.  It does not end well for all who signed on to his con.

The lesson of this movie back in 1957 was a warning of allowing and falling for, “Simple Minds Gaining Political Power.”  Once again, today in 2012, it is obvious that many have yet to learn this lesson.


11 Responses to “A Face In The Crowd”

  1. J.O.B. Says:

    I enjoyed your piece on Mud’s blog. But would you agree that things were much different back then? Or are you setting out to prove that we are in the same boat in 2012? I’ll be looking forward to your post on partial-birth abortions.

  2. J.O.B. Says:

    EOK- As far as this post goes, almost sounds like a synopsis for William Jefferson Clinton.

  3. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    Surely you can come up with a few more examples right? 🙂

    As far as the posting on Muddy’s site… when you say, “But would you agree that things were much different back then?” I would have to ask to what “Back Then” are you referring to…. Late 1800’s when just having birth control methods information would get you a prison sentence or in the late 1960’s when birth control methods were still restricted to come by? I can also give you the example of “The Birth Control Pill” was not approved by the FDA until the early 1970’s and it was violent opposed by the Religious Right for its approval because it was really aborting an impregnated egg through chemical hormonal means.

    What is probably the most popular and accepted means of Birth Control for women in the U.S. and Europe today had a very hard fight for several years then to get approved.

    I would interject that every time another, let’s say, a “Morning After” or “Three Day After” pill comes up for current FDA approval, you hear the exact same verbiage coming from the Religious Right who makes the claim that it fosters immorality, etc as was given in the 1870s. (Many times these pills are given after a rape so the victim does not have to deal with the potential of becoming pregnant from the violent act committed on them.)

    I course I will say that I am sure you can find someone who uses it instead of proper protection planning, but many responsible Doctors will only prescribe sparingly. This course is very hard on the human body if abused too often.

    As far as the next post on partial-birth / late term abortions, I am going to have to take the time required to put this piece together so that the exact meaning I am going for is accurately stated. In essence, there is a real medical reason for the late term procedure to be performed such as when the fetus expires in the womb and has to be taken for the health of the mother. By making the what has been labeled as “Partial Birth” method illegal, there is still other methods that the procedures are done by…. more difficult health wise on the mother but still legal and the methods being performed today.

    That being said, allow me to say that someone wanting to use the late term abortion as a form of birth control because they have decided after 6 months they don’t want the pregnancy is a gross and misuse of the procedure….. and I don’t know any responsible Doctor who would perform this procedure at this point…… but I am sure you could find someone to do it…. even at that, this same Doctor would just use one of the other means today. So I would conclude that nothing was gained and the safest means for the medical procedure to be handled like the example I gave, has been taken away in this country.

  4. J.O.B. Says:

    Let me start off by saying, I’m not trying to trap you. Take as long as you need for your next post.

    I’m referring to back then being in the the late 1800’s. Even the late 1900’s

    As far as politicians, Clinton is the only one I know, from the Ozarks. Am I wrong?

  5. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    Awaiting delivery of ‘A Face in the Crowd’ from Netflix. You bringin’ the popcorn?

  6. mudrake Says:

    JOB- nice ‘cover’ for your statement re Clinton. It seemed obvious to me that your reference was not at all about his birth-location at all.

    EOK- I thoroughly enjoy your comments because, unlike many of us, you go into depth and state well-thought-out facts and ideas.

    I especially like the this part of your post: “Simple Minds Gaining Political Power.” I could fill up this comment box with examples from past Presidents, but I’d defer to the current batch of GOP candidates as prime examples of that ‘simplicity.’

    Take Rick Perry, for example. After insulting Turkey with his obvious wrong statement about the leadership of that nation, he ‘sticks by his comment.’ That ought to frighten a vast majority of Americans [except for the reactionary right-wingers, of course].

    Then there was the statement made by Rick Santorum in NH.He quipped that the location of Iran’s second major uranium enrichment site, outside of the city of Qom, had been chosen as a way of hasten an “end-of-times scenario” based in Shiite Islam.

    How many reactionary right-wingers support this man as Commander-in-Chief of our military???

    Finally, when Ron Paul tried to tell the fact that U.S. military adventurism led to many troubles for our nation, he was nearly booed off of the stage by the war-hungry South Carolina audience.

    I think of South Carolina and its secession from the Union and it’s pro-military population and join this thought with the statement, “Simple Minds Gaining Political Power.” And I shiver!

  7. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    Well due to the fact that Bill Clinton grew up 263 miles from the Ozark Mountains, I did not make the link between the two. Yes both Hope, (where Bill Clinton grew up) and the Ozark Mountains are contained within the state of Arkansas, but each are on the opposite side of the State. If this is your, so to speak, litmus test…. Bill Clinton was much closer to Texas. Texarkana would be a good starting point to Hope which is only 34 miles away. Your statement would be more accurate to say that Bill Clinton was a simple minded hick from Texas using this logic. In which I could reply, “Any Dunb Ass from Texas should never be President of the United States. 🙂

    But of course I know you realized that the main topic of the posting being the warning of “Simple Minds Gaining Political Power” so with this being stated, I would find it hard to make a link of someone who was intelligent enough to be an alumnus of Georgetown University where he was Phi Beta Kappa and then earned a Rhodes Scholarship where he then attended the prestigious University of Oxford in England.

    So let’s ask ourselves, out of ALL the U.S. Presidents so far, how many have been Rhodes Scholars? Well the answer is, “Only One,” Bill Clinton. So with “Tongue in Cheek” and really rhetorically asking, “How is it that one would associate Bill Clinton as a “Simple Mind?”

    Bottom line, you know I am just busting your chops but it was fun.

  8. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Muddy,
    Yes here in lies the problem. Where President Obama to many is viewed unfavorable due to the economy, what is the quality of men that the Republican Party has put up to contend with him in the next election. Not much to choose from per my vantage point.

    As you have given quite well the examples you listed, then you add Mitt Romney with his business, “Bain Capital,” that was used to pillage health companies and many into bankruptcy. Then when it was all said and done, Mitt walked away with 100’s of millions with just a couple of millions invested….. and only paid 15% taxes on this because of that 1% of the population tax breaks. The average Middle Class person pays about 30% taxes.

    Go Figure?

  9. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello NON,
    Let me know what you think of the film. I look forward to your feed back.

  10. J.O.B. Says:

    EOK- I love the banter. Bust away. I know about President Clintons education accomplishments, but the guy did ask for a definition of “IS”. I will be doing a post about abortion as well. I think our ideas lay on the same path.

    Oh, considering that every GOP candidate went to college(I beleive), does that make me the simple-minded one?
    Figured I would give you some ammo for your chop-busting.. 🙂

    Mud- Thank you. Your comment to me was educational, and thought provoking. Always appreciated.

  11. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    I look forward to reading your post. You go onto say, “does that make me the simple-minded one?” No never my friend, NEVER!! 🙂

    Your comment to Muddy was very kind and the type of conversation I like to promote on this site. Good Job and Thank you.

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