Tea Party Member Rand Paul Says, “Don’t They Realize That I Am Above The Law?”

For all the bravado that the Republicans and especially the Tea Party Members have with reference to being strong on terrorism, it seems that the checks and enforcement of the policy should not apply to them.

At a Nashville,Tennessee airport this past Monday, Republican Senator Rand Paul, was stopped for setting off an alarm and REFUSED the pat down.  This of course prompted his father, U.S. Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, to accuse security officials of being part of an “Out Of Control” police state.  (I guess these laws only apply to the little people of the United States)

After Rand Paul refused the pat down, he was escorted out of the airport security area in Nashville, Tennessee, by local authorities, the TSA said. Paul missed his flight to Washington, but was later rebooked and re-screened without incident.  (I’m guessing he removed what ever he was carrying that set off the screening detector.)

Rand Paul has recommended that authorities eliminate pat downs as part of everyday security, saying TSA should more heavily emphasize non-invasive methods for assessing risk.

The senator has even complained that close screening of members of Congress and other frequent fliers known to airlines and security officials is a poor use of security resources.  (Like I said, should only apply to those little people smucks.)

When will the people of the United States realize that he and some others are “SPECIAL PEOPLE” that are above the laws of the country and everyone needs to get in line and on board with this fact?

Don’t worry Rand, I got your back, because you and I both know that our country’s laws don’t need to be applied to you.


11 Responses to “Tea Party Member Rand Paul Says, “Don’t They Realize That I Am Above The Law?””

  1. mudrake Says:

    I read this article a few days ago and thought the same thing, Engineer. It is also interesting that the right-wing of the once-Grand Old Party loves to throw around the word, “elite” as red meat for the Tea Party stooges.

    Gingrich used it several times during the last two debates to the roar of the crowd [in S.C.].

    I wonder how he and Paul define elite?

  2. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Muddy,
    When they use the word “elite” it is used in a “Generalization” aspect and has no real meaning except what is in their mind at the time….. much like the Weak Minded’s usage of the word “Liberal” which is used in a way and manner like the racial euphuism, “Those People.” Exampe being like one heard in Iowa just a couple of weeks ago, “Those People” on welfare.” Even though the population demographics is 90% white on Iowa welfare, the meaning was “All Those Lazy Black People” on welfare…. which brings cheers from the Non-critical Thinking Mindless. (Note I did not use the word Conservative as it too can be used in a Generalization aspect.) (Maybe this could be a topic of another posting)

    Now this is a good segway into a story I have been wanting to pass on for a while. I want to take this time to pass on a personal story that my wife experienced a coupe of weeks ago. After work she went to the local “Quick Shop” that is owned and run by a Pakistan and his family whom I have known for over 25 years. The oldest brother and the one who purchased the convenience store those years ago, really has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. It is on this aspect that he and I started talking years ago. He is a really good man and a credit to the migration story of this country.

    Well when my wife walked in to pay for gas in the car, there was this Asshole Jerk calling the owner a “Towel Head,” “Camel Jockey,” and how he needs to go back from where he came from, etc. Well my wife is no shrinking violet and she stood toe to toe with this Asshole and told him to get out of the store. He came back that she did not know what was going on but she came right back at him with the statement that she did not need to know because he was an IDIOT. The Asshole went on with some more Blab Blab Blab with my wife standing in his face replying with, “I DON’T CARE…YOU’RE AN IDIOT!!”

    By this time some local farmer “GOOD O’BOYS” had come in and much to my pleasure stood next to my wife and told the Asshole to get the hell out or they were going to escort him out in “THEIR OWN SPECIAL WAY!”

    The Asshole seeing he was out numbered with my wife and the Big Ol’ Beefy Boys standing by her side, turned “CHICKEN SHIT,” walked out of the store, got into his truck, which had a “TEA PARTY PATRIOT” sticker on his bumper, and drove off.

    When my wife got home and I found out what had happened, I went to the store and told my friend that there were plenty of people in the town that would be there for him and his family if they ever need us. He said that he knew and was grateful for those who were in the store and took up for him against this Asshole. He thanked me for stopping by and I said my goodbyes.

    As far as I am concerned, this explains it all.

  3. J.O.B. Says:

    EOK- Sorry about your Ravens. I was rooting for them.

    As for your post, TSA MOTHERF##KER ! 🙂

  4. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    Yea we were all quite blown away….so close but it might as well have been a mile.

    So tell me, what do you think of the Tea Party Patriot who for the most part does not have a 4th grade education but was empowered by the Tea Party rhetoric and his friends of a like mind, who was verbally attacking my well learned friend with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering? I would be very interested in your input and thoughts.

  5. J.O.B. Says:

    EOK- I’m a little confused brother. I thought the incident you commented about was your wife

  6. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    My wife walked into the Quick Shop owned by the Electrical Engineer from Pakistan that we have known for over 25 years. She was getting some gas for the car. When she walked in the TEA PARTY PATRIOT was verbally attacking the owner because he was a “Towel Head,” “Camel Jockey,” etc. and my wife took up for him telling the TEA PARTY PATRIOT to leave the store.

    So in essence what started out as the self-proclaimed TEA PARTY PATRIOT verbally attacking my Pakistan friend of 25 years, my wife made sure someone was going to take up for our friend and the local farmers Good O’l Boys who walked in at this point are friends / patrons of the Quick Shop and were taking up for the (and I should correctly say) Pakistan / American too. Due to the fact my wife manages one of the local Doctor’s office, these farmers knew her also and were backing her up too.

    I am sure the TEA PARTY PATRIOT in question could not do 4th grade math, but thought he was superior to the Quick Shop owner, empowered by the Tea Party rhetoric and re-enforced by his friends of a like mindset, because the shop owner was just one of those Towel Heads, Camel Jockeys.

    So in conclusion, you must have some opinion, be it offended by the Tea Party Patriot’s actions, or sympathized because the Pakistan American only reminded the person (like a projection of guilt) of those who attacked the Trade Towers. I not trying to put words in your mouth or set you up….. I just wanted to know your own thoughts.

    Bottom line no answer is wrong or right….they are just your thoughts and feelings and no one else’s.

    {Remember I am only a Mentor 🙂 }

  7. J.O.B. Says:

    EOK- Sorry for the late reply brother. Let me start off by saying, that you obviuosly live in a city or town that someone will walk into a convenient store and witness a Tea Party member calling a store owner a “Raghead”. I live in a city, that two offenders will enter a store, shoot the clerk, and empty the register. Then for shits and giggles, maybe they’ll rape his wife.

    I am not offended by the “Tea Party member. Nor, do I sympathize with him. I am glad that it turned out to be just a verbal altercation. I’m glad that your wife is O.K. I’m glad that your friend is O.K. , but I feel that sometimes you look at the world with naive eyes. Not to mention that there may be an agenda here.

    In closing, when the asshole was driving off. If your wife had spotted an Obama/08 bumper-sticker, I don’t think this post would have ever existed.

  8. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    Good to hear from you. Let me give you some quick back ground on myself as it is a fair and honest statement that you may have the opinion “I sometimes look at the world with naive eyes,” and that’s OK. You only know me from the short snapshots of postings and that perspective vantage point only.

    I grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore in a middle class family. The area I grew up in, my Junior High classmates set the music class piano on fire and shoved it down the stairs of the school. I pass this on to give you a better idea picture.

    I joined the Navy to get some sort of an education / trade. Started off as a welder / damage control, then transferred to the Sea Bees where I was climbing and welding steel but decided to transfer to become an equipment operator, “Shorter falling distances :-)” (Bull Dozers, road graders, duce and half / dump trucks, etc.) I got my combat training with them at Quantico, VA where I was trained at the same facilities where the Marines train their combat officers and the FBI SWAT Teams. “Airplane Hijacking to “LAND” in another country was the biggest threat then.”

    Viet Nam had just fallen and I was feeling that I had not done as much for my country as I could have so after my combat training I transferred into MIUW 604, (Mobil Inshore Underwater Warfare and they are no longer in existence) and was sent to every Military Junta controlled crap hole location in South America where the government could just pick up any citizen they did not like and that was the last time the family ever saw of them. (Don’t think I have not been shot at)

    After I got out and came back home I started working in industry as a welder, took a position and learned the machinist trade, and took advantage of the college education benefits offered by companies and attended college at night after I finished work studying an Engineering Major. (After obtaining this I got a Business and Marketing degree… still going at night after work.)

    Also while getting my education I bought an old home with a double lot in a rough area (yes the kind of neighborhood you are speaking about) of the city, remodeled the older home, and then built a second home on this second lot. I dug the foundation with a shovel, laid the block, framed up the home, and shingled the roof, the plumbing, electrical and drywall. The only thing I subcontracted out was the Electrician with a license to finish hooking up the electrical panel and the licensed plumber to hook up the sewer and water lines to the city’s infrastructure. (I know with you laying tile you have a good idea of what I am describing)

    To fast forward I bought, built, and sold the real estate I developed on my own time at night, holidays and weekends, worked in manufacturing industry in the day while getting an education at night. (When I hear people say that they don’t have the time to improve themselves or standard of living because they have a family and work, I don’t accept that fact. This is the “True Republican” in me as I have pulled myself up by my own boot straps so to speak.) Each time I moved and was able to afford a better place to live until I finally bought a 56 acre farm, designed and built a 4,000 sq. ft. home that has a two story glass conservatory for passive solar heat on the end, (the whole downstairs is done in tile with mosaic patterns that I designed, cut and laid each and every piece. I also designed and did the stone work on the front porch.

    Yes in all honesty, I am a self made millionaire who now is able to work from home because of my education and experiences designing and documenting the 4G fiber optic infrastructure upgrade between Washington D.C. and Baltimore area.

    As we would say in the machinist trade that I have a lot of “Scar Tissue” on my hands, i.e. well experienced. So to clear up your misconceptions, I grew up in the areas you speak of in the city but I also know the way to stop a bully is to confront them. I have shot and been shot at…. I don’t piss my pants when that happens. You may live but that is not living.

    Now that I am getting close to my retirement years, I am enjoying the de-compression and relaxing aspects of my lifestyle today, enjoying the wealth I accumulated over the years which include Family, Friends, and Financial.

    In closing as you stated, “had my wife spotted an Obama/08 bumper-sticker, I don’t think this post would have ever existed”…. Just the opposite friend, I would want this posted on You Tube because of the “really” uniqueness of that situation. I am sure it would have gone viral.

    Now the true message of the posting was the lesson of “There is a need to treat others with respect”… just like the Religious Teachings of Christ, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”….. it is also one of the lessons I teach in Masonry. Yes you are correct, there is an agenda here. Understand the big picture now? As I stated before, “Remember I am only a Mentor.” I use life’s lessons where I find them for my teachings. I did nothing more that plant a seed of thought and reflection and I hope it grows. That fact is up to you…. it is also the 150 years of Republican Family Legacy that was instilled in me. The true Republican started with “No man should try to own another’s freedom and many of good men died standing up for that fact” (much like standing up to bullying thugs of today as it still may cost you your life) and not the Rush Limbaugh / Tea Party’s version.

    Maybe not right now but perhaps a couple years down the road you will reflect on what I have just passed on. I am sure you are a good husband and father and have a love for your family. If we keep this dialogue up, when it is all said and done, I will make you a Freemason when you are ready. It is the best “Pay It Forward” reward I can give you.

  9. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    I also wanted to add that the “Tea Party Patriot” I was speaking of, had already had part of his brain blown away when he broke into an old man’s home who lives by himself a couple of years ago in the area, and even after a warning from the old man who had locked himself into his own bedroom, telling the Idiot that he had a gun and would shoot him, the Asshole still broke through the locked bedroom door and when he entered, the old man shot him in the head.

    The States Attorney made it clear very quickly that the old man would not be prosecuted as he was just in protecting his life with his legal weapon. I think it was a shotgun with a slug or rifle. Anyway not a pistol. Everyone was surprised that the bastard lived!!… and he is still walking around pulling this cheap crap.

    My wife and the men involved knew the history and personally of this person but still did the right thing. People were not naïve to what this person was capable of; it is the difference of the people in the area we live as we do not put up with this. I know you have seen the “Feel Good” movies were citizens take back their neighborhoods from the thugs and gangs, I guess we just live it. It is one of the reasons I chose to move, live and raise my family here.

    Well look forward to talk with you again soon.

  10. J.O.B. Says:

    EOK- Thanks for the personal info. You should be proud of your personal success. I am definitely proud to consider you a blog friend. I hope you live a long happy life during your retirement.

    One statement you made is what I mean when I say naive. “In closing as you stated, “had my wife spotted an Obama/08 bumper-sticker, I don’t think this post would have ever existed”…. Just the opposite friend, I would want this posted on You Tube because of the “really” uniqueness of that situation. I am sure it would have gone viral.”
    The fact is, it would not be unique.

    I did a post about this back in October, I think. In October ’08, I was working with a laborer who told me “I can’t believe I’m gonna vote for a ni###r, but I don’t want another 4 years of Bush” That is a true story, no exaggeration. Those words actually came out of someone’s mouth, and I’m sure he’s not the only one.

    My point is that hate and judgement come in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, and political ideas. It’s just a way of life, that unfortunately, will probably never change.

  11. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    I believe you with your story of the laborer and I agree with your statement that hate and judgement comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, and political ideas…..and I still would want that posted on YouTube for all to see. It is through public exposure that it gets corrected by society. Things do change but this factor will never go away.

    Ditto on the blog friend. You I can talk with.

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