Man With Gun In Car Stopped At George W. Bush’s Home In Dallas

News Article 01-24-2012:

The Secret Service detained, questioned and released a man who had a firearm in his vehicle as he pulled up outside the north Dallas home of former President George W. Bush.  Secret Service spokesman, Ed Donovan, says the unidentified man showed up “uninvited” about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, saying he wanted to see Bush. While agents and Dallas police questioned him, the man revealed that he had a gun in his nearby vehicle.  Donovan says the man had a permit for the gun and his answers checked out, so he was released and left.  A Bush spokesman says the Bushes weren’t home at the time.  The street leading to the house is blocked by a gate.  Donovan declined to comment on how the man made it past the gate.


It is no secret that I was no fan of W. Bush but as I have always stated, I would speak out against anyone wanting to use violence against someone they had different political views unlike many I have heard from some others relating to President Obama.  I cannot say that the person who drove up to the Bush’s Dallas home with a gun had ill will against the former President, but I am uncomfortable with the fact he did get so close with the gun.

As I too have several firearms but I would never drive up to the President’s home uninvited with one and ask to see the President.  There is a responsible ownership involved here.


5 Responses to “Man With Gun In Car Stopped At George W. Bush’s Home In Dallas”

  1. uptheflag Says:

    ASIDE: Just to let you know that in the most recent POST by Mudrake I left a comment about my experiences with the Occupy Wall Street
    Movement in my recent trip to NYC on Christmas Day.

  2. J.O.B. Says:

    UTF- I read your comment. Your comment is typical of what I perceive to be the truth. Police are good men/women who are just doing a job. Maybe the biggest problem is that Conservatives look at a few “bad apple” instances of the OWS movement, and perceive all of them to be like that. The same could be said for Liberals and a few “bad cops”.
    Anyway, I hope you had fun in the Big Apple.

  3. mudrake Says:

    Mentally ill people with a gun! Nothing is more dangerous.

    But then, EVERYBODY in America has a gun, don’t they? And if 1 in 7 has some mental health problem, then we are in more danger from our ‘neighbors’ than form al Qaeda.

  4. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Muddy,
    There in lies the problem doesn’t it? The population of the United States passed 300 million early in this century, which means that even the fringe of the fringe, the most dangerous of the mentally ill, is still a large number. If you just employ the “Statistic Math” discipline, you will rapidly see how many unstable, insane, and dangerous people with weapons in their hands.

    For this reason is why the FBI has stated that the BIGGEST threat is really from the Home Grown, Radical Christian Religious, Conservative Right, much like the Michigan Fanatically Religious Militia Hutaree, that were planning to kill police officers and begin a war against the government and all who work for it, in the name of fighting the Anti-Christ as just one example. The FBI admits that these same type of Religious Fanatics / Anti-Government Militia demographics are in almost every State in the Union.

    The FBI and other newly formed U.S. “Anti-Terrorist” agencies are actively involved in infiltration of these fanatical groups using the current “Patriotic Act Laws.”

    The FBI has stated that most of these people hide behind the Bible or Wave Flags to cover the simple fact they are religious and racial bigots. Because extremists are so willing to use violence to upset the status quo, they can cause harm in amounts far disproportionate to their numbers. Hate crimes can affect entire communities like the Religious Fanatic’s shooting of a Doctor on Sunday while he was attending his own Church service; but acts of terrorism can affect an entire nation like the Oklahoma Bombing by Anti-Government “Tim McVeigh.”

    Bottom line, America unfortunately has no shortage of extremists. Today most are coming from the far right, primarily in the form of racist and anti-Semitic hate groups or anti-government extremists, but in all fairness, others come from the far left, including environmental and animal rights extremists. Some extreme movements may focus around a single, narrow issue, such as abortion and involve anti-abortion extremists who bomb health clinics. Other movements may stem from ideologies that stress racial superiority, fanatic religious beliefs or radical political views.

    Whatever their origin or nature, many extremist movements have adherents who are so committed to their vision that they are willing to break the law and to use violence to achieve their goals. The democratic processes for change available to all Americans are of little use to them.

    Through the current self-serving propaganda media today, we have created an “Extremism in America” because the problems caused by these “Extremists” cannot be combated with “Factual Knowledge,” “Logical Critical Thinking,” and “Basic Understanding Of The Facts.” So going back to the statement at the top, “You can rapidly see how many unstable, insane, and dangerous people with weapons in their hands.” Here in lies the TRUE threat to the U.S. today.

  5. J.O.B. Says:

    EOK- Well said. Mental illness and extremism knows no political party…….

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