We’re #1….. Ahh…No We’re Not…Not Even In The Running Today

Mitt Romney claimed two days ago that we have a “Safety Net” for the very poor, and that, therefore, we don’t have to worry about them.

What a DISTORTION AND DELUSION OF THE TRUTH, as compared to the other DEVELOPED COUNTRIES in the world, we have the ABSOLUTE WORST “Safety Net” for the very poor in the developed world.  It is not enough to say how fortunate our poor are as compared to Africa and parts of Asia and Latin America, AS THIS IS AMERICA Damn It!  So it is safe to say that the Republican Party today views it to be a very fine example to use the Third World Countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America to be the litmus test as this country’s standards!  What a Crock of Shit!!  Anyone who wants to put the United States in parody with these third world countries of the world has lost site of where we once stood in comparison to the more developed countries’ of Europe as I would give as an example.

Here are the facts:

1. The official US poverty rate is 15.1 percent, and it does not include the millions of the middle class who have been impoverished by our “Current Great Recession” and its aftermath.  With regards to the distribution of wealth among the population of the developed countries in the world, the United States ranks 24th among the industrial nations.

2. Today one out of five children lives in dire poverty in America, and if one is born into that background, the odds of escaping it are far less likely than for other children.  When I hear members of my Party state that people from other countries come here for our “State of the Art Medical Care,” I present them with the facts that among the industrial nations of the world, the United States ranks second-to-last in infant mortality, having fewer infant deaths per thousand than only Latvia.  Medicaid only covers the poorest children, of parents working at 63 percent of the poverty line, and 37 percent of non working parents.  The new health care law would cover the gaps, but “Let Them Eat Cake Romney” even endorses repealing this little bit of advancement and progress coming up in standards set by the rest of the developed world.

3. Our Food Stamp program provides $1.44 per meal to each of its recipients.

4. Only one in four poor renters gets housing vouchers as assistance to pay the rent.

5. The true wealth of any nation is the educational base of its population and the United States has been cutting the Education Budget for over a decade.  This cutting of investment in education is a short term benefit but with long term consequence collapse of this nation’s wealth.  By the time our students are ready to leave high school to enter higher education and the labor force; they are doing so badly with science and math they are significantly weaker than their peers in other countries.  Even our conceptual idea today of “advanced” is clearly below international standards.  This, if nothing else, will relegate the future of our country to this “Third World Country” classification.

6. The much currently attacked “Supplemental Security Income” helps the impoverished elderly and disabled, but only 27 percent of this group receives such welfare assistance, while in 1996, 68% received such aid.  Also under attack is our “Social Security Insurance” at its best only lifts those families to 75% of the poverty level.

Any person who wishes to be President should have the decency and the compassion to recognize that the “VERY POOR” are not well treated with the opportunities in a society which claims to believe in “Upward Mobility,” and that we MUST do better, and stop having my Republican Party filled with so called “Religious Conservative” people continue to condemn and deplore the poor, and not give a damn about their ability to survive and advance in society, with a sense of dignity!

This is a MORAL cause above all and my Republican Party today is proving it does not have many MORALS left within!


4 Responses to “We’re #1….. Ahh…No We’re Not…Not Even In The Running Today”

  1. mudrake Says:

    This is a MORAL cause above all and my Republican Party today is proving it does not have many MORALS left within!

    I applaud you, Engineer, for your continuing attempt to wrestle back control of your Grand Old Party from the clutches of the pirates who kidnapped it!

    Check out my blog for information on a trap set by the Ohio right-wingers into which they fell!

    Shysters like these will not stand long.

  2. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Muddy,
    As I pulled myself up the economic stratification ladder from industrial working class to upper middle class through gaining a college education at night within two engineering disciplines and business / marketing classes, entrepreneurial real estate development to where I now own 56 acres with a 4,000 sqft home, and I did this while also keeping an industrial 40 plus hour machinist / welding trades position. Later on I took engineering positions within industry, continuing further education.

    I would also take this time to pass on a true story from one company I worked at for 15 years. After I had left and took my retirement wealth with me, the company was sold to a group of “Investment Bankers” who kept it for five years. After those five years, they were sold to another group of “Investment Bankers.” In the early days the man who owned the company, use to award “Profit Sharing” to employees as a means of retirement. Later on he set up a matching 401K fund and continued to contribute a somewhat smaller “Profit Sharing” fund every year.

    To fast forward to the last group of “Investment Bankers,” shortly after purchasing the company, they informed the employees who were there during the “Profit Sharing” years, that this was profits of the company and belonged to the company….there for belonging to the group of “Investment Bankers.” The “Investment Banker Group” pulled the “Profit Sharing” funds from these employees’ retirement funds and divided the money among themselves….about to the average sum of 20% of what they had occurred over the 20 to 30 years they had worked for the company.

    Yes this was made legal 10 years ago during the W. Bush / Cheney and Republican controlled House and Senate administration years.

    The interesting part is I find this self inflected because many of these Middle Class industry workers considered themselves as “Religious Conservative Republicans” and voted as such. Their only outcome and reward for their faithful Republican votes were to loose a large part of their retirement funds just when it comes time for many to think about retiring. Needless to say, they will end up being wards of the State and Nation with the rest of the Middle Class working citizens having to support them because they will run out of money and be too poor to support themselves properly in their Golden Years.

    To summarize, they voted and set up the scenarios, allowing for the legal stealing of their retirement wealth by these “Investment Banker Groups.” I hope the citizens of this Nation will wake up and realize the travesty that has been brought on by themselves through their political voting.

    Bottom line I still consider myself as Middle Class with Middle Class values, Middle Class viewpoints and Middle Class interest….because that is what I truly am. Those who have accumulated less than I have but think they are Economically Conservative Republicans and vote as such, are really just delusionally fooling themselves.

  3. Engineer of Knowledge Says:

    After a jury found Secretary of State Charlie White guilty of six felony voter fraud-related charges, disqualifying him from office, Indiana Democrats say they will try next week to have their losing candidate installed as the state’s elections chief.

    A civil judge has ordered the state to declare Osili the winner, saying White was ineligible. Democrats will seek to have their 2010 candidate Vop Osili certified as secretary of state next week.

    The fight will be that after the jurors returned a verdict 2 a.m. Saturday, Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels then appointed White’s chief deputy, Jerry Bonnet, as interim secretary of state.

    The fight could reach the state Supreme Court. Good Luck for what is right and fair and not reward corruption and a Republican stolen election.

  4. jackjodell53 Says:

    WELL DONE, Engineer of Knowledge! This conservative Republican embrace of Ayn Rand/ Milton Friedman-esque economic theory (aka “free market capitalism”) has been a miserable failure, yet swindlers like Romney and Gingrich and all their misguided followers keep preaching its non-existent benefits. WE, THE 99% REAL MAJORITY, KNOW BETTER, HOWEVER, and this fall we will relegate these people to the scrap heap of history!

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