Maryland Governor O’Malley Says, “Scott Walker Has Already Lost.”

Regardless of the outcome of the all but certain recall election Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker is facing this year; Democratic Governors Association Chairman, Martin O’Malley, says Walker can’t win.

“I think in many ways, Scott Walker’s already lost,” O’Malley said in an interview on Saturday with “Hotline On Call” at the National Governors Association Winter Meeting in Washington.  “He took the state into such a hard right turn, going after the rights of workers to be able to organize and to collectively bargain … I can’t imagine him having a very effective re-election run, win or lose the recall.”


Walker is backed by big money but not big numbers, and Walker’s policies have already been damaging for the working “Middle Class” of Wisconsin.  The Republicans were a party in disgrace in 2008 and they have shown little since any reason why they should remain in this disgraceful power.  One needs to remember that they ran and won on JOBS, JOBS, JOBS….but destroyed jobs instead.  Scott Walker instead handed out $2.3 billion in tax breaks to the rich and corporations before declaring the state “BROKE.”  He slashed spending to make up for the “Give-A-Ways,” and still comes up with a $143 million budget shortfall.  Scott Walker then tried to backfill this hole by raiding the Foreclosure Victims’ settlement fund, more medical cuts, and the University of Wisconsin system.

Now I am of a mind that as a nation, we are a moderate people, and Walker with the present day GOP represent the interests of the “Extremist Oligarchs.”  They are a minority that is in further decline.  What worries me as history has taught us in the past, Fascists never come into power with a majority of popular support as they did in the off season’s elections, but Fascists try to stay in power through brute force.  The election fight to retake Middle Class Values, Interests, and Protections has just begun.


3 Responses to “Maryland Governor O’Malley Says, “Scott Walker Has Already Lost.””

  1. microdot Says:

    Well, the next election cycle looks to be a make it or break it point for The American Republic. Already in Wisconsin, in last weeks primary election, the new voter id law caused a few problems with long time registered voters finding themselves challenged at the poll.
    The most important thing is that people are aware of the requirements. Wisconsins voter laws arte far from being the most destructive in the crop of conservative attempts to cull the poor, the unemployed, the non property owners from the voting herd.
    We have seen in the last 12 years that the biggest danger to democracy is the ability to manipulate, rig and outright cheat to control the immediate outcome of the election. As Mitt Romney is proving in the Republican primaries….a perceived victory by the media in the short term and then the long drawn process of a challenge can be spun by the manipulator against the challenger.
    It will be so interesting to see the outcome of the Wisconsin recalls. Maybe the UN needs to send in monitors to safeguard the voting process….

  2. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    Something I’ve been wondering about:

    A person ruled mentally incompetent receives government aid to live on. They may also be taken care of in a government institution.

    A person ruled mentally incompetent can’t be charged with a crime.

    How come we don’t have a competency test for voting?

  3. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    I’m wasn’t really against issue 2 (SB-5) in Ohio because I think the Toledo public service unions have gotten way too much power. I just thought they needed to be reeled in little.

    HOWEVER, here are the actual minutes from a January 2012 Northwest Ohio Township meeting where an unrepresented employee is raked over the coals and then told they could fire him for any reason they want.

    The new head Trustee also started a new procedure to begin each meeting with a prayer.

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