The War On Women Continues With Scott Walker Who Quietly Repeals Wisconsin Equal Pay Law

If some citizens out there is still of the belief that there is NOT a “WAR ON WOMEN” from the Republican Party; well once again we have yet one more bit of evidence that even under threat of being thrown out office for the mandated abuses to the citizens of Wisconsin by his overlords, “The Koch Brothers,” Governor Scott Walker repealed the “2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act.”

Yes the Wisconsin law that made it easier for victims of wage discrimination to have their day in court was repealed on Thursday, after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) quietly signed the bill.

The was meant to deter employers from discriminating against certain groups by giving workers more avenues via which to press charges.  Among other provisions, it allows individuals to plead their cases in the less costly, more accessible state circuit court system, rather than just in federal court.

In November, the state Senate approved SB 202, which rolled back this provision. On February, the Assembly did the same. Both were party-line votes in Republican-controlled chambers.

SB 202 was sent to Walkeron March 29.  He had, according to the state constitution, six days to act on the bill.  The deadline was 5:00 p.m. on Thursday.  The governor quietly signed the bill into law on Thursday, according to the Legislative Reference Bureau, and it is now called Act 219.

Walker’s office did not return repeated requests for comment.

State Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) and Rep. Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee), the authors of the Equal Pay Enforcement Act, criticized Walker on Thursday for not informing the public of his actions on SB 202.

“We are finally starting to see progress here in Wisconsin, yet like their counterparts across the country, Legislative Republicans want to turn back the clock on women’s rights in the workplace,” said Hansen.

Women earn 77 cents for every dollar that men make. In Wisconsin, it’s 75 cents, according to the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health (WAWH), which also estimates that families in the state “lose more than $4,000 per year due to unequal pay.”

Business associations lobbied in support of SB 202, according to the state’s Government Accountability Board. Groups like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, and the Wisconsin Restaurant Association all backed the repeal.

Sara Finger, executive director of WAWH, said that the repeal was a “demoralizing attack on women’s rights, health, and well being.”

“Economic security is a women’s health issue,” she said. “The salary women are paid directly affects the type and frequency of health care services they are able to access. At a time when women’s health services are becoming more expensive and harder to obtain, financial stability is essential to maintain steady access.”

Walker is facing a recall election in June. The two frontrunners on the Democratic side who are competing to unseat him, former Dane County executive Kathleen Falk and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, sharply criticized the governor for allowing the repeal bill to become law.

Falk said Walker has “turned back the clock for women across Wisconsin.”

So for every FATHER with a DAUGHTER, a BROTHER with a SISTER, for every TRUE MAN WITH A MOTHER, the Republicans in control of Wisconsin see fit to enable employers to keep 51% of the U.S.population, THE WOMEN IN OUR LIVES, in unequal pay and health care, which economically enslaves those who are so important in our lives.



As Mitt Romney campaigned across Wisconsin, and repeatedly praised Governor Scott Walker’s leadership, calling him a “hero” and “a man of courage.”

(MITT is an ASSHOLE with the medical smoke blower from the previous posting)

But with Walker’s signing yesterday of a bill making it harder for women to enforce in court their right to equal pay, Walker showed how far Republicans are willing to go to undermine not only women’s health care, but also their economic security. Does Romney think women should have ability to take their bosses to court to get the same pay as their male coworkers? Or does he stand with Governor Walker against this?

I THINK WE TRULY KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION. What a group of true slimy BASTARDS and for all who are supporting them!


12 Responses to “The War On Women Continues With Scott Walker Who Quietly Repeals Wisconsin Equal Pay Law”

  1. J.O.B. Says:

    E- The woman want equal rights and 100% pay, fine by me. I’ve been trying to get the queen to open a door for me, for years. LOLOLOLOL.

    This is why the Republican party today should be delegated to third party status. A new Republican party needs to emerge. I’m trying Brother, I’m trying.

    • Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

      Hello J.O.B.
      Yea that “Queen” job is over saturated with viable candidates….I mean her own son can even break into the job. 🙂

      You and I both are trying to modify of create a new version. We just have to keep working on it. You only fail when you give up. By the way, thanks for the kind words relating to my Masonic gains.

  2. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    The governor of Ohio is bragging about all the new companies (translation: jobs) coming into the state. Ohio has ranked number one in the nation in creating new* jobs. Maybe Walker is trying to copy some of the Ohio governor’s tricks.

    * Did I mention that Ohio does rank number one in creating new jobs in the nation, but if you balance against existing jobs that disappear, there isn’t a net gain.

  3. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    SIDE NOTE: Back in the middle 80’s, my company hired temporary workers that all performed the exact same job. However, the temp agency charged a buck more per hour if they sent a male. Talking with some of the males, I learned the temp agency paid them same as the women, the minimum wage* in Michigan.

    What possible reason could Walker or the business interests give for repealing the law? Was Wisconsin one of the states that didn’t vote for the E.R.A. in the 70’s? I will have to say from personal experience, some labor laws in Ohio give an unfair advantage to employees over employers. But I thought wage disparagements between sexes working for the some company were history.

    * Temp agencies usually charge the employer at least four times what they actually pay the temporary employee.

  4. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello NON,
    Yea I too thought wage disparagements between sexes working for the some company were history. But old economic enslavements tactics die hard.

    The Temp Agencies scam is another one too. I know for a fact that a company here where I live also owns the Temp Agency that it hires its workers from. So to pay 4 times as much as the worker actually sees, is just another accounting trick allowing the parent company to write off that much more on their taxes….once again throwing the tax burden on the working middle class.

    Another name that could be use is migrant workers. I suggest everyone read the book “The Grapes of Wrath” to see how that system worked.

  5. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    Guess what we did at my house on Easter? HINT: “I saw something nasty in the tool shed.”

    And we never found out what the “nasty” was! However, the consensus was that this was a very enjoyable afternoon.

    And the line that still has us laughing today: “She’s the one that looks like she fell into the well.”

  6. J.O.B. Says:

    Hope you guys had a great Easter

  7. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    I had all of my family here on the farm for Saturday and Sunday and as you may well know….it does not get any better than that. I was in Daddy Heaven. 🙂

    Did your daughter have a special Easter Dress to wear? I sure hope the Easter Bunny was real good to her. 🙂

    • J.O.B. Says:

      E- Great to here Bud. Yes, the Princess had her special dress. We went to Mass to start things off, how lovely. But yes, that damn Bunny was good to her, is he partners with Santa? I think the two of them are in collusion to extort money from me……….. 🙂

  8. jackjodell53 Says:

    Thankfully, Scott Walker will soon be history and then every none of his mistakes can and will be overturned by the voters.

  9. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Jack,
    I truly hope so as it will be none too soon. He has set the precedence though for others to follow. There will be a constant long term battle to ensue in too many other states every time the Extreme Conservatives take control. It is like a cancer that will always have to be monitored from here on out and Scott Walker infected it all.

  10. 92 Years Since 19th Amendment (Woman Suffrage) Was Ratified! « Engineer Of Knowledge's Blog Says:

    […]… […]

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