How Close Is The United States To Total Political Abuse From The Extreme Conservative Right Wing Republicans?

Andrew Thomas, the former Maricopa County attorney, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a press conference discussing illegal immigration in 2011.

 There is a sound political saying, “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.”

 We have here today an example of things to come should the Republicans gain more control of U.S. Government.  Andrew Thomas, a former top Phoenix, Arizona Prosecutor, was disbarred for “Defiling Public Trust.”

Andrew Thomas was an anti-illegal immigration crusader used his office to destroy political enemies, filed malicious and unfounded criminal charges and committed perjury and other crimes, a state legal ethics panel ruled on Tuesday in Phoenix.

The three member panel voted unanimously to disbar Andrew Thomas, the former Maricopa County attorney, and his former top deputy, Lisa Aubuchon. “This is the story of the public trust dishonored, desecrated and defiled,” the ethics panel said.

As chief prosecutor for Arizona’s most populous county, which covers much of thePhoenix area, Thomas, a Republican, gained national prominence after joining forces with Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County’s controversial sheriff, in aggressively pursuing, detaining and prosecuting undocumented immigrants.

A series of failed public corruption prosecutions, also closely plotted with Arpaio, proved Thomas’s downfall.  After the cases collapsed, a far-reaching independent investigation authorized by the Arizona Supreme Court revealed stunning ethical lapses, according to the scathing 247 page report by the review panel.

Thomas suffered from “profound arrogance” that led him into “ethical ruin,” said the panel, headed by William O’Neill, the state’s presiding disciplinary judge.

Thomas, aided by Aubuchon, “outrageously exploited power, flagrantly fostered fear, and disgracefully misused the law,” the panel said.

In a decision read from the bench, O’Neill said the panel found “clear and convincing evidence” that Thomas and his deputy brought unfounded and malicious criminal and civil charges against political opponents, including four state judges and the state attorney general.

The charges were ultimately rejected by state grand juries or thrown out of court as meritless, but not before wrecking havoc on the lives of those targeted.

Thomas used his office to settle political scores and worked closely with Arpaio’s office in the discredited prosecutions, said Bennett Gershman, a national expert on prosecutor misconduct who acted as a consultant for the ethics investigation.  “Anybody who disagreed with them, they indicted,” Gershman said.

In one instance, Thomas brought criminal charges against a state judge with no evidence and no investigation, in order to stop the judge from filing an adverse ruling the following day in a corruption case.  In another case, Thomas indicted a county official on more than 120 misdemeanor and felony counts, despite having clear knowledge that the statute of limitations for almost all of the alleged crimes had passed more than a year earlier.

Thomas and Arpaio are under investigation by a federal grand jury for possible civil rights and other charges, according to court documents obtained by the Arizona Republic in 2010.


18 Responses to “How Close Is The United States To Total Political Abuse From The Extreme Conservative Right Wing Republicans?”

  1. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    I find your post very depressing. Talked to my mother this morning. She’s upset because she was hoping Santorum still might get the nomination even though she said she voted for Romney to get “that person” out of the White House. I tried to explain to her how “Total Political Abuse From The Extreme Conservative Right Wing Republicans” was a bad thing. She refused to even listen. Did I mention she’s old, her sole source of income is Social Security, and she’s relies on Medicare for health care? She will only watch Fox News because those other stations are all liars.

    This is my mother. How can she be so lame? What in the hell did my father* ever see in her? I can deal with her, but it’s getting harder.

    My purpose of this comment is my mother has been an excellent bellwether of the majority voting public in Northwest Ohio.

    * After being an active Republican all his life, he changed his party affiliation to Democrat in the middle 80’s when he realized what direction the Republican Party was heading. My parents even hosted the Reagans once.

  2. microdot Says:

    I believe people are inherently good, but that goodness is buried in laziness.Truth seems simple, but the path to truth is complex.
    The success of Extremism of all varieties lies in the inherent simplistic solutions it offers to life complex problems. That of course is the formula fascism relies on and the formula of the Limbaughs and his ilk. Allen West sees his re election threatened, his party slowly going mad, so what does he do? He claims he has secret knowledge that there is a cadre of communist liberals who have infiltrated the government. Idiotic on the surface, but he knows how to sow mistrust and to pander to the masses who want a simple solution. The NRA knows how to pander to fear to keep the money from the arms industry flowing. Buy more guns to make you more safe.
    Teen pregnancy? Pass legislation to cut off funding to planned parenthood and pass stupid laws to promote abstinence and ban porn….
    Of course, as Sherrif Joe knows, none of the money saved in these supposed solutions ever makes it the people. It is part of the web of cronyism and corruption that he relies on to stay in power and line his own pockets
    Unfortunately, this is human nature. We want simplicity in a universe that evolves to complexity. We want to believe in believing more than actually believing in something real. Something that requires intellectual work to comprehend.
    Depressing? Yes, but it’s always been that way and it’s hardest to see the reality when you are up to your neck in and trying to keep your head above the slime. It’s hard to perceive this, but I really believe that the percentage of evolved humans is increasing. It’s just that the dinosaurs are making too much noise screaming their last screams (AND TYPING ENRAGED AND OUTRAGED COMMENTS IN ALL CAPS ON THE INTERNET) for us to clearly hear each other.

  3. lacithedog Says:

    Close–it’s here already with ALEC, crazy rolling back of firearms laws, stand your ground laws, and so on.

    It’s not concervativism–it’s crazy!

  4. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello NON, Microdot, and Laci,
    First off let me thank you for stopping by and I have a mind blowing story for you.

    I have a Brother-in-Law who is a right wing nut job and will swallow anything so long as it has a Conservative Flavor to it and will repeat it without checking the fact as if it were the “Words From God” truth.

    I should add that this Brother-in-Law is a retired Army Officer with a master’s degree in Russian. He is also a recovering alcoholic after many years of alcohol abuse so I guess his brain is pickled is the only suggestion I have for his thought process.

    Just this past Sunday we were having Easter dinner and he came out that when Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman, that Trayvon had on a shoulder holster with a gun on his side. This Brother-in-Law gets a lot of what he wants reality to be from a web site ironically called, “American Thinker.” Yea there is no real thinking here at all. I put the web link below. I guess because it is on the internet….I guess it must be true.

    I wanted to see for myself the source of his information so I checked this site out last month and the title of one of the articles was because “Puxatawny Phil saw his shadow this past March, that this proved there was no global warming.”

    So I guess Superstition trumps Science, Faith in what you want reality to be trumps documented and confirmed Facts. Ignorance Trumps Education!!

    How do you try to deal with this kind of incorrect thinking or even try to educate the person that finds truth in any of these egregious statements?

    Yes everything is President Obama’s fault from the lost of the dinosaurs that once lived with man to the shooting of Trayvon Martin more especially the arrest of George Zimmerman that was mandated directly from the White House.

  5. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello All,
    I would also like to predict that we should be aware and on the lookout for a stolen Republican election on many levels this November. With the new enacted laws of voter ID registration cards, anyone not registered as a Republican may see a massive purging of the voter registration roles making any opposition to their viewpoints to the minimum.

    It worked in Flordia back in November of 2000….so I am sure they are confident it will work nation wide this November 2012 and if nothing else, it is worth the try.

    This is how corrupt the fanatical conservative activism has gone within my Republican Party. Win at all cost to push their agenda!

  6. J.O.B. Says:

    E- Political abuse has been happening for decades, even centuries. The Democratic politicians have mastered it as well as the Republican politicians. Just live in Chicago for a year. You’ll see.

    “Less well-known is the Obama administration’s cozy relationship with Arpaio — so cozy, in fact, that some liberal groups are beginning to question Obama’s commitment to civil rights.

    While generally standing in the way of conservatives’ efforts to seal America’s southern border, the Obama administration has quietly deported people from America in record numbers.”

    This comes from a Yahoo article. Here’s the link:

  7. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    Just to be clear, that “Yahoo” article is actually a DAILY CALLER piece.

  8. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello NON and J.O.B,
    I had to educate myself on this latest posting’s comments and this is what I came up with.

    “The Daily Caller” is a news website based in Washington, D.C., United States, with a focus on politics, original reporting and breaking news, founded by journalist and political pundit Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, former adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney. “The Daily Caller” launched on January 11, 2010.

    “The Daily Caller” is well noted for not being a very objective source to be referenced with many well noted pieces of slanted, misleading, and outright inaccurate information.

    J.O.B, these are what I have pass you for you to be on the lookout for when presenting your arguments. Critical Thinking.

    With that being said I also agree with you Democratic politicians have mastered disinformation as well as the Republican politicians. I have known very well the many years of famous contributions of Chicago Politics to our political system. That is why it is so important and critical to double check the sources and statments. Bottom line, just because it is on the internet, does not mean it is true. 🙂

    Here are some sites I like to verify and check facts and statements before I post them.

    Take Care and Good Luck 🙂

  9. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B,

    I have known for a while that under this Administration the Immigration Department has been cracking down and deporting many of the criminal elements and illegal aliens back to their country of origin. Today there are so many of the Mexican drug cartels that are sending their people to assist in the drug trafficking and expanding their territories into the United States. Just as the drug cartel problems are getting really bad in Mexico, it is getting ever greater here along the Border States in the U.S. too. Today the police force in many towns in Mexico along the boarder, are the drug cartels and we should not think that it cannot get this bad and happen here.

    That being said, I just wanted you to practice confirming your sources with more than just a single source. If you are thinking of getting involved with politics locally in Chicago, it is a good habit to get into. Call it a “Mentor’s Lesson.” If I have offended, I will say “Sorry.” 🙂

    Yes this is becoming a big problem and one that will get really out of hand if not addressed quickly. I know you are aware of the tunnels that are being constructed from Mexico into the U.S. side, bypassing underground the borderline fence that was constructed. The cartels own warehouses on each side were the tunnels originate and end.

    Allow me to pass on this personal story. It was in 1999 and I was on business in Tijuana, Mexico and when I was with the salesman of the Rep firm I had in this area and we were coming back into the U.S. I saw how one cartel got their drugs, (more than likely cocaine) across the boarder. Without going into a lot of details, one cartel smeared cocaine on the gas cap of their decoy car, when the U.S. drug dog went nuts ALL of the border guards converged on that ONE car. Meanwhile the cars carrying the bulk of the drugs were just waved through without any inspection because everyone was at that ONE decoy car. Then at that moment there were other cars and cut across six lanes (much like toll booth lanes) only to turn around and headed back into Tijuana as they belonged to another cartel and were not part of the setup. Of course they were to try again later after everything settled back down.

    Eventually the decoy car would be released because the officers would not find any more drugs within that car. The driver would have the plausible deniability that he did not do drugs and had just gotten gas before driving across the boarder. Maybe the person who pumped the gas did drugs and it came off his hands when he handled the gas cap. He was then let go for lack of evidence and 100’s of pounds of drugs got through that day.

    Another stor is with a plumbing crew that did work for a company I had done some architectural drawings for, so I had to interact with them with their questions. I speak enough Spanish to get by and most of the workers with the plumber were from Mexico and only spoke Spanish. Because I tried to speak with them in Spanish they took a liking to me. Now I don’t know if they were legal or not but they were just men trying to make a better life for themselves and families. A better place to raise their children and make sure they get a good education and better life than they had in Mexico. No different than the Irish immigration story from the mid-1800’s to the turn of the century. (The real reason the Titanic was built was to hall the mass Irish immigration exodus to the United States.)

    One day one of the workers showed me a Mexico City news paper article on his cell phone and it was about the Drug Cartels using poor, young, Mexican women to get the drugs across the U.S. boarder. The drug cartel would pay to have the girls get breast implants that were really bags of cocaine. After they got across the boarder and met with the Mexican group in the U.S., they were just killed, their breasts cut off to retrieve the drugs, then their bodies just thrown out into the dessert here in the U.S. (That is how cheap life is to them)

    In summation, it is really using up the financial resources of the States where the crimes are committed in to investigate the many drug busts, stolen items and robbery to support the users drug habits, and not the least, the murders connected to the drug trafficking.

    Many state police officers I sit in Lodges with will tell you, the record drug busts being recorded today is not because we are doing a better job, but because it is the record amount of drugs getting into this country. Bottom line, we are still only catching a small percentage of drugs coming into the country and the increase record deportations are just a part of this issue.

    Thank you again and talk with you soon. You are one of the good ones. 🙂

  10. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    Been looking at the claim that an increased number of illegal immigrants have been deported under Obama. My understanding is, from what I’ve read, that it is another case of playing with numbers and dates. Statistically, the difference in not really big and it really depends on which program is being funded during the time frame being discussed.

    My personal feeling is that when it’s “illegal”, that means against the laws of the United States and should be dealt with accordingly. And dealing with it better is a good thing. You can’t pick and choose which laws you’ll follow in a civilized society. There are valid reasons for laws and if you don’t like one, have it changed.

    And you reference how little certain persons value human life. I don’t think I want that kind of valuation where I live. And how do you control that while respecting a sovereign nation?

    P.S. I do hold anybody who uses illegal drugs responsible for what happens in nations to our south. It just pisses me off when I see people on TV joke about drug use and abuse. I say legalize it, then tax it; seems to be working on smoking.

    • J.O.B. Says:

      NON- You may be correct with the numbers reported. They really are not drastically different from those of Bush. Maybe 30,000. The difference is in the time served. If I remember correctly, Obama has deported just 30,000 more, maybe even 20,000 more than Bush. But the totals were gathered with Obama serving 3 years, compared to Bush serving 8 years. Like I said though, this isn’t a bad thing in my mind. A high percentage of those (73%) were incarcerated. I don’t see his deportation record as a bad thing. I do believe he should stay away from it like the plague. He may garner some votes that would otherwise go to Romney, but he would most certainly lose the Mexican vote. Along with other immigrants, possibly.

      The drug legalization? I’m with E on this one. As far as marijuana goes, hell yes legalize it. I’ve used it, I have many friends that still use it, and I find no problems with it. But it is a trick bag. You would be hard pressed to find any CPD that doesn’t say legalize it. That’s only because most people think it would eliminate the gang problem to a certain degree. The question is, where does it end? If we legalized marijuana, would there be an argument to legalize heroin, or cocaine? Would we create brand new addicts? People who do not use drugs, simply because they are illegal. Believe it or not, they do exist. A lot of questions Non, a lot of questions.

      • Northwest Ohio Native Says:

        F.Y.I. – The numbers are base on yearly figures, not by administration terms.

      • J.O.B. Says:

        Correct, 4 years equals 1 Presidential term.

      • Northwest Ohio Native Says:

        Let’s see, 12 months equals one year.

        The articles you sited even put the figure at 4,000 for the year. That is 1% !!!!!

        Then you add in outside influences that might move that figure slightly up or down and …….oops, not a record anymore.

  11. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello NON,
    I agree that probation does not work and if anything, like the example of the 1920’s where the criminal element made a fortune dealing in alcohol during that time period, and only makes the matter worse. We are spending a fortune fighting the drug war and it is not getting any better per say. The other aspects are the question of, are we keeping the lid on the potential problem and simply just trying to keep the static “Status Que.”

    On the other hand, I am also not ready to open that “Pandora’s Box” because when opened you can never close it again.

    So in summation, I am really torn on this issue and do not pretend to have the answer to this drug issue question.

    There is then the other example since the early 2000’s invasion of Afghanistan where the U.S. and NATO armed forces allowed the farmers in Afghanistan grow poppy’s knowing that it would be used in the heroin drug trade because that was the only source of cash flow for those people to feed their families. Of course much of this heron ended up in the U.S. and Europe making addicts of our own citizens. This just blows my mind for comprehension.

  12. mudrake Says:

    Educating ‘them’ is going to be very difficult this time around. Obama gets blamed for the economy even when a.) it is steadily improving and b.) there is little he can do to move itr along faster.

    By the way, has anyone yet herard what Romney’s PLAN is to get the economy rolling again? He tells us that he has one, but I must have missed it.

  13. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Muddy,
    There is a segment that is going to blame the President for “The Original Sin” to the “End of Times Apocalypse”….. IT’S ALL HIS FAULT.

    There is no talking to these people as it is just “Hate for the sake of Hate” and I know because I have a Brother-in-Law who is one of them. I also don’t “Indulge in arguments where there are NONE” and I just sit there nodding (with a little knowing smile slightly concealed on my face) as if it were an enlightening euphony when he keeps droning on with this ignorance.

    I figure, “What the Hell” he is giving me some great information and stories for me to post on blogs as he just proves my point how stupid so many are on the other side of the extreme political spectrum.

    With regards to Romney, I am sure he is going to keep his “Super Secret Economic Plan” under wraps for as long as he can. If you can get people to vote for you simply on the FAITH of your unexposed economic stimulation plan, then there is no chance to have any “Educated Economist” point out all of the failures and pitfalls the plan is based on.

    Like David Stockman, who was the leading Ronald Reagan economist on Ronny’s cabinet. His shock, disappointment, and disbelief that anyone would even consider presenting the bollixed up mess that was later to be called “Reaganomics and Stockman coined the phrase, “Voodoo Economics.” In the long run David Stockman was proven correct as the Reagan Administration took the country from being the largest lending country to the largest debtor country during his leadership terms. A fact that we never recovered from and our debt only got bigger over the years.

    At least Clinton got us on a yearly balanced budget and was paying down the national debt, but it was all for nothing because W. Bush along with the Republican controlled Congress and Senate blew the lid completely off in just their first 4 years then proceeded to rape and destroy the economy in the next 4 years which brought us to where we are today. The really true mind-blowing thing is that there are those would want to return to that once again. How uncomprehendable.

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