Remember When Republicans Said It Was about Jobs in 2010

Remember before the 2010 elections when the Republicans were beating the drums with the chant, “Where’s The Jobs?”  They droned on much like the Wendy’s ad with the little old lady saying angrily with disgust, “Where’s the Beef?”  Well it soon became obvious that they were slinging something but it sure wasn’t hamburgers!

Well as it turned out the Republican took over many of the States’ Legislative Offices and Congress but they have only produced “A Big Bun…A Very Big Bun….A Very Big Fluffy Bun!”  The Republicans have shown themselves to be “All Flash and No Substance,” and they want us to vote and transfer more legislative power to them this national election?!?  What mindless person could buy into this crap yet once again this year?

For clarity, Let us all review.  Just as many in the States where the Republicans took over, those State’s citizen voters are now having “Buyers Remorse” for that decision and a person can easily cast the prediction the same will be the case should the country allow the same to happen on the national level this November election.

To the shock and outrage of many those Republican controlled State Legislatures, instead of working on the economy as they campaigned on, proceeded to pass laws on social issues such as, anti-gay rights, abortion, gun rights, laws stripping the “Working Middle Class’s” rights and “Union Busting,” laws against teaching of evolution, and laws allowing invasion of privacy of women’s bodies.

As the citizen’s reaction to push back to these abuses, we see the results today of Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who faces a recall vote on June 5.  But also, there is a lot of discontent with other “Bully” Governors, including Rick Snyder of Michigan, John Kasich of Ohio, Rick Scott of Florida, Paul LePage of Maine, Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, and even in some polls, for Chris Christie of New Jersey.

Meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo of New York, Martin O’Malley of Maryland, and Dannel Malloy of Connecticut are among the Democratic Governors looking great in the polls this term as they represented the concerns and issues of the “Working Middle Class” for the better progression of their true needs.  There is a reason they call it “The Progressive Viewpoint.”


3 Responses to “Remember When Republicans Said It Was about Jobs in 2010”

  1. Dog Gone Says:

    Sometimes I just HATE wordpress.

    I just had a multi-paragraph comment, a good hearty rant…and when I filled in my email, name etc., wordpress wouldn’t take it, and the comment disappeared.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I tried EoK!!!!!

  2. Dog Gone Says:

    EoK, you are so kind as to comment fairly regularly on, comments which are thoughtful and substantive. And you have even allowed me to crosspost a piece of your own work here which I thought was particularly outstanding.

    I’m adding your blog to the penigma blogroll. I would be very pleased if you posted our blog on yours — I think we would interest your readers, and I’m sure your posts would interest ours, and that your comments on our blog would definitely pique their curiosity about your content.

  3. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Dog Gone,
    First off thank you for the kind words and you are more than welcome to cross reference anything I post with out asking. Consider this as default permission. 🙂

    I would be glad to add you among others to my blog roll (I just have to look into how to do this in WordPress) leading others to your site as you write very well backed up with solid facts. I look forward to our mutual networking.

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