The “Full Quiver” Project

I am repeating this posting from my old site on June 4, 2009, and this subject was already a couple of years old when I first found out.  During the comments from the last blog posting this subject came up again.  I would never say that ALL Tea Party Members believe in the “Full Quiver Project”….. but I would say that those who practice the “Full Quiver Project”…most are Tea Party Members.

Once again we are seeing the examples of the “Extreme Supporters of the Religious Right” who are trying to move legislation farther to the right than ever before, and they want to take the country along with them.

A professor of Christian Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, whose name is Bruce Ware, is pushing their religious right agenda to the extremes. This person finds passages in the Bible to justify that God meant women to be submissive to men. It is within the same passage that states, children should honor their mother and fathers, and slaves should honor their masters etc.

This Southern Baptist Seminary now has some of the other ideas from their fundamentalist positions. This new teaching is being called “The Full Quiver Theology” and is based on Psalm 127: 3-5 which reads, “Children are a heritage of the Lord, the fruit of the womb, a reward. As arrows in a soldier’s hand, so are the sons of the young. Blessed is the man who has filled his quiver with them.”

The seminary’s president, Albert Mohler, explained that under-population was a pressing concern. Couples who choose childlessness are guilty of “rebellion against parenthood that represents nothing less than an absolute revolt against God’s design.” God will decide whether to open or close the womb. Using birth control is an act against God’s will. The truly Christian couple will allow God to decide whether each act of sex will result in procreation and sex will be returned to its proper place in a Christian’s life. What part of this decision does the Christian woman have? None because she should submit, of course.

When asked about his position, President Mohler explained to the Chicago Tribune, “We are barely replenishing ourselves,” he said. “That is going to cause huge social problems in the future.”

Now the first alarm that should go off and one should ask themselves, “What did Mohler mean by “we.” The world’s population is expected to grow to 9 billion by 2050. The United   States’ population is expected to grow to 400 million by 2040. No under-population there.

There is one trend that President Mohler could be referring to is the influx of new Latino immigration and if the trend continues Euro-Americans will cease being the majority race in the United   States by about 2050. Over the next half century, America will become a predominately non-white nation.

Is this religious call for “Full Quiver” theology a white-supremacy code language advocating for the increase of white babies?” Is the “huge social problems in the future” going to require the need for the “Full Quiver” of white arrows, “arrows in a soldier’s hand,” to defend their religious views?

This really sounds a lot like the Adolf Hitler’s Nazi speech’s warning Germans of the threat from Jews during the 1920’s and the policies and laws that were enacted in the 1930’s.

Of course President Mohler and Professor Ware are backing up their contentions with plenty of Bible verses; which for some people means they are teaching the truth.

I have a good friend who has a Nazi Gold Mothers Cross.  This was awarded to the woman who had seven children, five who were males that filled the ranks of Hitler’s WWII army.  This was the honored German Mother who did her duty and filled the German Ranks of the Aryan children that would fight for the Father Land, and fit into Hitler’s views.  This “Full Quiver Project” is the exact same thing.


12 Responses to “The “Full Quiver” Project”

  1. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello NON,
    The statement you passed on in the last posting by a Tea Party member about his knowledge of the Bible, “If the King James version was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me!”, just speaks volumes of how uneducated many of the Tea Party Members are, and basing their political viewpoints on. I guess the rest of us are supposed to suffer their ignorance.

  2. Dog Gone Says:

    There is a huge pro-white / anti-everybody else agenda on the right. CPAC had not one, but two white supremacist organizations presenting seminars this year, asserting similar things to what Anders Breivik in Norway claimed — that we have to keep the U.S. a Western European dominated country, and stamp out any other culturual influences that are brown, black or yellow. This includes promoting more white babies. The wife of the author of the North Carollina anti-gay amendment stated, and then sort of back-tracked, that this was about not having gay couples marry,another gay person, but rather forcing them to marry heterosexually, and have more white babies. (Apparently the author didn’t realize that gays come in a rainbow of colors themselves, it is not just their flag.)

    It is no accident that a significant number of the old white crabby tea partiers and other Republicans polled as believing that inter-racial marraige SHOULD be illegal. You will find many who still assert it is immoral, like the souther justice of the peace who refused to marry a mixed racial couple.

    These people want racial purity, because they are too ignorant to understand that it mostly does not exist. If you follow the PBS series now in its second season with Professor Henry Louis Gates, “Faces of America” , you will see how DNA testing identifies how many of our famous people are NOT racially pure at all.

    As a woman who has red hair, excruciatingly pale skin which does not tan – if I’m lucky, all my freckles simply merge under exposure to the sun rather than my skin tanning – (with blue eyes and a variety of interesting quirks like blue eyes that are homozygous recessive – both parents have to have them, and every other possibiility is dominant to them) I have to have the classic Nordic pure genetic background that these people exalt. There is no other possible genotype that explains my particular phenotype. People with my coloring (those of us who have it naturally rather than out of a bottle) are expected to decline drastically, if not disappear completely.–redheads-a31478

    The frequency of natural blondes is also anticipate to decline substantially, but not disappear…although that is hard to believe here in MN, where we have a majority of scandinavian and german ethnic herigtage. I am the classic ‘Aryan’ these people want – very tall, pale, IQ in the top 1%, high pain threshold (and unfortunatley, resistance to anesthetic)…………and I have encountered more animosity from them when repudiating their views in conversation than other people have in the same group at the same time, when it has arisen in conversation. I intensely oppose the notion that I have “a duty to my race” to reproduce myself with a similarly genetic heritage male.

    These people are seriously threatened by Asian population growth, by South American Latino / Roman Catholicism promoted birth rates.

    We have the same line of bullshit from one of the religious extremist groups centered near here in MN, and just as bad or worse bullshit from the Aryan Nation 88 in the other direction.

    These people are dangerous, and their ideas are factually inaccurate – blind belief driven. They are the epitome of ignorance and bigotry. I’m no one’s damned baby machine / brood bitch, and no other woman should be either. There is value in quality, not quantity, and there is no innate superiority as a group for one race or one culture ove another. All individuals have faults, all cultures have flaws, some of them significant ones.

    This is just one more way this group of people try to persuade themselves they are exceptional, that they are superior, when they are not. They make the same false assertion about the nation, on the premise that it is that same white/ western european qualities, not the melting pot of many ethnicities and cultural values which made us who we are – which is no greater, nor worse, than any other nation or group of people.

    I think at bottom this is really about overcompensating for their own inadequacies by denying them. Genuinely superior individuals don’t need to build themselves up by tearing others down or denigrating them. That excludes these people from any categorizign as superior, except in their own deficiency driven delusions..

    These people really are as dangerous as the worst of the Nazis, and are more closely related to their blind rabid ideology than they will admit.

  3. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Dog Gone,
    Your concluding statement of those who need to “overcompensate for their own inadequacies by denying them and seek to denigrate others to make themselves appear superior” is very Freudian or really noted by even the early Greeks such as Socrates. I am paraphrasing Shakespeare’s quote, “Me thinks thou protests too much” sums this up very well.

    The more intellectual and educated individuals do not employ such antics to tear others down by denigrating them. Those that do are just demonstrating their true lack of knowledge and enlightenment.

    The great and revered Republican Lee Atwater, the one whose deplorable political tactics that are still being utilized by others today within the Tea Party / Extreme Right Republicans, died at the young age of 40 years old. On his last days before dying of his brain cancer tumor, called those whom he lied about and spread damaging rumors because he needed to clean his soul and clear his conscience before he died. He knew, at the core of his basic soul, he had done wrong and sinned against others. He knew he needed to make piece with God before he died.

    When Lee Atwater appeared on the PBS Frontline program (you know that Liberal Network Programming) as his means to apologize to the nation through the mass media he is quoted as saying:

    “I was wrong to follow the meanness of Conservatism. I should have been trying to help people instead of taking advantage of them. I don’t hate anyone anymore. For the first time in my life I don’t hate somebody. I have nothing but good feelings toward people.”

    Maybe those of the fanatic right wing should take note and emulate the lessons that Lee Atwater finally learned in the end. To those Tea Party / Extreme Right Wing Republicans, those who live by HATE instead of COMPASSION…..I am sure God is taking notes and you will suffer in the end of time. The Tea Party Conservative / Extreme Right Wing views are flawed by their basic HATEFULL BLINDNESS.

  4. J.O.B. Says:

    Dog- Red hair, blue eyes, and freckles? I would love to meet you.

    I would like to retract a sentence from my comment on your previous post. “The TEA Party might have goodness in their hearts.” I think maybe I should have written that ” Many of the Tea Party followers have goodness in their hearts.

    In my opinion, the morally good religious people who flock to the TEA Party are only misguided. I don’t they are hateful. I think they are just desperate, scarred of the future and misguided. They flock to the Tea Party because of religion. Where the Supremacist type racist flock because this is a group mostly made up of white people. I don’t think true racists are religious. They just try to use religion to justify their warped views. To me, that is the difference between the TEA Party followers. But, like you said Engineer, Extremism does not last, and I think the public is starting to grow tired of these religious clowns. They voted them into office in ’10, and are still desperate.

    EOK- “First off I want to complement everyone on the way all are treating the others with respect on their views. I personally thank you. Let’s keep this up on the next post.”
    Oh yeah? you’re stupid. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 🙂

  5. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    OK J.O.B……Behave now…. 🙂

  6. mudrake Says:

    I recall this post from a few years ago, Engineer, and I an glad that you re-posted it.

    Regarding the ‘full quiver’ theory, I suspect that it is a desperation move on the part of the Religious Right to increase their numbers- to procreate more clones of themselves because they are finding out that the general American population is trending away from their deeply-held and skewed vision of society.

    Take gay marriage, for example. I saw some statistics the other day that show a major trend here in the States towards the acceptance of gay marriage- a tremendous shift from just 10 years ago.

    The reason? The prejudiced old foggies are dying off and the kids don’t give a damn. Just the other day there was a conversation between a woman and son regarding that issue. The mother, rather liberal, couldn’t understand why so many people are against gay marriage. Her son, in his mid-thirties, told her, “Don’t worry about that, Mom, when your generation dies-off, the hate will be gone.”

    The trend is against the ideals of the moralistic, righteous fundamentalist [c]hristians. In my observations, it’s the youth of America who are busting the old model, the old prejudices.It reminds me of the 60’s when the youth of America took a stand against the old generals and told them, “Hell no, we won’t go!”

    Those warmongers heard from the youth of America that they no longer wanted endless wars, endless invasions ‘over there.’

    It reminds me of my conflict with my parents’ prejudice with ‘colored people’ back in the 50’s. My parents and my older relatives were quite prejudiced and I had to listen to their ‘stories’ during family get-togethers. That kind of talk didn’t sit well with me and surely propelled me towards the Civil Rights movement in the early 60’s.

    Today my children are very open-minded on all civil rights issues; the family prejudice stopped with me. I’m proud of that.

    Back to the quiver: this is precisely why the religious right is terrified with the current trend seen all throughout the country towards acceptance for all. They feel that they must ‘procreate’ like rabbits in order to remain relevant in our fast-changing society.

    I wonder, though, what percentage of these children will ‘buy into’ the fundamentalist program in their later teen years. Of course, if they are sheltered and attend only ‘christian’ schools then they will more likely carry on the family traditions of exclusivity and righteousness.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent, Engineer.

  7. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Muddy,
    First off, I am always glad to have you come and vent as often as you can. I truly value your input.

    To comment on your question if these children will ‘buy into’ the fundamentalist program? I am also concerned of the trend to dismantle our Public School System and go to On Line Home Schooling were the lessons will be narrowly targeted to the Religious Denial of Science, Revisionist History, and big on Bible Teachings. The “On Line Home Schooling” businesses will modify the curriculum to what the parents who are purchasing the products want. A good example is that the students will be “Mind Controlled Programmed” to believe that dinosaurs walked and interacted with man 6,000 years ago.

    I have a Right Wing Conservative Nut Job Brother-in-Law who was educated by Jesuit Priests in a Private Catholic School located in Wilmington, DE when he was a kid. He said that when he got into college and had to take his first Biology 101 class, they were talking about evolution and genetic morphing due to nature’s pressure on an organism, he was totally lost because he never heard of any of this before. Because he was so Faith Educated, he will believe anything that comes from Fox or Blow Hard Radio without questioning or apply any critical thinking. He accepts what is spoon fed to him from these sources…..because that was how he was educated to do.

    Much like the failing Religious Schools here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware, the students cannot pass the National Proficiency Tests in Reading, Math, etc. even at the Elementary Levels……but they can recite Bible Verses. These schools are performing so poorly that they have lost their State Recognized Accreditations.

    • Northwest Ohio Native Says:

      You mention “On-Line Schools”……Does anyone know exactly how OHIO HB 66 will affect e-schooling in Ohio. I know it just passed and my new and church-improved township government is pushing for everyone to get on-board. I read the bill on line, but can’t figure out what exactly passed into law and how it affects schools in Ohio.

  8. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    Similar thing going on in Israel with orthodox Jews. But I think it’s not a race thing, but it’s about having control of the education of the maximum number of children (next generation of voters). Have you ever noticed that in the more educated families there are usually no more than 2 kids, but in many less educated families* there are at least 4 kids? And you know those 4 plus kids are going to be brought up with the same values (or lack of values) as their parents.

    * I was searching for a polite way of saying narrow minded parents. I’m troubled at the extreme prejudice I notice in almost all home schooled children.

  9. J.O.B. Says:

    EOK- Try this website bud.

  10. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    Thanks for passing this link on and I have saved it to my favorites.

    An update: I was flown out yesterday to Columbus, OH for a final interview with a large engineeing firm there. It went very well so we’ll see…..I could be living in Ohio by early June 🙂

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    […] […]

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