“If You Preserve Secrecy, Half The Battle’s Won.” The Khmer Rouge principle.

Quietly, going on today, in Florida under the Republican state legislature that has three fourths of the members of their party, and with a corrupt, former Medicare and Medicaid fraud executive, Rick Scott, able to be elected Governor with no political experience, but having Tea Party support; 180,000 poor, black, Hispanic, college student, and elderly voters will soon be off the voting rolls, without any recourse for most, with the design to fix the election of the members of Congress, and the Presidency, in the Republicans’ hands!

The Republicans have also made registration of new voters much more difficult a procedure, and they are ready to do what happened in 2000 use corrupt methods to help fix the vote, which led to the contested election of George W. Bush, by 537 votes, throwing the election to Bush over Al Gore, who had a national popular vote lead of over a half million votes.

This is not unique to Florida because across the country, many Republican controlled States are purging the voting roles of those who would be voting against the Republican Party.  These same State legislators are also passing anti-worker’s rights laws that basically give cart blanch to employers to extort and exploit the Working Middle Classes.  They are also quietly pushing through laws giving contribution rewards of special “Tax Breaks,” or removing the responsibility of corporate taxes, and deregulation that does nothing to benefit workers and only makes sure corporations continue raping America.

The results are many Working Middle Class people suffering the brunt of the economic greed which lead to this Depression Downturn.  I give the example of the construction worker, his wife, and their five children were living in a comfortable, three bedroom home.  The family now resides in a donated trailer on a local campground, having downgraded from about 1900 square feet to about 215.  The hard Working Middle Class family’s slide into homelessness started nearly two years ago when the husband lost his construction job.  The family’s choice was when the money got tight; the family started having to make some difficult choices.  Do you go ahead and make the house payment and keep a roof over your head but have no lights and no water, or do you go ahead and keep those utilities on and forego the house payment, and hope that you can get it caught up?  This scenario just kept getting worse to where it got further and further behind until we wound up losing the home.  This all lays directly right back to the Deregulation of Banks and Corporations laws that were voted and signed through at Midnight on Fridays in the 2000 to 2004 time frame.

Those who did not look deeper into the truth of what was really going on behind the veiled curtains of “Conservatism,” and voted to enable the “Controlling Republicans,” have only to blame themselves for allowing this to happen.



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  1. microdot Says:

    If there was actually a coherent plan behind what the so called conservatives are trying to accomplish in America, it could easily be classified as anti humanist atrocity. Where they have managed to gain control, we see the destruction of the education system, starving senior citizens, a rising death rate from preventable medical problems and police state tactics used as class control. The rights we take for granted under our constitution, voting, freedom of speech, the right to organize labor unions are all being dismantled….you would think that it is a systematic, organized method of culling the population. A well thought out program of social euthanasia. But then, perhaps that is giving them too much credit. Unfettered, amoral greed and lust for power is just the down side of the human condition.

  2. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Microdot,
    The destruction of the education system is INDEED one of the top priorities with the new push of Home Schooled Internet Access but let’s not give the “Man walked and interacted with Dinosaurs 6 thousand years ago,” too much credit. This group is just driven by their stupidity.

    There is more credit directed to the amoral greed, and lust for power group that is willing to drive the down side of the human condition here in the U. S.

  3. microdot Says:

    I feel like the lights have been turned back on here in France. The first thing the Hollande government did was to rescind the order that homeless people would be forced out of shelters after an arbitrary date in May. Now, no one is forced out of shelters until they have proof that they have lodging and there is a government agency to assist them, it just has not been able to function for the last 5 years.
    There is now an official minister of technology. I also think that Hollande was able to establish an easy rapport with Obama and you will see the results in the next few weeks with a major announcement regarding Afghanistan. Hollande, by standing on his firm position, has given Obama the freedom to logically enact a more speedy withdrawal.
    The UMP is degenerating into a rather desperate obstructionist tea party, trying tro throw mud at anything they can. They are reduced to criticizing Valerie Trierweillers wardrobe. Very uncool. As Carla had kind of turned into a depressed and bulimic cosmetica surgery altered dark goth ghost in the last days of the Sarko regime. She’s working on her new not so eagerly awaited cd….but they’re trying to get her to tone down some of her poetry, I mean, “Eat my make up you skank, Valerie” might be a bit over the edge….
    More gossip from France…soon….

  4. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    It seems to me that France’s new leader has received a positive welcome from the people of the United States. Now that hasn’t happened in a while. His partner also has been positively portrayed in the news.

    Ohio rescinded the new voter I.D. law, but while that was making news, they increased the voucher program.

    I still can’t understand why everything I learned in school as a kid is now a bad thing. (i.e. public schools, everyone equal access to voting, living wage. freedom from religion, etc.)

  5. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Microdot,
    It sounds like the UMP has just digressed to the Gush Limblob tactics of “Any Hateful Bull Shit” slinging. This of course is just the voice of desperation because they really have nothing constructive or any positive solution to put forth to address the current problems of today. I would say your comparison of the UMP to the Ultra-Nihilistic Tea Party is spot on.

    As always my friend, you are “OUR MAN” in France to keep us up to date of what is REALLY going on. 🙂

  6. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello NON,
    I am with you that I too cannot understand why everything I learned in school is now a bad thing. The current demonizing rants against the Public School System, every citizen having the RIGHT TO VOTE, A Simple, Basic, and Honest Living Wage, and of course the Freedom from one person forcing their “Religious Beliefs” onto another. The once consideration to respect another’s religion that differed from yours is all but gone with too many. We are all lesser today as a nation for that fact and the blame can be laid directly at the feet of the Ultra Religious Conservatives.

  7. J.O.B. Says:

    1st- ” I was flown out yesterday to Columbus, OH for a final interview with a large engineeing firm there. It went very well so we’ll see…..I could be living in Ohio by early June” That is f##king awesome dude. That will put you a little close. I have only been to Columbus a handful of times. But I am in Sandusky (Northern Ohio) numerous times during the Summer. Throw me an E-Mail, maybe we can meet up. I wish you the best on your job search. I hope you get it, as long as that’s what you want.

    2ND- “The Republicans have also made registration of new voters much more difficult a procedure, and they are ready to do what happened in 2000 use corrupt methods to help fix the vote, which led to the contested election of George W. Bush, by 537 votes, throwing the election to Bush over Al Gore, who had a national popular vote lead of over a half million votes.”
    Coming from a city that has rampant voter fraud, can anyone explain to me how voter I.D. is a bad idea? Are these voters finding it hard to register because they are here illegally? Or do they do not know how to fill out the proper paperwork?

    3RD- “The results are many Working Middle Class people suffering the brunt of the economic greed which lead to this Depression Downturn. I give the example of the construction worker, his wife, and their five children were living in a comfortable, three bedroom home. The family now resides in a donated trailer on a local campground, having downgraded from about 1900 square feet to about 215. The hard Working Middle Class family’s slide into homelessness started nearly two years ago when the husband lost his construction job…………………….
    I feel for down on their luck construction workers….Did they choose to work in a NON-Gauranteed field?

    4Th- “This all lays directly right back to the Deregulation of Banks and Corporations laws that were voted and signed through at Midnight on Fridays in the 2000 to 2004 time frame.”…………………….
    I disagree Wholeheartidly. This deregulation helped $50,000/YR. earners that worked in Construction purchase homes that were worth 10x their annual income. That’s right, a man that installs your toilets buying a house worth $500K. So whose fault is this again? Because when a mortgage lender told m,e I can afford a $390K home, I told him he was retarded.

    • J.O.B. Says:

      E- Another question for #2. Do you think people are being refused the right to vote? If, that is the case, that would be grossly unconstitutional.

      • Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

        Hello J.O.B.
        #1. I was in the suburbs of Baltimore signing the contract papers today and just got home. Very Tired. I am keeping my EOK e-mail on Google so we can stay in touch that way like we have been.

        #2. and Follow up Question:
        The show “Frontline” did a great piece on how, (and what was considered one of the great political moves in Florida in the 2000 election) the Republican Party purged the voting rolls in Florida but only in the areas that they knew would NOT be voting in favor of the Party. W. Bush won by 535 plus or minus in that state but 1,000s of voters were purged from the voting rolls. I cannot go into detail right now as I am just too tired and have a lot to do getting ready for the move. I have to be in Columbus by the 9th of June. It is well documented and I am sure you or others who read this blog can fill in the blanks to your question.

        As I have said often on many blogs several times, the Republicans are planning to steal another election like what was done during the 2000 elections in Florida by purging the voting roles of those who would be voting against the Republican Party. It is going on all across the country in many states too.

        This is the warning that needs to be made more public for the sake of our Democracy….or maybe it’s all ready gone.

        The Justice Department is pursuing cases against, not only Florida, but many of the states across the country perpetrating this scam, and hopefully, something can be done. As I am glad that the Justice Department is pursuing these cases but I guess the question is will they get this corrected in time for this election? Another thought that comes to mind, “What would the repercussion or penalties be should the Justice Department find this purging illegal….after the election and votes already cast? A smack on the hands with a “Don’t do this again,” statement?”

        Romney and the Republicans will be in control for at least the next four years. That is all they were hoping for in the first place.

        #3. “I feel for down on their luck construction workers….Did they choose to work in a NON-Guaranteed field?”
        I would not concentrate that it was only the construction industry as I just passed on a friend’s story. It is all segments of industry in this country. I give you an example of manufacturing in this country.

        I spoke with an old co-worker. She was the “Production Manager” with a company I had worked for 15 years. She was laid off over a year ago from that job. She had done that job VERY WELL for 35 years. One day the company had a party celebrating on how well they were doing, then that afternoon, she was called into the CEO’s office and said that she made too much money, was getting close to 60 years old and she was being dismissed. I want to restate, “THEY HAD A PARTY BECAUSE THE COMPANY HAD MADE SO MUCH MONEY THAT YEAR!!” She has not been able find anyone to hire her for over a year!

        Another co-worker who was “Head of Operations” with the company and he had been with them for 30 years was let go Friday a week ago because he was reaching that same age group (54 years old) and was making too much money.

        Both were VERBALLY told the reasons of “too old and too much money” but of course the official word on paper was, “They were simply cutting back the work force.” I doubt if he finds work in a year’s timeframe.

        #4. “This deregulation helped $50,000/YR. earners that worked in Construction purchase homes that were worth 10x their annual income. That’s right, a man that installs your toilets buying a house worth $500K.”

        I am SO GLAD you brought up this as it plays directly into what I am speaking about. When the Banking Regulations / Wall Street Brokerage Firms were De-Regulated in the 2000 – 2004 timeframe, in essence removing the laws that Joe Kennedy under FDR put into place in 1932 time frame, (to protect against this abuses of the 1920’s past) and these laws had worked so well for over 80 years, this allowed for one company to be a Real Estate Firm, the Bank to Loan the Money, and Wall Street Brokerage Firm to bundle these loans and dump them off as Mutual Funds on the Market.

        Example “Morgan Stanly’s Real Estate Firm” got a commission cut when they wrote the papers to sell the house to the Toilet Installer for $500K, (YES his own DUMB ASS FAULT TOO) then “Morgan Stanly’s Banking” got the commission cut when they wrote the “Interest Only” loan for Toilet Man, then “Morgan Stanly’s Brokerage Firm” got the commission cut when they bundled ALL the “CRAP DOOMED TO FAIL LOANS” into Mutual Funds and marketed them directly on the MARKET to be bought with the retirement funds of countries like the Greek Government’s. So Morgan Stanly got three commission checks on the one house deal. Again, all documented very well.

        It was also at this time you started to see Real Estate signs with the names of all the big Wall St. Brokerage’s Firms names on them in people’s yards.

  8. jackjodell53 Says:

    Florida Republicans have long been masters of disenfranchisement. The residents of that state should rise up in arms against this reactionary tyranny.

  9. mudrake Says:

    “former Medicare and Medicaid fraud executive, Rick Scott, able to be elected Governor with no political experience”

    “A well thought out program of social euthanasia”

    “Florida Republicans have long been masters of disenfranchisement.”

    The question arises: Do The People know? Better yet, do The People care?

    • Northwest Ohio Native Says:

      Don’t need any political experience when you’ve got 75 MILLION DOLLARS of your own(?) money to spend campaigning.

      So how is it that the CEO (Scott) gets off, but his company plea-deals it down to 14 Felonies AND agrees to pay the Fed back 600 MILLION DOLLARS?

      And you ask the million dollar question: They may know, but DO they care? Seems most of the Republicans in my family don’t (Remember Tom Noe).

  10. Dog gone Says:

    I was listening this evening on NPR to a discussion about the politics taking place in the UK. It had gone from demonizing people who lived in housing projects because one nasty woman with 7 kids had tried to pretend her daughter was missing, planning for a friend to find her and collect a reward that had been donated, a woman whose 7 kids had 5 different fathers, and had been chronically unemployed. Everyone in that particular low income area was demonized, even though many were working poor, married to the same person long term who were the only parents of their children.

    But NOW because of bad economic times, Cameron’s government is taking heat for big salaries and bonuses for the bankers and other 1% and the vision and direction of the Cameron government. Between one thing and another I really don’t see Cameron lasting longer (wild guess, maybe a year or so?). France, the UK, Merkel is personally popular in Germany but her conservative party is taking a shellacking in elections……..Greece……….I haven’t followed Italy, but I dont understand any nation that would put someone like Berlesconi anywhere near power….regardless of party.

    We can ony hope for a trend in the left direction.

    You all might want to pop over to Penigma from time to time for a totally different topic. I’ve been harassed, through the blog. Seriously harassed. Law enforcement involved harassed.

    Legal action involved harassed. Laci will be the one pursuing the legal action, and I believe THAT dog is going to show some superb lawyerly teeth on my behalf in the form of subpoenas and cease and desist letters, for starters. But our county attorney is involved and talking charges. We actually have a specialized investigator in my very rural neck of the woods who only does internet crime (mostly porn and fraud, but she’s willing to branch out). I’m using the ‘educational experience’ to try to write a guide for handling blog harassers, focusing on the technical side of things. I am not at all tecno-savvy, but I’m getting some very good advice, and some of the IP companies do not like their services abused in that way. I am so very grateful for the gains of feminism; what really worked for me, my break came in dealing with a sympathetic woman at one of these companies.

    I’m hoping my experiences will be of benefit to all of us who blog; even with moderation, we’ve all had our share of these people at one time or another. I think things should progress after the memorial day weekend, give it a day or two….

  11. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Dog Gone and ALL,
    I highly suggest visiting http://penigma.blogspot.com/

    It is a very VERY good and informative site. She really does her homework and presents it well.

    As I have said before the extreme right winger that is stalking you from his work computer is very sad for you and I hope justice is coming your way. Kudo’s to Laci for being there for you….he is a GOOD MAN! Good Luck with bringing this abusive Extreme Right Winger to his knees!! I would guess he is a Tea Party Member too!!

  12. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    1. If you haven’t voted in several years, your eligibility has probably expired.
    2. You must register to vote weeks (usually 30 days) BEFORE the election.
    3. Over the last decade, many precincts have consolidated and/or been redrawn.
    4. Your polling place may have moved. Check before you go to the polls.
    5. We had a national census 2 years ago and many voting districts have changed.
    6. Finally, and MOST IMPORTANT, every American is eligible to vote. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Most of the readers here probably already know this, but just for kicks, pass it around. You never know when someone is too embarrassed to ask these things and the news sources rarely share this information.

  13. J.O.B. Says:

    E- Congratulations on the job. That is great to hear. Do you have to sell your property in MD, or will you just rent in Columbus, and retire back to MD? With football coming up, don’t feel bad rooting for Cleveland. Since the original Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore and became your beloved Ravens 😉 We will definitely keep in touch.

    In response
    1- I don’t understand how their is not more of an uproar about this. The right to vote. Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably the only one here that will not vote for Obama. But I don’t want to see ANY candidate win because of dirty play. I am all for the voter I.D. stuff. We have to do it here in Cook County. But it’s just your State I.D. or Drivers License. No “Special” I.D. What network is this Frontline program on? I would like to check it out.

    2- I am not concentrating on construction. I know the manufacturing industry was hit quite hard. I’m saying that I feel a little more for machinists and other people working in manufacturing positions, than I do for tradesmen. I got into construction knowing that there is a lot of down time. You will not be on a job sight for 30 years. Manufacturing jobs on the other hand were taken by people who thought they would retire from there. (Hometown by Springsteen is playing in my head right now.) I feel bad for anyone who is unemployed right now. My heart just goes out a little less for construction, only because we all knew what we were getting into.

    3- Believe me, I do not give banks a free pass on this one, they were and still are vultures. I just think a little bit more blame needs to fall on the consumer. Mudrake had a wonderful idea,(I have to give credit where it is due) we should make economics classes a prerequisite in High School. At least two years in my opinion. Maybe even marketing as well, to show kids how they are preyed upon, and subconsciously forced to purchase items they do not need. That’s the only way I can see fixing that problem.

    Congratulations again Bud, I am very happy for you.

  14. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    I have more time to respond to your questions and comments now. No I will not sell the farm and I will just rent in Ohio for the next few years. Here on the Mid-Atlantic East Coast, most people work their whole lives to retire and live in the position and location I have today. I will be back!

    #1 “But I don’t want to see ANY candidate win because of dirty play.” VERY WELL STATED!! and I would say many who contribute to this site would agree with you on this statement. Frontline is a PBS program that does a vey good and honest documentation of the subjects they broadcast. No agenda, just historical journalism backed by impeccable and non-contested facts. They leave it to the viewer to develop their own opinions.

    In essence, Florida officials have since indicated and admitted that a pre-election purging between May 1999 and Election Day 2000, two Florida secretaries of state, Sandra Mortham and Katherine Harris, distributed targeted voter scrub lists produced by the cleansing process to counties and ordered the 57,700 people be identified as “ex-felons” (W. Bush only won by 535 votes) to be removed from voter rolls. Together the lists comprised nearly 1% of Florida’s electorate and nearly 3% of its African-American voters. At the time of the election, the purge list contained a vast majority of false positives of people identified as felons who were not actually felons at all and never should have been removed from the voting roles!

    Had this purging not been done and an honest election been held in Florida, Al Gore was the real President and not W. Bush.

    The Republican ring leader of this egregious and illegal purging of voters in areas only NOT conducive to Republican Candidates, Katherine Harris, purged thousands of African Americans from Florida’s voter rolls as “felons.” Florida now admits that most of those voters were in fact NOT felons at all. None of the areas that were predominantly voters FOR the Republican Party Candidates had ANY “felons” purged from their voting roles. On December 9, 2000 the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 to stop the Florida recount, by Justice Scalia. Yet the story of the Florida purge never appeared in the U.S. daily papers or on television across the country until 12-10-2000.

    I reinstate, The Republican Dominantly Appointed Supreme Court had already ruled W. Bush the winner on 12-09-2000. The truth of what had gone on of purging voters in Florida came out on 12-10-2000!!

    Fact: Democracy Stolen in 2000!!
    It is being emulated once again today in Florida and many other Republican controlled States across the country for this 2010 election. Why? Because there were no repercussions to anyone when it happened the first time. Instead it was rewarded as being a “Great Brilliant Political Move by the Republican Party Leaders” and accolades were given to Katherine Harris for a job well done.

    #2 Yes my father’s days are gone when manufacturing jobs on the other hand were taken by people who thought they would retire from there. It is not even my world anymore.

    Another example I will give is a single mom, divorced, nurse in her early 40’s, I knew who was making $30 per hours at the local hospital was purged for “making too much money” and replaced by a younger nurse for $20 per hour. Bills and house payments for the older nurse were based on what she was making for many years. No fault of her own, did her job well, never late or complained a faithful employee for many years….. once again let go for “just being too old and making too much money,” but her bills did not go down. Today she is having trouble making the house payments and other bills while looking for another job….and only offered $20 per hour, if she could even find an offer of that today, plus with hours that do not support being with her daughters for they would be left alone all night while she had to work one of the night shifts. (11 and 14 years of age) I should add that the upper management then awarded themselves Millions of Dollars in bonuses split up among themselves for reducing operating cost of the hospital.

    When they busted the Unions in Hospitals, this Working Middle Class woman no longer had a representative voice and the reason of “Being too old and making too much money” would not even been legal under Federal Laws of old! Well “Age Discrimination” is still illegal; just not enforced anymore.

    (Hometown by Springsteen is a Great Song) I too feel bad for anyone who is unemployed right now. But my heart does go out for construction workers, along with ALL others today. Traditionally, the “Construction Industry” has always been the economic engine that has pulled this country out of every recession in the past. Those economic tools today have been so severely damaged, it is going to be a long time to repair and set back straight.

    #3 I am pleased to see you say that Muddy had a wonderful idea, “(I have to give credit where it is due)” {I personally thank you for that bit} I too think that it is a great idea that we make economics classes with marketing as well, a prerequisite in High School. A very good insight to educating the U.S. Population. We are being misled on so many levels.

    So I will close by saying, “Thank you for the kind words and I am truly grateful for the offer and position with the pay conducive to my education and experience knowledge. I just happened to be in demand and there are not that many who can perform the duties.

  15. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    In the total communication we have had on this subject, I want to stress that it was not until the rhetoric of “The Problem Is Too Much Regulations” was stressed in 2000 – 2004 time frame and these separations of markets, (Real Estate, Banking, and Stock Brokerage Firms) were removed. I want to stress that these regulations were put into place in 1932 to prevent this kind of abuse and had worked so well for over 80 years. Once removed the exact same abuses went right back into effect as in the 1920’s. Just as it did back then, history repeated itself and crashed the economy once more and we are suffering today.

    So in conclusion, my statement of, “This all lays directly right back to the Deregulation of Banks and Corporations laws that were voted and signed through at Midnight on Fridays in the 2000 to 2004 time frame,” still stands.

    If it had not been for the removing the “Regulations” we are speaking of, your 50,000/YR man that installs toilets would never been certified to buy a house worth $500K. The only reason a mortgage lender offered you a $390K home on your income, they knew they were going to pass on the responsibility to someone’s 401K Retirement Mutual Funds. With the rhetoric removal of “The Problem Is Too Much Regulations,” the financial markets shifted into “NOT THEIR PROBLEM ANYMORE!!” They were not retarded…..they just had no liability hanging over their heads.

    As we now know, it became the Working Middle Classes Tax Payers’ Problem….and they awarded themselves $Millions in Bonus because they did a good job! 🙂 Well they did a job alright. ;-0

    • Northwest Ohio Native Says:

      I’m relying on my memory, so please excuse any mistakes. But if any correction would be greatly appreciated by this memory-failing person.

      1. Didn’t the deregulation actually start with Ronald Reagan?

      2. And because Clinton faced a hostile Congress, didn’t the deregulation continue during his administration?

      3. Finally, with Bush leading a bitter partisan Congress, weren’t the final touches added in the first part of this Century?

      • Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

        Hello NON,
        Very good points and to answer all three questions, it would be YES.

        When Reagan deregulated the Savings and Loans, which allowed them to fall under the FDIC taxpayer’s protection, ALL the S&Ls that were already bankrupt jumped into the program letting the tax payers bail them out and the owners awarded themselves golden retirements when the doors were closed. Less Regulations cost the taxpayers $Billions in the 1980’s.

        In the 1990’s the S&Ls deregulation continued where in Texas the Bush Brothers raped and plunder their Savings and Loans on the Bogus Real Estate scams that was so perpetuated by many…..once again leaving the taxpayers holding the bailout bag to the tune of $Billions.

        Now we are up to day with the W. Bush Administration years where the final touches of once again, “Less Regulations” removed the protections for the taxpayers that were emplamented by Joe Kennedy and FDR in 1932. This is what destroyed our economy today and just as it did in the 1929 Stock Market and Banking crash, we will be at least 10 years coming out of this Republican self inflected mess…..and yet they still are chanting, “Less Regulations.” Go figure? We have 30 plus years of examples of how “Less Regulations” have cost the taxpayers $100 Billions of Dollars…and yet the chant still goes on. How stupid is that?

    • J.O.B. Says:

      EOK- I understand and agree with you about the regulations. All I’m saying is that society could have used a little bit more common sense. This common sense would be more readily available, if different economic principles were taught in school. What is interesting however, and something I will always be curious about. FDR as you mentioned was President during the worst economic crisis of our time.

      Fast forward 80 years. President Obama is in charge during the 2nd worst economic crisis in our time. He has full Democratic control for the first 2 years of his term. Why did he not see what FDR saw? Are Democrats willing to admit that Obama f##ked up spending the first two years in office working on Healthcare.

  16. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hey J.O.B.
    We are in agreement that society could have used a little bit more common sense. The real-estate was running way too hot where no price was too high for property. “There not making any more of this land stuff.” Just like stocks in the 1929’s ….. “Stocks could only go higher.”

    But just as Mark Twain, (Samuel Clemmons) said, “Common sense just ain’t so common.”

    We are also in agreement that President Obama is not “All things to All people” and should have been more proactive on the economy. (I don’t see how Romney is the answer either) But that being said, the Healthcare bill does benefit when it goes into effect in 2014 for those older workers who were laid off at the age of 50 – 60 plus “Because they had too many years with a company, top of their pay scale, 3 – 4 week vacation accumulate over those years, and now at the age where heart trouble, prostrate problems, breast cancer, etc are an issue……..(Old Man and Old Woman type stuff) and companies don’t want them on their medical plans.

    This is just one example of a different perspective I would ask you could view the “Affordable Healthcare Bill” from. Just as the older working baby boomers are expected and now going to have to work until they are 68 – 70 years old, there is going to have to be a means of healthcare for them.

    Are you old enough to remember the “Japanese Theory of Management” rhetoric of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s? Companies were asking employees not to jump to higher paying jobs as they valued loyalty in their workers. When you were interviewing for a position at that time you were on the plus side if you said, “I want to work for a company and retire from this company.” Seminars at that time were spouting, “When you come to work for Sony, you part of Sony Family for life.” When ask how old you were, the answer was given on the amount of years you had worked for the company. Like the one company I had worked for 15 years….so I was 15 years old…..Yea I know, Bull Shit!!

    Even more so today than it was when I started working full time in the early 1970’s, there are many of the younger demographics in the work force that do not have ANY form of healthcare available to them. When this group gets sick they end up in the emergency rooms of hospitals where they are not able to afford the costs.

    Another aspect is they don’t go to a doctor until the illness gets worse to the point that it cost much more to “Treat and Cure” than if they had regular checkups along the way to catch the problem early. (Ounce of prevention verses a Pound of Cure) mind set. Trying to “Cure” is the most expensive way to treat and provide health coverage to someone. When there is no way for them to pay, it is just written off the medical accounting books…..which really just gets passed onto everyone else in the long run with higher cost medical treatments to all. (in essence, you are already paying for others healthcare) This aspect has to be addressed in some way and the “Affordable Healthcare Bill” is a means to do so.

    If all were made to pay into a medical health care provider, the treatment costs could be amortized out over the many when the few were being treated……No different than the required home / automobile car insurance across the country.

    My wife works as an office manager for a local family practice doctor. His Medicare reimbursement is being cut by 20% on top of the already current reduction of those doctors visits by the elderly on Medicare. Doctors across the country are already taking a drastic reduction in pay providing health care to the population. So as I may have found work, she will probably be taking a pay cut making our finances to take yet another hit.

    So I guess I am saying in conclusion, the “Affordable Healthcare Bill” was a need that needed to be addressed, but there should have been more Bills penned to address and pushed though with rebuilding roads, bridges, etc. In this we agree.

    The last sentence being said, another difference between FDR’s time and President Obama’s time, we were already in massive debt by funding two wars, growth in government in Homeland Security, Bank and Securities bailout, and with a tax base today through the Bush Tax Cuts that is much lower than at anytime in history. For the previous 8 years before Obama took over we had been borrowing and sending ourselves in a national debt to levels never before seen by this country history.

    The only time that we as a nation even came close was at the end of WWII and the American Population owned that debt through War Bonds and Savings Bonds. Today China, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc. own our current national debt. A very dangerous place to be in. We were already in massive debt so President Obama did not even have the cushion to rely on that FDR had to empliment more jobs programs.

    So when you ask, “Why did he not see what FDR saw?” I would say they “Saw” what they “Needed” but took what could be “Afforded” and could “Get” at the time. Problem being, the money was no longer there.

    Does anyone think FDR would have Cut Taxes to the level we have today and then go try to fight the Germans and Japanese in WWII?….George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did. I would point out that there in lies many of our economic problems today…..not the “Affordable Healthcare Bill” that has not even gone into effect yet.

    Let’s also not forget that this is not unique to the U.S. but this recession is really world wide where countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, are on the verge of Bankruptcy with sever downturns all across Europe. Germany is in the best shape with regards to Europe because they as a nation did not ship their industrial manufacturing base to China like the rest of us did. Today the only country showing growth is Communist China with all that that “Communism” means. We as Capitalist empowered them to what they are today.

    Ask Foxconn employees how that’s working out for them. 🙂

  17. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    I do want to add that I enjoy our conversations as you are asking the right questions and I do believe you read through, take into account and consideration what I try to pass on.

  18. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello J.O.B.
    I just thought of this and need to pass on. I think you have sold the President short on his ONLY concentrating on the “Affordable Healthcare Bill.”

    You are not taking into consideration the “Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009” which will benefit your daughter and my daughters in the future…..unless she goes to work in Wisconsin with Scott Walkers’s legislation in place.

    I have posted the link below. Talk with you soon friend.


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