The Justice Department Throws Down The Gauntlet To Florida Governor Rick Scott: Stop Illegal Purging Of Voter Rolls!


The Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder has finally taken action, throwing down the gauntlet to Florida Governor Rick Scott to cease and desist from illegal purging of the voter rolls in theSunshineState, including the elderly, Latinos and Hispanics, African Americans, and others, including college students.

A 91 year old man, who has voted consistently for 70 years and served in World War II, was told he could not vote. Others who have had the right are being denied it with threatening letters, putting them under unnecessary stress about a basic American right, the right to vote.

Floridais right now breaking the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which included Florida because of its past discrimination against African Americans, and their long history of racial segregation and racial violence.

Scott is lawless, reckless, defiant, abusive, and a disgrace to all law abiding Floridians! Having evaded prison for Medicare fraud, he is arrogant and aggressive in setting out to fix the 2012 Presidential Election in the same fashion of denying the right to vote, as occurred in the Presidential Election of 2000, leading to the disastrous eight years of George W. Bush!

It is good to see that the Obama Administration is not going to allow prejudice, corruption, scandal, and discrimination to interfere with the right to vote!

In many ways, this situation sadly reminds us of Alabama Governor George Wallace and Georgia Governor Lester Maddox, two racists who disgraced their states and the nation during the 1960s, with their attacks on civil rights. What Rick Scott is doing will doom his name in history, but then it must be said that it is doubtful that Scott even cares what damage and harm he is doing to his reputation, since he is such a despicable human being!

If only the recall method was allowed in Florida as it is in many other states, including Wisconsin, which will determine the fate of another “Bully” Governor, Scott Walker, next Tuesday!

It is a sad statement when today’s Republican Party cannot withstand honest elections to put forth their platform.


8 Responses to “The Justice Department Throws Down The Gauntlet To Florida Governor Rick Scott: Stop Illegal Purging Of Voter Rolls!”

  1. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    I’m just glad to see the Obama administration finally grew a set. There are just some people you can never “play nice with.”

  2. Dog Gone Says:

    I will second what NON says – the Holder JoD was a bit slow on this, but better late than never.

    One of the most telling signs I have seen that racism is alive and well was hearing the statistic that those states that formerly had the highest number of lynchings are the same states that not only have the death penalty but also have the highest number of actual executions. It is a statistical fact that blacks and hispanics are disproportionately incarcerated and convicted, including with the death penalty sentences.

    So, now apparently the racist states kill a few white prisoners, but they are arguably killing as many or more innocent black people as they did before.

    All of the conservative (formerly democratic now republicans) have made their legislative agenda about bringing back Jim Crow laws, in some new iteration – making it harder for blacks to register to vote, to stay registered to vote, putting them in jail so they can’t vote – which is in numbers that now actually make a difference in elections.

    They are so offensively arrogant that they don’t even really try to hide it much any more behind a plausible deniability. When you have CPAC openly promoting more than one white supremacist group, including hosting their seminars, and all of the then still running contenders for the Presidency happily appearing and courting their support, the intent is clear.

    That R-money is using the Trump surrogacy to court the birthers is just more proof that the lot of them are damned old white racists.

    Coming from a conservative-raised White Anglo-Saxon Protestant woman, there was a time when principled conservatives would have thrown these assholes out, not made them the new conservative mainstream. There are apparently no genuine conservative moderates left – they’ve all had to leave to become independent.

    We need to have prominent consevatives do what William F. Buckley did back in the day — stand up, and throw the assholes and the bigots like the John Birchers the hell out of their party and stop playing along with those party politics

  3. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hey NON,
    Welcome Back!! Yes I agree that it is about time President Obama starts to “Bitch Slap” back the corrupt, crooked, and just plain slimy Republican antics trying to steal yet another election this year.

    If it were me as President….I would have gone “Medieval” on their asses long ago. You are very correct that there are just some people you cannot hold hands and sing, “Coom by ya” as they have no intension of “playing nice with.” Today the Republican Party is about “Snatch and Grab” when they think no one is watching.

    The Republican Party is even purging from their own ranks those Congressmen and Senators who know well, for the benefit of the country that you need to work together.

    The predominant members of the Republican Party today are of the mindset of, “Take it ALL or Scorch the Earth Devastation & Destruction” as far as their legislation goes.
    Much like the dysfunctional man saying of the woman who does not succumb to his advances, “Well If I cannot have her, then no man will,” and then kills the woman and then hopefully himself. That way the citizens don’t have to spend money to try him in court and support this asshole in jail for many years.

    Sadly, this is where the Republican Party has degraded to today.

  4. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Dog Gone,
    I was replying to NON when you posted your comment.

    You bring up a good point as I recently read that the State of Texas had just been proven of putting to death yet another innocent man. But instead of outrage and remorse from the officials from the State of Texas, you get…”Damn, Oh Well, My Bad” or “Well he probably did something in his past that he deserved this punishment anyway,” type of mentality.

    Your statement, “All of the conservative (formerly democratic now republicans) have made their legislative agenda about bringing back Jim Crow laws.” Spot on as the old Ku Klux Klan Democrats of the 1960’s are today the Religious Conservative Republicans in the South and this transition was all brought about by the Maryland Governor and later Vice President under Nixon, Spiro Agnew.

    I remember well when the Republicans courted the Southern Democrats in the late 1960’s. When President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill, he stated and predicted, “We have lost the South for a generation.”

    When Racial Riots broke out in Cambridge, MD in the summer of 1967 (This is the summer my family move here from the subburgs of Baltimore). This is what brought Spiro Agnew to the national stage as the Governor of Maryland at that time. I have placed a link below that explains this very well. It is worth the read to educate yourself on the orgians of Republicans taking control of the Racist Element in the South.

  5. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Dog Gone,
    I should add that all of this started with a group of black high school boys who knelt and prayed as a protest in the lobby of the segregated move theater in Cambridge, MD in 1967.

    You have heard of the “Butterfly Effect?” This is a good example of that theory.

    Because a small group of black high school boys prayed in the lobby of the segregated movie theater, they were sent to jail for several months, which brought in a peaceful civil rights group to protest, which were fired upon by an over enthusiastic local Cambridge Police force (Racist Klansmen), which led to the Black population to react, riot and set fire to buildings, which brought in the National Guard to counter attack the rioters, and Governor Spiro T. Agnew to proclaim this was not going to be tolerated from the Black Communities in Maryland. It was at this point, the Republican Maryland Governor was sent around to all the disgruntled Democratic Southern States to bring their Racist Mentalities into the Republican Party. Spiro Agnew did such a good job; he was put on the Vice Presidential Republican Ticket under Richard Nixon in 1968.

    So to conclude, because a small group of young black high school boys knelling to pray in the lobby of a segregated movie theater in Cambridge, MD…….We are now dealing with the Ultra Religious Conservative Republicans mandating their Racist Mentality from the Southern States.

    Now you know the rest of the story of this history lesson.

  6. Stimpson Says:

    I find it offensive that some people think it’s right to deny someone the right to vote after that person has served his/her time for a felony. Sure, suspension of voting eligibility while a person is serving time can make sense, but AFTER? That in itself is unjust. What Scott’s jackboots are doing, then, is doubly or triply unjust – and utterly repulsive.

  7. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Stimpson,
    As I have served my country, I find the fact that the Republican leadership in Florida has purged the older WWII veteran from the voter rolls so that he could not vote because they falsely labeled him a felon. Knowing that he never was a felon but his only crime was that he did not sign onto their Conservative Platform so he was no longer allowed to vote.

    My family has 150 legacy of belonging to the Republican Party; I do not recognize what the party has become for the past decade…..committing blatant crimes to steal elections.

  8. J.O.B. Says:

    Stimpson- Personally, I’m still not sure how I feel on the matters of Felons who served their time having a right to vote. There are 2 states that allow prisoners to vote. I believe they are Maine and Vermont. I too, do not agree with this.
    There are 13 states that forbid most ex-felons from voting. They are, AL-AZ-DE-FL-IA-KY-MS-NE-NV-TN-VA-WA-WY. These states will reinstate the voting rights of some ex felons based on nature and date of offense. Some other variables are included.
    I would like to add that in the ’08 election, Obama won 6 of these 13. Don’t know if that matters at all, just thought I would throw it in.

    With all that said, I will say that it seems Florida is going a little over the top with the “Purging”.

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