Fanfare for the Common Man

I thought that with the “Recall Election of Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker” today, I would post this song by Aaron Copland called “Fanfare for the Common Man.”  The song was written in 1942 for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra when American Citizens had a clear mind of who to empower and still had the fresh mind of the 1%, when left unchecked would allow their Greed, Predatory Capitalist, Conmen, and Thieving tendencies to take over.

It does appear that per the current polls today, Scott Walker will prevail this recall in Wisconsin.  But this is more to the fact that the current generation does not remember how many died, sacrificed all, to hand to their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren the rights to be treaded humanely, with honor, and respect.

Scott Walker has run a corrupt government, a government which has taken away labor rights and favored the wealthy over the average Wisconsin citizen, and allowed himself to be influenced and purchased by right wing interests led by the Koch Brothers.

It appears that time has taken its toll on the memories of this current generation of American Citizens of what it use to be like for the Working Middle Class before the 1930’s.  If Walker wins, it will be a major setback to the progressive movement, embolden conservatives, including the Tea Party Movement, and the other “Bully Governors”, and could affect the State’s vote plus the National vote for President and Congress in November.

Well I say, once again just like our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers knew, it is better to fight and lose, than sit back and allow regressive policies to be emboldened and affect the nation as a whole! We must not cave in, but instead, continue to fight for basic principles of fairness and equity! The current generation will soon have to learn this lesson once again but will have to pick up the fight for human dignity coming from behind the abuses and regressive mandates that will already be installed.  It would have been much easier to fight to keep what they already had.  I guess each generation has to learn their own lessons.

The true and sad outcome for the State of Wisconsin is if Scott Walker does win and keeps up the worker’s abuse legislative mandates, doesn’t the Free Enterprise System still work and applied here?

An example of what I am talking about is if I were a very good teacher or police officer doing my job well, wouldn’t I decide to move to a State that appreciates and rewards those professions with respect, dignity and honor.

What I am saying those good and talented employees will eventually move and relocate to an area where a living wage can be earned with respectful treatment, leaving the “Lesser Than” behind to fill those ranks in Wisconsin.  In the long run this is “Where Water Seeks It’s Own Level,” and the State Of Wisconsin will be the looser in the long run.

I am thinking of those who escaped the economic enslavement of “Company Coal Towns” of West Virginia.  Those with the intelligence, foresight, and clarity of mind, to move to other more economic opportunity areas leaving the illiterate, less intelligence, behind in those coal mines.  Are these the type of people you would want for a workforce pool to draw from, teaching your children or policing the towns and neighborhoods?

This is what Wisconsin is going to get should Governor Scott Walker withstand the recall.  Wisconsin was once better than this and still could be.  It will all be left to the voters today.

In conclusion, I do take comfort and solace with the fact that Freedom, Civil Rights, and Worker’s Rights, will be much like Pandora’s Box; once opened and let out, you can never force the Freedoms and those Rights that were once enjoyed by the Working Middle Class back into the Box, no matter how hard others try.  In the long run, these reapplied shackles of repression will be thrown off once again in due time.


11 Responses to “Fanfare for the Common Man”

  1. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    A fellow blogger, Dog Gone, has provided a well researched posting today chronologically listing several of the corrupt and yes even criminal aspect that come with Governor Scott Walker.

    How any Wisconsin with a conscience can cast a vote for keeping this despicable person as Governor is beyond my comprehension. Have the nihilistic beliefs which are that of the Ultra Conservative Republican so uninformed, so misguided, so wiling to believe any lie so long as it is wrapped in a Conservative aspect. How mindlessly stupid of this segment.

    I encourage any critically thinking person go to this link and read and educate yourself of what is really going on in Wisconsin. If this does not confirm or change your mindset on the vote, I don’t know what would.

    I guess the motto should be, “Don’t Mess with the Teabaggers, It’s not nice to make fun of the mentally ill.”

  2. Stimpson Says:

    Problem is, many good people will feel compelled for sentimental and other reasons to stay in Wisconsin. An elderly parent may need one’s presence, for instance. A spouse may have a good job in her chosen line of work, and would have great difficulty getting that opportunity in the city where you find the right job for you. Et cetera.

    I know I live in a city that’s my second choice, and would like to move to the one where my gal lives (hundreds of miles away), but moving there would mean taking a lousy job because there’s little writer/editor work in that other city, and it would mean moving away from my elderly parents (one of whom turns 92 this summer). My gal has similar considerations. I’m just saying it isn’t as simple as moving to where the better opportunities are, not for many people.

    Really enjoyed the post, Engineer. Cheers.

  3. Stimpson Says:

    Wow, Dog Gone did and EXCELLENT job of explaining the John Doe case! Thanks, dude.

  4. Dog Gone Says:

    I love the opening percussion of this piece, and I really love the artistic analysis approach as the intro into thinking about this topic. Art does illuminate, not just illustrate our subjects.

    Thanks Stimpson! (except that I’m not a dude, I’m a woman). I hope you come read often on Penigma – feel welcome to comment too.

    Everyone should be comfortable staying in Wisconsin; it is Walker and his crooked cronies who should be leaving, preferably ridden out on a rail full of slivers.

    • Northwest Ohio Native Says:

      I just had the strangest revelation reading “except that I’m not a dude, I’m a woman”. I also assumed you were male and had to ask myself why I thought that.

      For years women were thought to be not as good as men. For the longest time women were thought of as property (see the Bible). I’m always repeating the story that my very own grandmother, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, was not allowed to vote when she was of age. And in college it wasn’t uncommon for the instructor to make comments, in front of the class, about fellow female student’s large breasts. And Toledo locals can remember when the Toledo Club only allowed male members well into the 70’s. Then with education and union acceptance of women in the workplace, women pushed the glass ceiling higher.

      I would hate to think that the resurgence of “ole time religion” has even infiltrated my common senses. I gotta stop hanging around those people*.

      * Mostly my own family

    • J.O.B. Says:

      If memory serves from previous posts, Dog is a vivacious red-head.

  5. J.O.B. Says:

    Hello everyone- My comment is about Unions. I’m not quite sure how everything in Wis. went down. I know Walker took away a lot of the rights that Public Unions had.
    In Illinois, the Public Union pensions are under fire. The city of Chicago wants reform across the board, so does the State. The biggest problem with this is that people who are already retired have a set budget, which is based on their pensions. Only their pensions. Retired Government workers do not get to receive Social Security. However, they still have to pay into it. The Public Unions in my state are under siege. From Republicans who seem to only care about the wealthy. And from Democrats who only seem to care about the non working poor. The working Middle class is becoming extinct. It’s a shame, especially since the majority of tax revenue is provided by the same middle class.

  6. jackjodell53 Says:

    Well stated, Engineer of Knowledge!
    What we fear is that the so-called free enterprise system will only be free for the wealthy, because if all union labor disappears as Walker wants it to, workers’ wages will plummet to the point of starvation. That’s why we want him defeated so badly, as the wealthy have never volunteered to split the pie evenly or fairly with workers!

  7. jackjodell53 Says:

    Very regrettably, last night the common man perished, having been drowned in a tsunami of tainted corporate campaign cash.

    • Northwest Ohio Native Says:

      I don’t get the speeches from the “winners”. Almost one half of the voters “lost”? And shouldn’t they really be ashamed of winning while spending sooooo much cash from outside the state?

      (However, to be fair, the exact same thing happened in Ohio. Issue 2 to fix Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation in 1997 was defeated by false ads paid for by trial lawyers from the other 49 states.)

      • Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

        Hello NON,
        There is the old marketing saying, “Advertising Sells!” The mass marketing of misleading political ads was a factor in Wisconsin and will be on the National level.

        People will buy what they are told to buy….and that includes political candidates too. That is why the Republican skewed Supreme Court ruled that “Corporations Are People Too” so there could be an uncontrolled flow, unethical messages, inaccurate information, and yes even lies, without any responsibilities, to be broadcast to the lemming masses to sell their message…..and we have just seen an example of how well this worked.

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