Man Kills Six In A Sikh Temple Shooting

Today in the news the report came over that a gunman killed six people and critically wounded three at a Sikh temple during Sunday services before police shot him dead.  Police stated that the attack is being treated as a domestic terrorism act.

My instant thoughts were of an article a while back where an ultra-conservative “Arizona Wing Nut” man shot and killed a Sikh man outside his Quick Shop Store in Arizona because he felt justified in killing one of those “Rag Heads” who flew a plane into the World Trade Towers.  Are we dealing with this same kind of thinking again here today in Milwaukee, WI?!?!

Yes the shooter was so ignorant he thought a Sikh Indian man was the same as a Muslim and that was all he needed for his justification for killing that poor innocent man outside his own store.

I will close with one of my favorite lines from the movie “Hair Spray” made by the John Waters’ character, “Motor Mouth Mabelle,” because I think it applies well here.

“You better brace yourselves for a whole lotta ugly comin’ at you from a never-ending parade of stupid.”


7 Responses to “Man Kills Six In A Sikh Temple Shooting”

  1. microdot Says:

    Well, the crazy has already started from this. The shooter now was confirmed as having a 9/11 memorial tattoo. I’m sure we will get all his background later today, but on the crazy teabrain sites I check out, the bizarre conspiracy justifications have already gone into hyper drive. You know this was an Obama plot take away our guns.
    I just checked out the comments on the RawStory site and already this stuff is showing up.
    We know the difference between a Muslim and a Sikh…in fact most American Muslims dress every one does. Sikh men who are in fact not Muslims and actually have a very interesting different tolerant religion must wear the distinctive turban as a religious duty.
    That makes their status very difficult here in France, where the public display of any religious symbol is technically illegal. Veils, crosses, star of david, yalmulka….they are all banned.
    We have incidents here of far right nationalists desecrating Jewish and Islamic gravesites, but the nation always reacts in collective horror and outrage.
    It was interesting when Madonna played here in Marseille a few weeks ago and as part of her ongoing attempt to be outrageous has in her video backdrop, a picture of Marine LePen with a swastika on her forehead. LePen and her organization freaked and stated that they would sue Madonna under the French Libel laws, but they have backed away, because the fall out of the continuation of the controversy would probably be more harmful to Le Front National party than to just walk away. On the other hand, Madonna was publically condemned by both the left and the right for sheer bad taste.

  2. Northwest Ohio Native Says:

    Islam is a faith I need to learn more about. It was kind of fun to watch the reality show “All-American Muslim” based in Dearborn, Michigan. It just feels good when I see that America really is a melting pot.

    Toledo area has a very large mosque. After 9/11, they had all kinds of people volunteering to stand guard at their mosque to protect it from “All American Dumb-dumbs”. Made me proud to be an American.

  3. Dog Gone Says:

    It sounds like this guy was a drunk, a loser, a ‘hates everyone not like him’. While we may never find out his ‘why’, I suspect it might be like the mass shooting in Tuscaloosa Alabama a few days before the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting — a guy shot up a local bar, including shooting someone with whom he had a grudge, injuring 18 people. His explanation was that he wanted to commit suicide by getting the cops to kill him. Because he apparently had the balls to pull the trigger on other people but not to shoot himself.

    The sikh temple shooter did eventually kill himself after being wounded by police.

    An interview in the Sentinel, a Wisconsin paper, with one of the shooter’s neighbors who is a psychiatric nurse indicated this guy was crazy too.

    There is a big explosion in right wing extremist groups, and too many of them, including white supremacists, have been accepted by the far right wing that currently controls the GOP. CPAC for the past couple of years has included not only the John Birchers, but Stormfront and other white supremcacist groups, allowing them to do ‘anti-cultural diversity seminars’. They gave a blogging award to the anti-islamist Pam Geller. When you have CPAC rewarding extremists and promoting their ideas, you have a built in problem with the right giving credibiiity and acceptance to people who are haters and violent. And you have the GOP and the tea partiers being more extreme and crazy too. It gets to be a vicious circle, a circle that rolls further and further right, and that gets a bit tatty and fringey as it rolls.

  4. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Dog Gone,
    I love your statement that you have a built in problem with the right giving credibility and acceptance to people who are haters and violent. Yes in deed….Built In Problem of Credibility in any shape or form!

    But here in lies the basic problem….the Extreme Right Wing Nut Jobs don’t care about Credibility…..only that which fits into what they want reality to be.

  5. J.O.B. Says:

    E- I have always felt that it is O.K. to hate. It somehow goes hand in hand with love.
    But hate is extreme, where love can apply to different degrees.
    Can hate apply to different degrees? I’m not sure, but what I am sure of is this……………………
    If you are going to hate someone. At least make sure it is the right person/group, for the right reason. But I am still struggling with how powerful hate is, and how extreme people can take that hate.
    My prayers go to the victims and their families, as well as the survivors. I’m still looking forward to the day, that we can all work past our differences.

  6. J.O.B. Says:

    E- I sent you an E-mail just now. I’m having a problem with my e-mail. Did you get my message?

  7. V.E.G. Says:

    The Tiger is crying because of the Sikh Temple shooting and the victims came from India.

    The list of symbols of India Crying:
    A crying tiger, an Indian Peacock, Gangetic Dolphin, Mahatma Gandhi, National Emblem of India (a three lion like figures crying), Bhārat Mātā (a national personification of India) and (Bhārat Mātā hugging Uncle Sam), and an Indian Elephant.

    Also, the Little Babaji crying because of the shooting.

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