92 Years Since 19th Amendment (Woman Suffrage) Was Ratified!

The motivation for this posting was stimulated from a posting on another’s blog site called, The Progressive Professor.  I highly recommend my readers to check him out:


Below is the link I am referring to from his posting:

92 Years Since 19th Amendment (Woman Suffrage) Was Ratified!

I, along with other blog sites I interact with, have written extensively on the current “Republican’s War Against Women.”  One can point to the many repressive laws passed or proposed such as in States like Georgia’s, or Virginia’s State Legislatures.

These current repressive laws against women in this country are almost beyond my comprehension.  Why would any man support laws repressing their wives, mothers, or more especially their own daughters or granddaughters?  I have stated this before and I reiterate it once again, “Those whom support these repressive laws against their daughters and granddaughters, do not deserve the blessings of these children.”

It is made perfectly known by the “Ultra Conservative Religious Right Republicans” that these laws they are supporting and perpetuating is based on THEIR EXTREME interpretations of passages within the Bible.





From my good friend Dog Gone with the blog site, “A Penigma – a mystery, under a pseudonym” has also written extensively on this subject.  I highly recommend checking this site out too:




Well I could go on and on with this but are we NOT HEARING this exact same villainization of the Muslim religion and the Koran which some interpret as forcing women to wear fully covering clothing making sure even their ankles are covered or they would be beaten for showing lewd behavior?  A woman is also not allowed to drive a car being by herself and if so demonstrates they are really sluts and offers an open invitation to being raped by any man who would desire too?  She brought it on herself and was really just asking for it because she really just wanted it….RIGHT?  How is this any different to Rush Limbaugh’s recent rant on women and contraception?

Below is an example of the nihilistic, prejudictic, viewpoints being blatantly propagated by those I am speaking of within my Republican Party bringing shame onto us all.

A perfect example is the “Tea Party Candidate” for Wisconsin State Representative, Cindy Pugh, (Her own name is probably pronounce POO. There, how’s that for a joke dumb ass) who used this photo recently comparing a Muslim women and child clad in traditional Islamic garb to garbage bags….because it is real funny and demonstrates how she really feels about things (wink wink nudge nudge) so the “True Conservative Republicans” should support her in this next election.

(Caption) Why did this woman get angry when I told her she had three lovely children?

Yes the “Tea Party Candidate,” Cindy Pugh, also uses her Facebook profile to defend Scott Walker, criticize Barack Obama, and boast about her ongoing campaign to defeat incumbent state Rep. Steve Smith, a Moderate Republican from Mound.  (We all should be so proud?…)  Yes for some we need to regress back to, “The Good O’l Days” where everyone knew their place and stop trying to change things.

I will conclude with the closing statement I made on the original Professor’s site:

Yes there are some that would have us return to the “The Good O’l Days” but like the great black woman comedian made famous from the 1960’s and 70’s, Moms Mabley, stated, “You know kids, Moms is OLD…..I remember the “Good O’l Days”…….They Weren’t That Good!!”


6 Responses to “92 Years Since 19th Amendment (Woman Suffrage) Was Ratified!”

  1. mudrake Says:

    “You know kids, Moms is OLD…..I remember the “Good O’l Days”…….They Weren’t That Good!!”

    Very true, Engineer, very true.

    What is it, do you suppose, that the right-wingers find to be so ‘great’ about the so-called Good Old Days? Why do they wish to return to them?

    All I know about those days is that the colored knew their place.

    Maybe THAT’s what ‘they’ want.

  2. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Muddy,
    Good to have you stop by. Yes, as I can only speak for the area where I grew up, those claiming Tea Party Values, (or Southern Traditional Values) are nothing more than the sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters of those who were Klansmen.

    You can do the math and play it out from here. 🙂

    • J.O.B. Says:

      E- Was that picture of the Muslim woman with her child a test? If so, I fail. The picture along with the caption, made me laugh.

      Haven’t gotten to the articles you e-mailed yet, but I promise to do it, at least before Sunday. 🙂 I am very interested.

  3. jackjodell53 Says:

    It is disgusting to see how Romney and Paul RUIN have been pandering to women during the GOP convention, even as they prepare to take away many of rgeir political and health care rights. These goofball hypocrites must NOT win the election!

  4. Dog Gone Says:

    I’ve been doing some reading recently, from a science journalist, Chris Mooney. He has explored an extensive variety of research from psychologists and sociologists, including from the field of neurology. He is the author of the Republican War on Science,, and the Republican Brain, best sellers both of them (and reading them I can see why).

    What the book shows, as it synthesizes related research, is that all of us engage in emotional thinking. We don’t necessarily REALIZE the extent to which emotion intrudes on what we want to beleive is rational thought, but it does.

    Conservatives consistently test as more closed, resistant to any individual or group they identify with as other, but also more resistant to change or to a new idea OR piece of information / fact / data.

    To the extent that a new piece of information, or a new concept is perceived by a conservative as threatening them or a group with which they identify, they will reject that fact as wrong or false, no matter how clearly and objectively it is proven and correct.

    The less they have some kind of emotional investiment, especially an identity investment in an issue, or topic or area, the less irrationally they reject objective reality and fact.

    One of the more interesting supporting studies done for this conclusion was when the areas of the brain that were active were shown on MRIs. When conservatives were certain they were being objective, rational and factual for example in rejecting climate change and global warming and anthropogensis/human cause, the EMOTIONAL centers of their brain were lighting up like a Christmas display.

    Liberals are more comfortable with nuance, with uncertainty, and more open to other groups or to change and new experiences or trends. Liberals are less threatened by these things, and more likely, based on what parts of their brains light up on an MRI scan, to question new information that might invalidate their beliefs or assumptions. We have our own flaws, make no mistake; but rejecting science and facts is not one of them.

    Everything you describe is the emotional reaction of us versus them, with ‘us’ being increasingly narrowly defined, and with ‘them’ being increasingly feared. When you stop trying for a rational and factual point or means of connection, and instead recognize that this is really an emotional reaction instead, there is greater scope for genuine communication. Change though, is less possible.

    The war on women is the result of old, mostly white men being angry at losing their dominance. The war on minorities is the same thing. Ditto immigrants. Ditto gays, muslims and other religious groups, exponentially to the extent they appear more different/less Christian. Take any group or issue that conservatives are ‘anti-‘, plug it into that equation, and it fits, it works.

    Take a look at this post of mine from yesterday:


    It is fundamentally about the CPAC groups against cultural diversity and multi-lingualism, dominated by white supremacists and misogynists, and not just here, but in Canada and the UK.

    Once you realize facts are useless in an argument which is entirely emotionally based and driven, it all becomes so much easier and simpler………..and still hard to change for the better, but GI Joe used to declaim “Knowing is half the battle”.

    I like to throw in the occasional unexpected line; it keeps things from being too dry and boring.

    Conservatives specifically like to envision an historically inaccurate / revisionst history golden age that was better. This is coincidentally associated with other poltiical trends, tendencies and movements connected to a hyper patriotism identification, notably fascism. It is common to authoritarian leaning groups and individuals.

    Kinda scary, that, isn’t it? Because they are so convinced their fantasy is reality and that they are the only ones who are correct (ie right and right wing) that they use that wrong certainty to justify forcing their ideas and way of doing things on others.

    IN that conformity, they find safety. I recently defined the difference between religion and superstition as well. Superstition is when you walk down the sidewalk, and believe that if you step on a crack, something bad, like a broken back, will happen to your mother. Believing that you can pray away homosexuality, or pray away earthquakes and hurricanes is just like that – where some form of orthodoxy alters the real world, either prayer, or the way you make the sign of the cross, or your sexuality, or prayer in schools, etc.

    If ‘God’ made gay penguins, bi-sexual bonobos monkeys, and gay bottlenosed dolphins, or frogs which change gender, I don’t really believe that a deity will punish us for allowing people to have sexual reassigment surgery, or allowing gays to marry or parent.

    But they (conservatives) do. Superstition!

  5. Dog Gone Says:

    EoK, is my blog roll not updating properly, or have you just been too busy to post anything new? We miss you!

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