West Virginia…The Most Corporate Friendly State In The Union…And Close To The Most Economic Depressed!

Some would dispute this statement; “West Virginia is the most, longest held, corporate friendly state in the Union.” If you don’t believe me, I just give you the example of the control that “King Coal” has in that State. They have busted the once powerful “Coal Miners Union” which many before shed blood and their lives to win the most basic human value rights from King Coal!! Today they pollute without consequences, and snatch any wealth from surrounding property owners by destroying the areas without a conscience by strip mining right up to the family neighbor’s property line.

The sad part of this is the everyday working middle class citizens in that State has no legal say or course to stop them. The Corporate King Coal oligarchy has a total strangle hold grip on West Virginia to the sacrifice of every other citizen in that State. The consequence and result is West Virginia is one of the most economic depressed States in the Union. YEA, Trickle Down Theory My Ass!!

You will hear Tea Baggers today, (who are really nothing more than the duped working middle classes) repeating the mindless rhetoric of the “Trickle Down Economics” platform. “If you let the wealthy get richer and have more control of YOUR everyday life, then they will pass a little more money down to us and we will get rich too. No one owes me a livin! I can get it on my own.” WHAT?!?!? They just contradicted themselves with that line of thought.

What they should really be saying is, “Yea I worked my way up from nothing to “Extreme Poverty” all by myself.” After loosing their job that was sent to China, and then their homes along with their medical insurance because they have no JOB!!….The bumper sticker on their only possession left, a 1980’s van, should say, “If you see this van a rockin, 🙂 …. It’s because we are living in it!!” 😦

“What are these NON-THINKING FUCK TARDS not seeing!?!?!?!” When did the GOP convert DUMB to mean Real American? Sarah Palin was a Bimbo, W. Bush was a Bimbo, Dan Quayle was a Bimbo….Those Tea Bagger middle class workers who chanted at their rallies… Well you just wanted to say, “Calm Down Sling Blade!!” The shit they are spewing is not REAL!!!

I say “Corporate Conservatives” love America like Michael Vick loves dogs. Corporate Accountants can quote the cost and price of everything…. But know the “Value of Nothing!”

Today now many corporate bought and sold States across the country, and especially poverty ridden Southern States, have voted in their own economics enslavement laws of “Right To Work” states. Things that were so common place accepted benefits of “Over Time” after 8 hours a day, double time after 12 hours, or time and a half after 40 hours per week. Medical Benefits for every worker and his family, no working Saturdays without overtime and double time for Sundays, plus vacation time that increased the more years you worked for the company. This was the reward for being loyal and dependable on the job.

Even what was standard just two to three decades ago, is now a luxury to the working middle classes today. This is not progress. The sad part is this degrading of the Middle Class Life Style and Stratification was brought on by their own self inflicted demise.

So to close, when you hear the next Corporate Funded Campaign sling the High Calorie / Low Nutrition slogan, Country First!!…. Every working middle class voter needs to ask, “WHAT COUNTRY ARE YOU SPEAKING OF?” More than likely they are not speaking of the United States of America.


4 Responses to “West Virginia…The Most Corporate Friendly State In The Union…And Close To The Most Economic Depressed!”

  1. jackjodell53 Says:

    That’s about par for the course. Say, how would you like to join me, Gwendolyn Barry of A New Global Myth, and others from the RoundTree7 blog on an online radio talk show Sunday Feb. 17 at 6 PM Eastern? We’d love to have you. If interested, contact Gwen toll free at 1-866-364-6457 and tell her Jack sent you! 🙂

  2. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Jack,
    I came home to Maryland this weekend and just saw your comment. I am honored and will follow up with Gwen.

    Thank You Friend. 🙂

  3. jackjodell53 Says:

    You were a great guest to have, and we enjoyed your input very much! Please DO become a regular listener and commenter! 🙂

  4. Engineer Of Knowledge Says:

    Hello Jack,
    I really enjoyed the experience plus I got good feedback from Chicago & Maryland. I will keep in touch.

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